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Breaking: Scanlation giant One Manga is shutting down

One Manga

One Manga

One Manga, the largest scanlation aggregator and one of the world’s most-visited websites, has announced it is essentially closing down next week following pressure from publishers. Although the forums will remain open, all manga scans will be removed from the site.

“It pains me to announce that this is the last week of manga reading on One Manga (!!),” One Manga administrator “Zabi” writes in a message on the site’s main page. “Manga publishers have recently changed their stance on manga scanlations and made it clear that they no longer approve of it. We have decided to abide by their wishes, and remove all manga content (regardless of licensing status) from the site. The removal of content will happen gradually (so you can at least finish some of the outstanding reading you have), but we expect all content to be gone by early next week (RIP OM July ’10).”

According to Google, One Manga is the 935th most-visited website in the world, with 4.2 million unique visitors each month.

In early June a coalition of Japanese and U.S. manga publishers announced it would take legal action against 30 sites that illegally post translated scans of their titles if the administrators didn’t “immediately cease their activities.” Within days, MangaHelpers began shutting down (while launching a platform for creators) and MangaFox started pulling licensed titles from its list. However, the closing of One Manga gives the coalition its biggest victory, by far, to date.

In the wake of the One Manga announcement, administrators set up a Facebook page, which already has almost 53,000 “Likes.”

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This totally and utterly sucks! I mean why are the publishers so uptight about Manga scans? They need to learn to deal with it, not everyone can just go and buy a Manga or a Sounen Jump book.

I only recently started going over scanlations because of the availability of the manga I’m interested in. It’s really sad to see One Manga go, but I understand that it’s also unfair for the mangaka to have their hard work go off unpaid. On the other hand, just as in my case, a lot of people find the scarcity (and in some places, overpricing) of manga to be a bother. I wish fans and publishers can meet halfway and have a site, which I suppose, uses ads or the “freemium” mechanic to maintain itself. Everybody would probably be a lot happier that way.

I can’t say strongly enough how devastated this makes me feel. A complete catastrophe. I really, really, REALLY like and depend on OneManga as an invaluable resource, not only for sheer entertainment in its rich catalog of varied titles, but also as the most likely place to find past manga that I find referred to elsewhere.

But my greatest concern is with finding great manga of the past, and manga that are wonderful, but that publishers don’t think will appeal to lucrative demographics here.

FOX-TV stopped making the X-Files, but I can still buy the DVDs and watch them whenever I want. But Viz never completed publishing Urusei Yatsura. Dark Horse dropped the ball with 3 X 3 Eyes. And so with many other titles, both begun by American publishers and dropped–or as with Yokohama Kodaishi Kikou, there are wonderful titles that have never even been introduced in print here.

And I don’t read Japanese. How am I going to read the rest of the stories now?

“I mean why are the publishers so uptight about Manga scans?”

Because it’s blatant copyright infringement.

“They need to learn to deal with it, not everyone can just go and buy a Manga or a Sounen Jump book.”

If they can’t pay for it, then they don’t need to read it. Manga is not air, food, or water.

Sounds to me like it’s the scanlation scene that will need to learn to “deal with it.” By going away.

Friendly Reader

July 22, 2010 at 8:44 am

THIS SUCKS! This is like my favorite thing to read while I kill time. I only use this because the translation versions will not be out till like NEVER. Bleach was so close to being done……

You could always buy the Manga that you want to read…..

And what if the manga you want to read aren’t published in your language? Or not published and distributed in your country? Should you stop wanting it and just settle for “local produce,” then?

I don’t say that scanlation is *right.* I agree and admit that it’s a guilty pleasure. And yes, if Aaron wants me to admit it and write it out loud, it’s illegal.

But heck. Would there be some way of requiring OneManga to register readers, have subscriptions, and pay royalties to mangaka whose work they scanlate? I’d certainly subscribe.

Or how about offering the first chapter free, just to let readers see the quality of a strip, and then everything after that could be pay-as-you-go, chapter by chapter or book by book?


I used this routinely because a lot of the mangas I read aren’t licensed in the US and don’t look to be due for licensing anytime soon. Seriously, I’d pay a montly subscription if it allowed the creators to get a cut and for the site to stay up.

That would be a beautiful compromise, but again probably too smart for the publishers.

For the longest time, it looked as if Blacksad’s third volume (Alma Roja) was never going to be published in English (the original license-holder, prior to Dark Horse, went out of business IIRC). So, I re-taught myself to read French (with ample help from a nearby dictionary and 501 Verbs book). Given comics are such a visual medium, it wasn’t too hard to piece things together. I’ve since bought a few Franco-Belgian BD albums and really dug them. (And, since they’re expensive, I haven’t read too many. After all, if I can’t afford them, it’s not my inalienable right to have them for free online.)

Would learning Japanese be difficult? God, yeah. Would it be impossible? Christ, no. I’ve a few friends who did master’s degrees in Classics or English and they had to learn Latin, French, Russian, etc., to read literature in the original language.

Just saying.

They to need translate those titles more often. I understand manga-kas deserve to be paid, but what about us?
We love manga, how the hell do they expect us to wait 3-6 months for a new manga book that will only take us 20 minutes to read. I am sickened to my stomach. If they wanna shut down Onemanga fine, but they need to give us a way to read manga quicker. They should have like an online subscription program so we can get our manga. I’m willing to pay up to $10.00 a month for manga online. But only if they publish it keep up with Japan.
thank you so much.

