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Faux Gilmore Girls cover

Faux Gilmore Girls cover

Under the heading “Our Buffy,” Drawn and Quarterly posts a cover by Dan Zettwoch for an unfortunately not real Gilmore Girls comic –“That is, unless you demand it!!” Tom Devlin writes. If anything can get my mom reading comics, it might be this …



I can almost hear the rapid-fire references to Dorothy Parker right now.

Surely the speech bubbles would cover up all the art.

If done right this could be a great comic. I’m obviously not expecting it to happen though. There are far too many cynics and hipsters reading comics now for something like “Gilmore Girls” to be translated into a comic.

For the first time since I joined this blog my wife actually wants me to send her a link from it.

My wife demands that this becomes a reality.

I would *love* a Gilmore Girls comic. It’d be quite a challenge to whoever wrote it, though. From what I understand, most scripts for any given episode (1 hour program, so 40ish minutes) were the same length as scripts for most two-hour movies.

It would certainly be interesting to see how you’d pack in that much dialogue into a comic without buying the art, if it the comic were to aim to be similar to the TV show.

Bendis is a massive Gilmore Girls fan. They should get him to right it.

It’d have to be as big as Wednesday Comics to fit all that dialogue in. Even then I’m not entirely sure it wouldn’t just be prose with maybe a flower peeking through all the balloons.

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