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Trailer for Red hits the web

The trailer for Red, the adaptation of Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner’s mini-series that was published by Wildstorm, has hit the web:

The movie stars Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren and Mary-Louise Parker, and hits theaters Oct. 15.



I haven’t gotten around to reading the mini, but this seems sort of, I don’t know, funnier? than I expected. But it’s got a great cast.

Wow. I’ll probably see it because of the cast, but based on the trailer it looks like it has absolutely nothing in common with the comic besides the title. As I recall the comic did not have much in the way of humor, outside of maybe a bit of the dark variety, and was most certainly not the light hearted romp the trailer is selling.

Well, that was unexpected. There were a few elements of the comic in there, but this looks like a whole different beast. Looks fun though I guess.

This looks like a helluva lot of fun and I’m extremely excited to see it (and yes, I read and own the rather grim original mini-series).

God, this looks AWFUL. They took Ellis’ story about a lone wolf CIA agent who is targeted for sanction and turned it into a star-studded, geriatric version of THE LOSERS and THE A-TEAM. I hope this isn’t the direction they’re taking the graphic novel in because if they are, this looks like another junked-up, tarted-up, Hollywood schlock fest with a bunch of first class talent whoring themselves for big money and nothing that requires anyh actual acting.

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