Fez the Baron

July 22, 2010 at 9:47 am

This is evne more terrible for me. I’m Italian, I live in Italy and apart to have to wait for the takobon(theolny form of manga exported, even if with actual technology they should be no problem pubblishin at same rate as japan. No the rest of the world had to fucking wait the goddamned takobon) but not all series are pubblished. Of course thereason of it is that not all those series are enough “strong” to be pubblished(a hitn is the anime, if got an anime series will likely be pubblished around any corner of world, if not well one can hope). Add to this that some manga have a schedule comparable to battle chasers and you got how frustrating reading a manga series can be(I porbably going to die of old age before reading the ending of Guyver, started reading it when i was 14 and i’m 32 right now…).
Now clear OneManga and Manga scanlastion was doomed to close soon or later, we knew this day was coming. Let’s not cheat ourselves. Still offered a service needed, and quite good after all.
If the official pubblishers can do a similira legal way to get my fav manga rather than wait months, or even fucking years, will be fine. Otherwise there is still Peer to Peer to rely on.
Remeber an old italian saying teach that “made the law found the trick(to get around the law)”

I find it kinda strange that they are shutting it down when I bet most of the people in North and South America use that site to read mangas that take months to publish a translated version. I know it is illegal but they don’t understand that people over here dont get the copy right away they have to wait then go out and try and find it(where i live every book store i went too told me they dont carry naruto anymore) . Kinda makes me mad cause I just got into reading all sorts of Mangas. Just goes to show they care more about money then fan base. :P

I used OneManga to read Liar Game. No translation of Liar Game has been published in English. Too bad that I won’t get to find out what happens. Hopefully someone decides to publish it, I would definitely buy it. It is a wonderful series.

I disagree with the people complaining about waiting months for a title. It is normal to wait months as it takes time to draw manga. My main problem is that some titles don’t get published at all. This is a bigger problem. Being 3 months or even 1 year behind is fine. But not getting a title at all is not.

even if a new site cam out as a collaborative effort between say the coalition and one manga and it was a monthly subscription it would never be the same, for example the translating groups that we all love know how to translate a manga right, publishing companies like viz media art terrible at translating.

@grant I’ve loved virtually everything I’ve read from Viz’ Sig Ikki line. I’m genuinely curious–what are the translation concerns?

Eh, I’ve never used OneManga myself (well, I read about 4 pages of Pluto on it just to check out its interface) but I have no issues with it. I will say, though, I very much doubt this will end scanlation hosting. It might put a speed bump in things, maybe even for a few months, and there might never be another single site that becomes as prolific as OneManga, but I’ll be shocked if there isn’t another scanlation site with an identical interface up within the year. Like it or not (legal or not), there’s clearly a market for a site like OneManga.

Sad as effin hell here, and pissed. OneManga was the absolute best manga w3ebsite out there. But for people who are thinking how am i supposed to read the manga out there. Well Zabi said that they still have some ideas theyre willing to try out, and there’s still webs like MangaFox and stuff, in fact its EXTREMELY easy to find other webs, u just have to search on google. BUT OBVIOUSLY they’ll never be as good as OneManga. Wow, i’m gonna miss it so much. Dx

THIS IS SO MESSED UP. Alot of people read onemanga. Manga like bleach were so close to being finished. Naruto and onepeace were getting good. Now everybody knows that the publishers only care about money. They could at least make a compromise like monthly payment. ILL pay 20 dollars a month if i have to. onemanga is very important to alot of us. Its impossible to get naruto chapter 503 around. i wish they would make a backup site where we could subscribe or somethin because this is just DEVASTATING.


this sucks because the on;y thing that interest me is reading on and off the computer. most of these mangas will not be found in america. trufuly if the authors are so greedy about money what makes them think their sales will go up to a really high profiiting extent. i don’t think many people will be wasting their money on magas, i know i wont. thats to many mangas to be buying and i don’t have that kind of money.

Honestly I have nothing against these manga publishers wanting their titles pulled…as long as they provide a viable alternative.


Manga Lover of Death

July 22, 2010 at 11:29 am

One Manga is down. How Sad, But Illegal was to be caught sooner or later.
it is just because Illegalize Publishing in Internet.
It does Help the Mangaka by Increasing it’s Fame, But also Kills the mangaka buy decrease the people who will buy the Manga. the Best way Which I like, and Many people Agree is what Arc said. Addition to that, I wish the Mangaka or the Publisher Expand their Marketing to Internets too. Paying to read the Manga is not Illegal.
if they could just expend their Marketing to Internets.

One more thing, Localization. I don’t really like it at all. The translations are Very Awful, Since they put up laws about the Words, they tranlation Word have Limits, Meaning lesser Reality. Less Feeling, Less Fun, Less Slangers, Less realism. Those Officials Can’t even Compare to the Fans Tranlations( I Eat manga, Sleepyfans, ETC). So i would Rather Read the Scanlation. I want them to know that time flows, They need to Develop too.

Sucks for the people who can’t find legal licensed material, but that’s life.

It’s not the “free” part that I read mangas off of OneManga (although that is very appealing, like an icing on a cake). I rely on OneManga largely because of its CONVENIENCE.

I don’t mind paying royalties and subscription fees. It’s true tho. American translators are bullshit.


July 22, 2010 at 12:30 pm

Right……. so if y’all went to Japan you’d be happy to just pick the books off the shelf, put them in your bag and walk out without paying just because you can’t buy them in the States? Theft is theft.


July 22, 2010 at 12:39 pm

@ Mohammed- Well of course they care about money. Manga isn’t made for free, besides the publishing costs the creators don’t work for free either.

I’ll admit that I have used the site, but I do buy whatever manga I read. I still like to own the actual books, but the great thing about One Manga is that the comics came out right after Japan’s, so we didn’t have to wait years to get caught up. I even bought manga because of what I read on One Manga, I started as a Naruto fan but then became a fan of other series.

Hey, how about this: the people behind scanlations (those able to read japanese and write english) publish their work in text only form and the rest of you go legal and learn to pay for books (japanese originals) and use the transcript to understand it.

That would pose a legal loophole at least for the books not published in english yet. (But don’t take my word for it. I know nothing about international copyright laws. But i assume it is somewhat more tolerated than scanlation comic book mockups.)

