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Straight for the art | Tom Fowler’s Wildcat and Robin commission

Wildcat and Robin, by Tom Fowler

Wildcat and Robin, by Tom Fowler

Ahead of this weekend’s HeroesCon, artist Tom Fowler has posted a bunch of wonderful pre-ordered commissions, ranging from The Thing giving a piggy-back ride to the Richards children to Mysterius the Unfathomable chastising his assistant Delfi. But the best piece easily is this one, of Wildcat taunting an unhappy Robin during a boxing lesson. I’m jealous of the person who gets this commission. Fowler will be at booth 408, between Steve Lieber and Jeff Parker.



Terribly underrated artist…man, he should have more comics work.


I have to take the credit for this…this is my commission, and I can’t tell you how excited I am for this to be on my wall!

Vito, great idea for a commission. What did you ask for in particular. Why I ask is I’m wondering if the Bats silhouette in the background was his inspired idea or yours?

thanks guys.

tim, vito asked for the two figures and the pose. everything beyond that were me. (the other stuff just made sense)

Tom, thanks for clarifying (and stopping by…). It’s a small detail, but honestly the Batman silhouette is what made the piece for me (…and the giant penny, of course). I’ll be at HeroesCon this year and will definitely make visiting your booth a priority–if nothing else to make Jeff Parker jealous… :)

Tom is fantastic when it comes to commissions!  I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.  I have had 2 done for me.  Both were requested with minimal instructions.  And both came out waaaaaay better than I had any right to expect.  Especially the Batusi piece.

Uncanny X-Men Batusi
The Endless on Abbey Road

And this Destruction piece that he did for someone else is one of my favourites:


I think I also sent Tom this image:

But the details (Batman, the Batmobile, etc) were all Tom. I was just as surprised to see those as anyone else!

As for why I asked for this particular image…I don’t know. I’m a huge Wildcat fan, and an even bigger Robin fan. It just made sense to me. Wildcat would teach Robin to box, in my mind, but I don’t think I thought that much about it or that far into it. I think I saw the opportunity to have a story told in an image. It’s very easy to ask for a Firestar meeting Firestorm image, but does the image say anything? I approached Tom because, as big of a fan as I am of his work, I knew that Tom would see beyond the request and really tell a story with the image. Since it goes on my wall, I get to “tell” that story with Tom.

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