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A first look at Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu’s Superior

Wizard #228 (Secret Jam Cover)

Wizard #228 (Secret Jam Cover)

A variant cover for the Mark Millar guest-edited issue of Wizard, in stores this week, provides the first look at Superior, his upcoming creator-owned project with artist Leinil Francis Yu.

Teased a month ago at Comic Book Resources, Superior has remained somewhat mysterious, with Millar keeping uncharacteristically tight-lipped about the title. But with the release of Wizard #228, we get a glimpse at the comic’s hero — and his wrestling belt.

“His visual is based on the same old strongman look from the ’30s as [well as] lots of other old heroes,” Millar writes on his message board. “The story starts with Superior 5 in cinemas and nobody really caring anymore. It’s a character who’s been around for a long time. My love-letter to another costumed hero.”

What costumed hero could that be? Hm …

“I love the fact that nobody has guessed the tone of this yet,” writes Millar, adding that more will be revealed in an interview at CBR closer to the October launch. “This is your Super 8-style teaser for now.”

Update: Rich Johnston has a few more details (and a couple of scanned images) plucked from Millar’s Wizard interview, in which the writer says, “What I suppose I’ve done here really is kind of Marvelize Superman.” Superior apparently centers on a 13-year-old boy with multiple sclerosis who becomes “an adult overpowered superhero.”



Flex Mentallo? I bet it’s Flex Mentallo.

wouldn’t having a sick kid become a adult superhero be the Marvelizing of Captain Marvel?

sounds good. millar rarely disappoints and normally has a fresh take on books. he is revitalizing like grant morrison but doesn’t lose his focus by the time he gets to the end.

Looks cool to me. Love the art.

Supreme. Hyperion. Apollo. Prime. Mr. Majestic. Captain Marvel. Sentry. Icon. Maxi-Mortal. Maximo. Samaritan. Miracle Man. The Plutonian. etc… et al.

He Marvelized Superman? I thought that was the Sentry.

Sheesh, he Marvelizes Superman for this. He Marvelized Batman for Nemesis.

The man REALLY wants to work again for DC cause all his creator owned ideas are ALWAYS based off of DC Characters.

Up next from Millar…..

“Space Knight” where he “Marvelizes” Green Lantern.

Followed by

“The Streak” where he “Marvelizes” The Flash

and then

“Amazon Woman” where he “Marvelizes” Wonder Woman

and we can’t forget the upcoming

“Water Man” and “The Martian” with it all culminating in the “Freedom Squad of America” where his “Marvelization” of the DCU will be complete.

What a fount of originality, that Millar.

I’ll give it a chance, but I hope it doesn’t disappoint like Nemesis did. Plus I’m always down for some Yu artwork.

The design looks like mash-up of Mister Miracle and Captain Marvel. Also sounds similar to Prime

No Millar, you didn’t Marvelize Superman. You wrote a Captain Marvel comic.

@Evan Meadow “The man REALLY wants to work again for DC cause all his creator owned ideas are ALWAYS based off of DC Characters.”

Too true. “Wanted” was esentially “What if: Batman’s villains fought Superman’s villains.”

And in this new one is Superior’s alter ego named Freddy Freeman?

Hey, it’s Supreme!

Hey, I’m kidding.

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