For me One Manga is like a preview shopping list. It lets me see if I will like the manga before I buy it at a store. Also many of the manga posted on the site I have found to be unavailable in my area. I can understand the reasons for profit and copyrights, but there could be a way to compromise and find some middle ground. I think the publishers might be blowing things a little out of proportion and should reconsider their decision.

onemanga was just so organized and was so easy to find the right animes but now i have to switch to mangafox is good but of coarse not as good onemanga. A moment of silence.

Frickin bull! Most of the manga community thrive on scans. It’s like the major bridge that get most people into the anime/manga culture!

Ouch. I only ever read manga online, never outside. In stores, there will always be a constant battle of finding the book you’ve wanted. And the missing volumes, along with not being able to search for certain genres of what you want… And you guys all know the feeling when you find out that the book you want is NOT IN STOCK. I’ve used onemanga for years, and now this just totally bums me out. Au revoir OneManga… And Adieu Manga.

Looks like the manga publishers are shooting themselves in the foot again.

Who does MORE for expanding their audience and customer base than these sites? Considering how little advertising these publishers use – it’s obvious how completely moronic doing this is and how much it’s going to hurt them in the future.

Geeze, they just can’t seem to get anything right can they?

Illegal? Yes. Stupid to shut them down? Yes

Like some of the guys have said up top it would make more sense for the manga companies to work with onemanga to make the manga available sooner and in a digital form. Granted the fansubbers will be out of a job (unless they’re hired by the manga companies to do translations), but it would be legal and both parties would get to have their cake and eat it too. Honestly I’ve been reading manga for years and only in a digital form. It’s just super inconvenient to get it physically. Hell look at Itunes, there was and still is rampant piracy of music but millions of people still purchase media from Itunes. I wish they would realize its not about not wanting to pay for it it’s just about the convenience of having it digitally, regularly and translated the way it’s meant to be interpreted.

as long as usa and other countries dont publish mangas like they do in japan, theres really no other good way to advertise mangas and animes. people want to know if they are good or not before buying manga booklets which is quite expensive btw. Especially since there are way too many mangas out there… of course you can discuss it online and read reviews, but in end only you decide whether its for you or not. plus i really do not think many people watch cartoon network at night to watch anime (with the horrible eng dubs)

Maybe if the publishers noticed the scanlation trend back in the early 2000s’, things wouldn’t have to come to this I actually wrote about this and how the publishers just messed up in terms of capitalizing on the scanlation trend for their benefit.

You can read it at:

I’m pretty amazed at all the whiny complaints in the replies. I’ve downloaded scanlations for years and, yet, I have nothing to argue against this motion. Face it people, we don’t have a mortal or legal high ground here. They have every right to do this and they are. Never mind that I never cared for such sites that used banner ads and made a profit. I’d heard even some scanlation groups themselves didn’t like their stuff being posted on sites like One Manga.

“Manga publishers have recently changed their stance on manga scanlations and made it clear that they no longer approve of it. ”

Wow. What delusional world was that guy living in thinking that they ever approved of their material being posted online for free. It was just that they had never any means or organization to stop it.

Then again, judging from these posts, delusion and denial is prevalent among the scanlation fan commnuity.

And that’s what these people are. They’re not manga fans, they’re scanlation fans. They want their entertainment free and a click away from millions of titles. Heaven forbid you have to actually get off your rear to read something you say you’re a fan of. It’s only the end of the world if you only want free access to everything.

Nobody lurked for scanlations before online readers appeared? what are they, 13 teen yolds? If you like a series and spend enough time on the internet, you eventually found if lucky a scanlation group working on that title. I agree with illegality and all, but being from other country, with little options of licensed local material, I’ll lurk for my scanlations until I get to read japanese (can’t even master french, so there is a long way there) and dream of the thin posivility of it being published in my country

ok i get what your saying and no not ever one is that young. i don’t mind the buying its just way to much time i don’t have in searching for the books that are most likely not in my country and never can be.if they could at least come to an understanding with the manga site like i don’t know $30 a month axcess to free manga or something. i don’t have that kind of money to give away freely but i could live with that. they can at least leave the ones already on the sites so we can buy the ones we have not read instead of wasting money on the things we’ve already read. this is just my opinion i really don’t care if the rest of you think i’m selfish or whatever but i books all the time exspically if it interest me.

and yes if i could speak japanese it would probably be easier, but the area i live in you can’t actually get those who would be willing to teach you. no matter as i get older i will make it one of my goals to speak the language and spanish as well since i like them both. if the sites disappear i will live on i’ll just have to stick to the books that don’t have animatin or drawings in them. i’ll just have to stick to the sad boring reality of life. i’m not young anymore i cant hide in the world of fairy tales to ignore the bad things in my life anymore.

Kind of blows. I don’t mess with scanlations since I believe in supporting the things I like. Still I did go there to read the Monster Hunter Orage manga since I knew there was no chance in hell that it was ever getting translated in the US since the Monster Hunter video game isn’t that popular here. I even own all of the volumes in the original Japanese.

Basically I just wanted to read it.

And yeah, glad that I was at the very least able to read the manga, so thanks for that One Manga and R.I.P.

Still not sure why people are even bothering to scanlate things like Naruto. You should KNOW you’re going down for that. The fact that they were still scanlating it even though Shonen Jump is very close to being caught up (plus you can watch the anime online legally and for free as supported by Viz and Hulu) is really mind bongling. I appreciate them allowing me to read Monster Hunter Orage, and I don’t want to use the word ‘STUPID’ but geez… A little precaution and taking things down that were already licensed in the US (like scanlators are supposed to do anyway, unwritten rule) and who knows.

Ah well, RIP I suppose.

this sucks big time. what i really don’t get is why mangafox had their stuff gone, like bleach and naruto, but i visited today and it’s back?! what the heck? is that temporary?

