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Scanlation site shuts down following legal threat from manga publishers



Just days after a coalition of Japanese and U.S. manga publishers threatened legal action against 30 scanlation websites, the effort has scored its first victory.

Administrators at scanlation aggregator MangaHelpers announced this morning that they’ve begun shutting down the site, disabling uploading and linking for scans and making existing files available only to scanlators so they may back up their work.

“The publishers will no longer sit idly by and watch the scanlation community spread their work,” reads the announcement. “They have identified some 30 larger websites, and have given a last warning to the scanlation community to voluntarily remove all infringing content, or face legal repercussions. Yes, we believe MangaHelpers is one of them, despite not being contacted by any legal representatives about this specific announcement at this time.”

The website also announced the launch of OpenManga, a platform designed to allow manga creators to distribute their work digitally.

On Tuesday a group of American publishers revealed they had joined forces with the 36-member Japanese Digital Comic Association to fight unauthorized online distribution of manga. In a press release, the coalition issued a warning to scanlation sites to “take it upon themselves to immediately cease their activities.”

“Where this is not the case, however, we will seek injunctive relief and statutory damages,” the group’s spokesperson said. “We will also report offending sites to federal authorities, including the anti-piracy units of the Justice Department, local law enforcement agencies and FBI.”

(via Scott Green, Anime News Network)



I just posted a comprehensive look at the history of scanlations and a proposal for the solution. It happens to be similar to what MangaHelpers is trying to morph into and support them in their efforts.

I hope you’ll take a look at my Solution to the Scanlation Solution:


Erica Friedman

This is ridiculous. I know it’s illegal to scan mangas, but in my country there are no many mangas being published, and even if they are, they can be very expensive. Scanlation sites made me read lots of interesting stories I might have never come up to if sites such as these didn’t exist. If scanlation sites are being shut down, then my source of manga will dissapear. It’s unfair. And I do try to buy the original books. Many of the mangas I like I was able to get the books here, though it was difficult. So I know I am supporting a bit to the authors of the mangas. Maybe the US are not much affected by this issue (considering the amount of mangas licensed and being published) but I live in a country were manga is hard to get, and there are many people who is in the same situation as me. This guys should be a little more considerate.

I agree with Ayra. It’s like $25 a manga book here, and if the scanlation websites all disappear I won’t be able to read any manga. Not fair T^T

To be honest , I think we should stop supporting them full stop , and go fully pirate end of the day. I do not want to wait for some crappy american distributor to license and scanulate a manga because i will have to wait up to a YEAR to get to read the damn thing.

I need my MANGA now once a week is long enought , I refuse to pay, I am a pirate , but i will happily click the links and support the artist.

honestly, no offense to the american distributors but when they license japanese manga they tend to change it and make it crappier. they take out all the “mature” parts of some manga, like smoking cigarretes or cleavage.
they take out the raw feeling of the manga and in the end the takes out the “shonen” feel to it.
im not gonna pay my hard earned money to something they ripped off and changed.
manga is suppose to be read the way the original author/artist made it! and thats what online translators do! they give us the manga that we deserve! none of that US crap. *no offense* :P

At least, if they are closing the sites, isn’t it possible for people to sell manga scanlations on the internet, so that when we have paid, an e-mail with the bought manga will be sent to us..? The money will go to the owners…
I’m very sad. We have absolutely NO manga in my lil’ country…. And I cannot live without knowing what will happen in Dengeki Daisy… O____O

I actually agree with them shutting down sites for having manga scantrons, i’m a manga artist and hate it when sties like copy my mangas and give them out for free do you know how much hard work and care it takes to write a manga just to have some thieve just come along and give them out for free!

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