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Take at look at Phil Jimenez’s art from Wonder Woman #600

"Wonder Woman" #600, by Phil Jimenez

From "Wonder Woman" #600, by Phil Jimenez

Following up on its promise of a week-long celebration of the Amazon Princess, the DC Universe blog has unveiled this character-filled illustration by Phil Jimenez from Wonder Woman #600, which hits stores this week. Jimenez is, of course, well-acquainted with the character, as he wrote and drew her title from 2000 to 2003.

See the full image after the break.

"Wonder Woman" #600, by Phil Jimenez

"Wonder Woman" #600, by Phil Jimenez



just amazing. Can’t wait to pick this up.

who is that behind donna and next to supergirl?

Pretty fantastic!

Nice! Very detailed and life-like. Almost Perez-like but stands on its own. Good stuff.


That would be Nubia, Wonder Woman’s black sister.


Well, it looks like Jimenez finally got female faces down. I remember reading comics illustrated by him in the 90’s (the Titans comics, mostly), and all the women’s faces looked squeezed, angry, and unattractive. That was the only complaint I ever had about his art. This cover, though, looks lovely, so I might have to give his art another try.

Love the attention to detail.

What, no Max Lord getting his neck snapped? Bummer…

All kidding aside, that is a great cover. Van GoghX is right, that is almost Perez-like.

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