BEST NEWS EVER. So glad this is happening, can’t wait till more sites collapse- apparently another site just removed all the manga they had hosted from the companies involved in the takedown, leaving them with not many titles. Hope more sites get closed.

well i feel totally sad and depressed about this since i love reading manga and im making one myself and seriously only a handful of people that are not japanese know japanese.

i think i know the reason why the publishers are now getting uptight. A few days ago a japanese teen posted up unreleased chapters of mangas up one youtube and some other sites. i think there is a correlation between this and the problem with the publishers.

anyway i still support putting up these scanlations whether right or wrong.

The officials will never win this way. They have to learn to compromise. If they take down Onemanga, there are many more sites. It’s like WMG trying to remove all the copyrighted material from youtube. People just went elsewhere, and the audio stopping/ video deletion just pissed off everybody. In the end, WMG lost out, and all the artists they signed lost fans and audience because people simply couldn’t hear the music on Youtube.

If they destroy the scanlation community, more people will come up, host sites and translate. Sure they have to make money, but they won’t make any money by simply shutting it all down. They’ll make more money by compromising. If they take down scanlations, the translators are just gonna start p2ping this stuff. The internet’s not going away, and the companies won’t win any support this way, it’s lose lose for both.

Sadly, the subscription is also flawed, as you can’t make every site force subscription, so in the end, onemanga will still lose its support as other FREE sites come up.

Probably the best way in my opinion is to get better translations, that don’t censor everything and suck, and get them quicker, then put them on like itunes or amazon as EBOOKS. You’ll earn money and you’ll have happy readers. Problem solved.

Nagato the Pain

July 22, 2010 at 7:06 pm

Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…. One Manga is closing down… It hurst like hell when I think about it really. I’ve been reading from One Manga since my college days and getting my dose of Naruto and Bleach from them. Losing One Manga is like losing a friend… I do understand the publishers taking a stand against manga scans. They don’t get the proper credit for their hard work and all that stuff. But I do believe that this is going to have a dual effect. While profits will increase because will be people buying more manga, the growth, awareness and interest in manga/anime will slow down. Some place don’t have stores that offer manga, and even if they do, it might not be the translated ones or the latest. Manga scanlation sites reach
out to people and develop their love for manga/anime. Only time will
tell where this thing is headed…. = (


July 22, 2010 at 7:28 pm

Here’s the thing, it’s not like i can go to japan anytime to buy manga, plus the prices they give for imported comics in our country are downright highway robbery. If we can’t afford it, then just don’t buy it. Let them also feel the loses.

This sure is a downer… It’s not like EVERY country sells manga, especially when the ones you wanna read aren’t mainstream mangas. Sad thing is that all those mangas will never be translated anyway, so you won’t find them in any bookstore. I support manga, and did so with Ruroni Kenshin; but I can’t afford paying 10 USD for every book. Oh well, better get started using my other manga sites…

:|……. Bleach, Naruto, One piece, Fairy tail, Full metal alchemist, History the strongest disciple Kenichi, Kurono no basket, The Breaker, Veritas….. And many many other manga that i’m reading….. now that One manga is down, there’s still but if this goes on, they will be shut down too. :| It’s not like i can’t pay for them but it’s because i can’t read them in korean or chinese :|…. +_+ this is just horible :| Why don’t they work together with onemanga as a translator or s.t :|…..Is it true that there’s no way than shutting down the site?????

First it was MangaHelpers, now One Manga, is true we don’t pay for it, but at least many buy it when is translate or published, but not all editorial house support the mangas unless they know it has fans in my case GANTZ in Mexico it was published for vid and it stops around a janaury 2009 because it wasn’t selling and so on many series are stopped

Is manga today tomorrow is anime

Oh well, it seems like they haven’t realized that scanlating or illegally downloading has been a form of protest. The warnings will have the opposite effect. Like file sharing, some will get scared, they will slow down for a while, then the amount of downloaders will double. Same with scanlator sites. Like killing a hydra, cut one of the big heads and you’ve millions of tiny heads that grow bigger.

I’m surprised at the split opinion here and elsewhere. Half seem to be bemoaning the loss of a fan-favorite site, and the other half are crowning this as a deserved blow for leachers everywhere. I go into more detail at my blog entry, including an arguement for a BD scanlation site.

OMG! This is going to suck… remember what it was like watching Dragonball Z and having to start over at episode 1 right before you found out if goku was a Super Sayjin….. welll thats what it is going to be like

Im reading 3-4 mangas right now, if they take down the scanlations, im pretty sure the translated anime is next and then it’s gonna be like the dark ages of anime/manga again where the only way to get the new stuff was on Canal Street in NYC

i understand why these manga publishers r so against manga scalations but where do they expect us to read our manga now, i would love to buy manga myself! but where can i!! yes i can find a place to buy some but its so far behind the actual manga in japan…

this really just sucks now..

this sucks like hell…
its a big disappointment since most manga with good plots doesn’t really an english translation plus its really hard to look for those manga (especially since new mangas with good authors are only available to Japan.).
And its not like they sell english translated mangas all over the world anyway. (I have list of mangas that I’m willing to buy BUT they are not available in english translation and most bookstores has an incomplete set of volumes.)

-.- This is stupid.

I mean i get where people are going with the whole “It’s illegal” “You can wait” “it’s not that much money” thing.
But like everyones saying half the stuff you can read on OM isn’t sold in half these countries.
Idk what the mangaka think their accomplishing with this? I mean if I could i’d buy the mangas I read on OM in stores, I would. I mean I DO do that. but they aren’t really getting any more money by making OM close down. Cos the majority of people using OM are using it cos we can’t buy it elsewhere or if we can it’s 400 chapters behind.
it’s not really that hard of a concept to wrap your mind around.

I’d say petition…’don’t buy their mangas’ but that’s like saying “Gas prices are high, so don’t buy gas to show we want it lowered” It’s not going to happen. People need gas to get places. We need manga. Now we don’t need it as desperately. But you know all of us at some point will turn to our local book stores and see if we can find something decent to read.

