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Sony unveils new trailer for DC Universe Online at E3

The big E3 Expo is going on down in Los Angeles right now, and with it comes all sorts of news, announcements and goodies about upcoming video games. Over on the Playstation blog, Sony has posted the official E3 trailer for the upcoming — and long-awaited — DC Universe Online MMORPG that’s due to come out this fall.

“This trailer also shows the tremendous influence Jim Lee has brought to the table working as the Executive Creative Director on this title – his edgy take on the DC Universe has been transformed from the traditional 2D comic book medium into an immersive 3D interactive environment where you become the next legend!” the post reads. “Between now and our release in November, stay tuned for tons of exciting releases from the team – we can’t wait to show you what is up our sleeves!”



Looks pretty cool, but it’s a shame they seem to be going the traditional route most developers go with hiring crappy voice-actors.

Is that created character a New God? Lot’s of Kirby in that costume, which bodes well for the character creation engine.

That’s a good question, Vito … it’ll be interesting to see if they allow folks to “officially” make renditions of already existing characters, i.e. your own Green Lantern, New God, Kryptonian, etc.

I’d love Green Lantern, Darkstar etc to be an actual character class
Or for Legion member as a option

The player character looked a lot like Metron (I know he’s not).

The trailer was pretty much the intro to Kick Ass, refitted. I’m still looking forward to this very much.

The stupid thing is that you will not become a legend. You’ll just be another forgotten schmuck who wasted hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours playing a pointless and meaningless MMORPG.

Nice, can’t wait. Gonna be interesting to see how character creation goes.

Looks like a good time, I loved City of Heroes and I have as much fun with this as I did that, I’m in.

shame they didn’t develop it for macintosh as well. oh well, like james said…waste of time. make love, not warcraft.


This is hilarious coming from a comic fan. All forms of entertainment are inherently a waste of time. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the time you spent doing it.

And for the record, DCUO does not have a monthly fee.


As a comic fan I still have every comic that I have ever paid for. I have something to show for the cash that I spent. I can’t say that about the money I wasted playing EQ and CoH. I paid money to run around, battle imaginary critters, raid, and collect items. None of which was real and I can not go over to my shelf and show you my bag of 5,000p or my SoW spell.

DCUO doesn’t have a fee? Really? That amazes me.

I did a little checking. Wikipedia says, “When asked whether the game would require a monthly subscription to play, or free to play, Sony’s Wes Yanagi suggested that the game may implement a non-traditional or hybrid business model although such matters haven’t yet been revealed by Sony Online Entertainment.” lists it as subscription based.

Come on man, you really think it would be free?

Is that created character a New God? Lot’s of Kirby in that costume, which bodes well for the character creation engine.

First thing I thought too!


June 15, 2010 at 7:23 am

Holy Shizz they got Wonder Woman’s outfit right. Even the Points in the back.

<3 I so cannot wait.

Huh, wonder if they’ll go with the “free to play, but spend money to buy items/etc” route like a bunch of other (mostly the smaller MMOs) have gone lately.

Fifteen bucks, say, is also four single issues now. Not even a complete story as these things go. Not much for a single month, but the real question becomes whether or not there’s enough of a playerbase to keep the game experience interesting over the long haul.

Nikolai Barkats

June 15, 2010 at 9:00 am

This looks lame.

looks awesome :D

Looks lame and awesome. (I wanted this comment to represent both sides of the coin, just like the play mechanics)

Seriously tho, I’m not into mmorpgs. I’m not saying they’re not fun, I just classify them as MASSIVE time wasters. You could be out interacting with actual people, or reading a book. I’m sure it’ll be fun for the people that like mmorpgs tho.

@Joe H…yeah they hired crappy voice actors…like some schmuck named Mark Hamil to voice the Joker!!!

The game is $15 bucks a month and will not be cross platform between the PS3 and PC…a shame for cross platform guilds and such

Anything you pay for is from an entertainment standpoint is worth the value YOU put on it. I may like ice cream…ice cream may give you gas….does that mean that my paying for the ice cream that I enjoy is a waste of time and money?

In my opinion the game looks awesome and I will be getting it

Sony MMORG’s are not that bad when it comes to graphics but I hope they don’t do the same they did to all the MMORG’s SOny had in the past. They start making changes disregarding what people want. It’s a very distinctive characteristic from Sony Entertainment. I heard the same from people who played Ever Quest 1 and Star Wars Galaxies plus other games. I hope they learned from the past and don’t do the same mistakes with the new games.

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