I don’t think it’s the end though.
I mean when OM took down Soul Eater, I still found it elsewhere. It wasn’t the same…it wasn’t as easy to find but i FOUND it.

Well I’ll miss OneManga that’s for sure. Been using that site for years. R.I.P.

(well maybe i’ll wait another three years for more soul eater (and countless other mangas) to come out in the US, i think volume 2’s out over here? only like 70 more chapters to go…and in maybe a year the naruto anime will catch up with the manga…if they don’t get rid of that too.I’m sure it’s next though.)

Now I’ll never finish Gamble Fish. D:
Most of the series I read on One Manga are very long. I don’t have the money to afford that many manga, and I can’t find them easily where I live.
I’m really really sad, but I can’t say that I don’t understand why the manga publishers feel that way.
So I guess I’m just going to have to get a new hobby. But this just really sucks right now. I’m mostly mad at myself because I have all these half-read series and now I need to hurry to finish them.
70 chapters left of Wallflower…

It is sad in a way. The undiscovered dimounds in the rough would just have to go back into the darkness, because it is through OM and other sites that these manga can grow in popularity and make some fans.

(the name of what my friend was eating as we think about a name)

My friend and I have decided that shutting down will lead to the recession of manga as a whole.

By getting rid of possibly THE biggest manga site, or at least, the most popular, the publishers would look at it as a way to eventually take down other sites as well. They think that this will increase their overall revenue. However, in our eyes, the likelihood of maintaining that revenue, or even increasing it, is slightly unnerving. Let’s say that a certain fanbase has 1000 fans, and approximately 500 of the fanbase read the manga online, due to various personal reasons. If utilizing the “pay-as-you-go” or the online subscription system on the foremost manga sites, around 250 of the online readers will stop reading because of their lack of funds. The other 250 will pay, but only for the titles that they really adore. After a while however, out of the 250 that do pay, 125 will end their subscription because their manga is finished, or lose interest.

So now, 250+125=375 (37.5%) fans will be lost, just from the conversion of free manga scans into paid manga subscriptions.

As a result, about 625 people will actually pay to read manga. However, the 500 people that read licensed manga also have to be taken into account. About 250 people will not buy the volumes, since they either view it as a waste of money, or just read it in the bookstores, or it can just be the fact that the licensed form takes a much longer time to release new chapters. As time goes on, and since the mangaka undoubtedly has to take breaks, the space between updates will increase, and that will in turn spur more of the readers to abandon the series. Now, around 375 of the volume readers will have left.
So, 625-375=250 (25%) of all fans will remain, and actually pay money to read the manga.

Then let’s say, using our formula, the manga company started out with $1,000,000 as revenue. By getting rid of scans, and monopolizing the volumes while releasing them at a snail’s pace, $750,000 will be lost, leaving only a result of $250,000. This shows that instead of increasing their revenue, they’re actually losing money; support for the mangaka will dwindle, and more frustration towards the licensing company will grow. In addition, some of the publicity surrounding the manga will die down, as word primarily travels through Internet nowadays, and not by mouth. Also, some people buy volumes after getting interested in the manga online. Without the popularity garnered by manga hosting sites, less people are going to be interested in, and possibly even KNOW of, manga.

If this trend continues, within 2 years, maybe even in 1 year, all the glory surrounding manga will wither and dry up. This could be for a little while, or it could be forever. It is clear though, that by shutting down online manga sites, publishers are, in actuality, debilitating the very thing they want to augment.

I’m just really sad that had to close down. I mean I know many other websites but the one that I go on all the time is And is really great! I love it! But I also understand that mangakas work really hard to get their work done because I also draw comic books and it’s really hard and takes a really long time. But I know to most people they like to go online and read better because we don’t have to use money and buy books and now it’s really hard for us to find money. And now… I’m really sad but bye :)

I, for one, am sad to see onemanga go.
Like many have said before me, the lesser-known, untranslated series is what brings me to onemanga. Liar Game is a good example, as is Gamble Fish. In my opinion it’s a very good platform for getting to know new series. Without onemanga, I would have never found out about some of the best series out there.
I agree that it’s not hard to learn Japanese (being a Japanese major myself), but I think this argument is invalid if the original Japanese sources are unavailable to you. For people in Europe, let alone the US, it’s not so easy to get a hold of a Japanese tankobon or shounen jump. Admittedly, you could import your favourites, but that would be only possible in the case you actually understand Japanese and you are wiling to pay the ridiculous shipping costs.
Even if manga is translated online illegally, the only real sufferers are the American publishers like Viz and Tokyopop. Manga is, first and foremost, a Japanese business and will produce enough money there alone. Furthermore, by limiting online distribution, the number of people coming in contact with manga will be severely limited. Truth be told, I really dislike the translations by both publishers. Especially in earlier volumes, the translation errors are humongous and, quite frankly, embarrassing. In that regard, I find the translations by the scanlation community far more appealing and of better quality. (This, of course, relates to the subbing community as well, for I just cannot stand that awful dubbing)
So, for me, it’s going to be importing tankobons twice a year, if only to get my favourite mangas up-to-date.

how can they do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i LOVE onemanga and i really owe to it for me being a manga fan now and its onemanga i m able to read so many mangas so quickly and so nicely without being very lag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wads the freaking problem about them?!!!!plz don do this!!!!!!!!!
sigh.anyway. i will really like to thank onemanga here for everything.thx loads.
feeling depress….

I have been reading from OneManga for years and it was the only site not to give me problems.
I had noticed that some of my most love manga’s have been made inactive, put on hiatus, or discontinued. I’m going to say this as a fan of manga and the site that “This officially sucks!”
I don’t have enough money to go out and buy every manga and at libraries, they only have a limited selection. (If any!)
If this happens then this could possibly be the future of all manga sites.

Bullocks, but if I know anything about how business works, manga publishers are probably preparing to put their own english translations online and sell them for a certain price a chapter (or for membership). Online manga’s not going to just die out but some series are just not going to be the recognition they deserve. I really hope that they do a 360 in a couple of months and allow scanlations to be posted again. For all the evil, obnoxious posters who are shouting “hooray” because scanlations are banned, screw you. The only possible way for me to buy mangas is from the Boston AnimeCon and they usually charge $5-$8.50 a volume. I can only afford to purchase several books to support my favorite author, not buy every volume of manga I want to read.

This is absurd. I agree with many of the previous posts; shutting down Onemanga and other sites like this is going completely and utterly overboard. Why not just make us pay for them? I’d be more than willing to pay $20 a month to read manga. Hell, I already pay up the nose for manga; I’ve got 3 shelves of books and quite a bit of overflow, not EVERYONE who views this site is doing so to maliciously cheat manga creators/publishers out of their money.

I love reading Bleach here. Does that mean I haven’t bought the manga all the way up to issue 29? Because I have. I love it, AND support it. What is does mean is that I now can’t read things like Liar Game (Which is amazing, btw), which has no availabilty in America. What should I do now? according to some posters here, I should “suck it up and learn japanese.” That’s brilliant. I’m going to spend weeks learning a difficult language so I can read a comic book? This site offers convenience, not necessity. What, exactly, should I, the common reader, do after I learn japanese? Maybe I’ll go online and find the hundreds of foreign, illegitamate, even less safe sites which simply show it without translation… How does that help anyone? I read and discover manga here and use that to purchase new ones. If Liar Game would be published in America, I would buy it. It’s not, so I don’t. Frankly, it’s not the reader’s fault if the publisher isn’t willing to branch out. Without sites like OneManga, Liar Game wouldn’t HAVE any popularity in the states, or with Americans in general. If it did, it would be within very small sects of fans who already live in/have connections with Japan. If you don’t SHOW your manga in America, then there’s no one to BUY it in America…

Again, I’m more than willing to pay a monthly fee for the manga I read online, but even that would dissuade me from purchasing physical manga anymore. Closing down the very sites that advertise manga unpublished/unavailable in other countries is not the solution to their lack-of-revenue issues. Do they even realize how much this will affect new manga? Mangaka who aren’t published in popular magazines like JUMP aren’t even going to be seen anymore. What common reader will bother ordering expensive copies of no-name issues from another country? Word-of-mouth will all but disappear. I was turned on to Et-Cetera (A wonderful modern-era/Wild West manga) through sites like this. I own all issues of the series now (I think there were 8?). Manga like that will never be heard from again by common readers like myself. It’ll disappear from the thriving online communities and be passed over by uninformed consumers.

It’s childish to blame readers for not paying for unavailable manga when the publishers aren’t willing to pay to publish them in other countries. I sincerely hope the people behind this decision read these posts and reconsider.

Agreed, all popularity will go out the window for manga that would previously be advertised on Onemanga. New manga writers/drawers will never get popular in America without sites like this advertising their work. Casual readers won’t bother to look up Japanese sites or learn Japanese, so all they’re doing is losing fan-base. The people who don’t pay for their manga already aren’t just going to START, this won’t last very long once they see sales drop and new manga becomes impossible to sell in the states.

Okay, I posted this on the other article about One Manga, but I want to put it here, too;)

Yes, I – an avid reader of – am aware that free scanlation constitutes copyright infringement. But I support, and this is why:

I legally buy tons of manga and anime DVDs, as soon as they become available in English. My support of the manga/anime industry is in the thousand-dollar range.

The problem is, the English translations take FOREVER to come out. For example, my favorite manga is called Inuyasha. The manga ended in Japan in June 2008, over 2 years ago. The English version of the manga is still about 80 chapters away from completion. By the time the last chapter gets released, the lag time will be about 3 years in duration. That’s ridiculous. The scanlators, on the other hand, got the last chapter online in 2 days. That is why everyone reads the scanlations.

And it’s not like the publishers don’t know this – the readers have been complaining about it for years. In my opinion, the scanlators actually help the publishers by keeping the readers interested in their product. Even a fan like me might have given up on Inuyasha if I’d had to wait 3 extra years to find out what happened.

Also, websites like have a huge collection of manga. I’ve been introduced to many manga by reading them on onemanga – which I then bought in the stores and on (since some are hard to find). I like reading the manga in hard copy better, anyway. So, I went to for Inuyasha and Bleach, and got hooked on about 20 others in the process, all of which I now own legal copies of. That’s literally hundreds of manga that I purchased as a result of my exposure to

RIP,, I will miss you terribly. And so will the publishers, I think (especially since angry manga fans will probably retaliate with boycotts).

@Erik Missio

Learning to read and fluently understand japansese would be very very difficult for an average person to do. This is given due to the fact that japanese consists of three separate alphabets. In addition, one of them consists of thousands of characters that can all have different meanings. Plus, there are many many variations in language and structure based on the regions of Japan.

Okay, this is terrible news! I visit Onemanga just about everyday because it is the only place that I can read manga! Plus, many manga writers gave permission to scantilation!!! And don’t start any bs about how we should buy our own manga! The only bookstore in my town (besides a religious one near Walmart) shut down earlier this year, but they barely had any manga!! And also Onemanga was the best site for scantilations! They had just about every manga you could name and more! The site was fast and reliable, unlike Manga 123, which takes forever to load each page and barely has any good mangas.

To all of the publishers who’ve caused this, lemme just say one thing. You’ve ruined all of the fun. How the heck am I supposed to handle this now?!?!?


July 23, 2010 at 7:38 pm

Honestly, this is a very pointless action.


Reader A buys japanese manga

reader A shows reader B who did not buy manga.

Reader B translates manga.

Reader B Shows translation to other readers.

Whats illegal about that?

Is it because it can be seen free by anyone online?

this isnt anything that doesnt happen everywhere. I am sure if you got a friend got a manga you wanna read, your not gonna buy your own, your gonna read your friend’s.

Its not like this is a large novel or a movie. It is a 20 page a week comic. Its not like your gonna read that comic every day, or very long.

Can someone explain if I translate something and shows others my ability to translate, how is that illegal?
like any good worker on the internet, they will find another venue to work from. they will be able to get their work in the public as well, that wont be stopped.

and even than, you gotta realize for those who see this. How many people go to anime shops, Barnes and nobles, borders and so on to just sit there and read manga unhindered? Its not like people are buying a them like crazy anyway. If they want people to buy their stuff, instead of attacking the scanlators, they should get on the stores that allow people to read their content without purchase, because than sales arent made and they lose money that way.

This royally SUCKS! There are many mangas that not all Western manga Publishing company(Viz, Dark Horse,… etc) approve of that many manga fans LOVE(Lollicon, Shotacon, Mature).

Not all viewers leech and or continue leeching without plans of buying mangas. The mangas i love are listed down in my Notepad to tell myself that in the future when I get a job after graduating University first I will buy them little by little(although I admit this will not really give money to mangakas immediately or even at all).

Most mangas that are first,say ten, volumes are not even in store(which is VERY ESSENTIAL to prosperity for the generations to come). The symbol of art is not only beauty, and creativity but also prosperity thus if art is materialized then art is confirmed of in existence.

Both sides are guilty of greed and making excuses. I mean if it’s non-profit it should pretty much be okay because no one is plagarizing them. Sure the creators are going out of business but with obstacles like this creators need to overcome barriers by listening to the demand of consumers as consummers need to sympatize with the hard job of creators. Both hands need to meet in harmony instead of pushing the other out.

Ohhh I just got an illumination. Why not make a library dedicated to mangas(Japanese), manwhas(Korean), manwahs(Chinese/Taiwan), Comics(manga style). I mean many people just go to library instead of buying books most of the time(unless your a book lover who can’t help but buys books).

Now that would be a colorful world, a world that has such libraries for free in every city, county, etc… whether they be spanning from east or to west from North to south!(I wonder if there are some people from Antartica and Arctic that are manga readers— that would be so lovely!).

Man,I hate this news
Why does onemanga will be shut down
What’s the reson.
Not everyone can buy manga they want to read
Like me
I’m not finish reading +C:Sword And Cornett,
Tegami Bachi,
Bloody Monday 1 & 2
Kaitai shinsho 0,
En Passant,
and many more
Tell me the reason why does it have to shut down
I’m not finish reading all my favourite comic yet…………….
Please don’t shut it down….

this make me sad to hear this……now i will never finish any mangas that i have pleged myself to…sighs T^T

Goddamn can’t they understand the unavailability of manga? And they’re so slow with translating, unlike scanlations. I wish they can do a or something at least!

Same as in video games, publishers make the same damn mistakes every time. This article from Kotaku basically sums it up:
“The Japanese company is blaming them for a 50% drop in sales…the amount ‘lost’ to pirates each year was ‘in the region of trillions of yen.'”
“websites based overseas that allowed people to illicitly download game software”
It’s stupid. And this is why:


As many have already said, those pirating (e.g. by onemanga) don’t always have a means or desire to purchase the actual product – stopping the scanlations doesn’t mean they will suddenly go out and buy the manga. Furthermore, many who pirate (myself included) actually DO buy the manga anyways. Many scanlation groups say “please support the author” and I do, I take that to heart. I read 65 – yes, 65 – different series on onemanga, from Naruto to Little Busters! Worse, where I live the manga must be imported; it’s expensive ($17.50 for a volume Gantz!), takes forever to order, and there’s a limited selection. Still, I buy the manga when I can, including many manga I never would have found. In this case, publishers, my piracy has gained you almost $1000 in two years, and I am not alone.
I am now boycotting every artist and publisher on the list: I will ONLY read scanlations; I won’t buy the hard copy to support the artist. I know it’s not the smartest decision, probably not even the right decision, but hell hath no fury like a fan scorned.

I feel like a part of me just died :((

Isn’t only illegal IF they made a profit out of it?

No, profit only comes into play when assessing damages for copyright infringement.

omg noooooooo pls is there any way to stop it pls i want to finish naruto one piece bleach katekyo hitman reborn veritas and beelzebub does this mean they are going to stop videos too

Well dudes, if there are titles that you want to read so badly, instead of STEALING THEM, how about pressuring the licensing companies to translate them and bring them overseas? A lot of the titles on OM sucked balls anyway, though I admit there were a few gems among the rubble. If we get more titles officially translated instead of relying on illegal activity then we as a whole can help contribute to the quality of anime and manga that we get here instead of just cheap Yu-Gi-Oh ripoffs and Bleach reruns.



If I’m one of the publishers, I would understand that as well. I won’t even have any problem if they fix thrir distribution.

Hell yes I’m pissed off. OneManga has been an irreplaceable web that excites every one out there that likes manga, and they have done a lot of things for us. Like serving mangas with ENGLISH translation. Not all people in the world have the time to study Japanese, because it’s freaking complicated and it DOESN’T use Latin alphabets!

I saw that some mangas are not even published in the US. If such a big, famous country doesn’t even get the mangas, how aboutother countries, like Indonesia!? People that like mangas don’t exist only in Japan, you know! I think many people are actually willing to buy the mangas, but they simply don’t understand freaking Japanese and what can they do if the mangas they want to buy isn’t even AVAILABLE in their country?

It’s not like everyone is okay with online shopping, you know! Especially when their parents don’t even LIKE the idea of online shipping.

For example, me. I would really like to buy the mangas I like online, if only my parents let me. I wouldn’t even care if I don’t understand what the hell are they talking about.

I believe that this is only temporary. There’s a great possibility that another website will come up and replace One Manga, and this event will be repeated again. It won’t stop until the freaking distribution part ofthe publishers finish their goddamn jobs and think about other countries other than Japan.

This sucks, i’m listening to devastatingly sad music, and then i come across onemanga shutting down. HOW IS THIS GONNA BENEFIT ANYONEEE HUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!?!?!?!??!?!!!!!!!!



I’m so sad. :( :( :( :(
But is there any other site that we can read manga at? Besides
Please tell me please..
Byebye :(

I think it is a load of bull too. I live in the middle of nowhere (an hour to the nearest book store). Do not get me wrong, I buy ALOT of manga, but there are only so many you can buy in English, and I can read Spanish, but there are not very many in Spanish either. To the person who wrote we should try to learn Japanese, sorry but I started reading manga online when I was thirteen, and now I am nineteen. I do not have the time or money to learn Japanese and in this economy no one does. I think if they are going to start removing our scanlation websites, they should at least have the courtesy to leave the ones up that are not published in English. Also, I agree with others in that I would pay a fee in order to read online manga, and to those artists who do not have there manga published in the U.S. it would be a perfect way for them to earn a little extra money, and to get the word out, that there are other good manga out there. Also, I can read most of the manga that are published in the U.S. through my local libraries online website. I think if they are going to cancel out all the scanlations they should at least give us the option of paying a fee to read them, or just allow advertisements to pay for the websites. I know many of the manga I have bought, I bought after reading them online, I think printing companies are going to lose some business because of this!!!


July 24, 2010 at 11:25 pm

The reason why I read manga online is because I want to read the manga first before buying it at bookstore. You see. I’m still 16. Jobless. Still studying in school. And manga wasn’t cheap here (thanks to the American). AND I am not the type of person who often read online manga. I do buy manga. I do read them at home. I want to feel the real books not just a scan on the monitor screen.

But before buying that book, I need to know it content first. I need to know the artist’s drawing. Is it worth to buy? Is the story is worth to read? Taking off scanslation will just mean, I need to spend more money buying manga I haven’t read about whether it is good or not.

If the companies are so scared to get bankrupt, start an online manga where fans can read it online. Even if it is just the first chapter or the first volume.

i think these manga publisher are just too narrow minded , blame everything on us just because we prefer it to be read online. but we didi it becuse it fast and provide wide range of mangas to read and of course it much more fun to do it this way. dont you ever thought about the effect of this to other.
surely there are people that will take this seriously and started to make a big strike to againt this

how could they do this to us!!!!! this is not fair!!!! where can we find the manga we loved at our country?!!!!!!
haizzz…..i’m very shocked up until now about the news that i even don’t know what to say……. (crying)

People have good points and i can see it from both ends. However i’m more inclined to side with the scanlation fans in that really in the end, the closing of onemanga will not benefit the publishers… yes you will have more desperate fans but these fans will be angry, angry enough to boycott the books!

You argue that we should learn japanese and i have tried. It is hard, there are so many characters and also there are certain customs that you need to know, pretty much a massive amount of learning. You argue that it’s illegal, well yeah it is but so is downloading music from p2p sites, and hey they tried to stop that but it still happens (don’t try to deny you don’t).

We argue that scanlations give some obscure manga the popularity it deserves. Yes that happens. We argue that some manga will never end up translated into english, also true. We argue that yes we read scans online but we still buy the books! YES, because we love a series that much.

Honestly, closing down onemanga is a loss for the manga community, but i still have hope that publishers will see the ‘light’ and stop putting pressure on these scanlation sites which are in fact helping boost the awareness of manga.

Where i live, we’re isolated from the rest of the world down south. We already get EVERYTHING late, and getting mangas online was really convienient for me and when the manga did come here through conventions and stuff i’d happily spulrge. But its depressing about onemanga, i read my first manga there ‘land of the blindfolded’, yeah i still remember… :(

Well, for me its a sad thing to hear, cause i liked reading mangas online. But for myselfe …i will never buy mangas cause most mangas you can buy in a shop arnt worse it.
I believe this action will help the companys a bit to earn some more money…however i think they miss the signes of time. Just think about many people do read mangas everyday on the internet (and the quantity as well)… and how many actually go into a store buying it. … Secondly they shut down all the infrastructures existing for fans now..doesnt mean gaining these readers but loosing them in the first place. A cooperation would have been more usefule for everyone…in my opinion.

Another idea came to my mind …they said the reason was their decreasing income from 2007 to 2009 …cutting down tow the half … well wasnt their a big big crisis in america. and still is!.. dont know but this might have had some effect too !? well we will see what is going to happen ……

Wow, you guys have some really poor understandings about copyright. Glad this site that does nothing but steal from artists is closing down, and hope fans become better people.
Enjoying the schadenfreude this is all causing as well- if spend all your time reading manga that’s been stolen, you don’t deserve any pity from me :)

I wonder if Paploo even reads and buys manga or just hates?

I don’t think the industries will ever get it. Music lost a decade cause they are sue happy. Manga shoots itself in the foot. These industries never learn. Adapt, change with the times, embrace new technologies. Honestly the DMCA needs a revamping and the bogus Anti-counterfeiting trade agreement is a load of crud.

OneManga was my favorite and only manga site. i’d be fine if they took away anything licenses or expected to come out but there are many series I follow that I can’t find at my bookstore. Learning Japanese is a great solution but how much would a raw import run? A small fortune and I have failed horribly in learning Japanese.

Hell i don’t understand why scanlation groups are not contracted to translate the manga as they can do just as good a job as any publishing house and do it faster.

Marvel understands and offers an online comic book reader you can subscribe to and read their comics. Why the manga industry hasn’t embraced any of these wonderful ideas is beyond me. Kill the art and bring manga back to just the Japanese. See how much money the studios make then,

this was the best manga web ever and the mobile version even worked on my dsi im gonna die

I’ve bought about 40 volumes of manga this month actually- currently reading through some old Rebound volumes I have and starting the giant pile of Tenjho Tenge volumes I bought at a con.

I hate piracy- a lot of people do. I hate artists having work stolen. I really hate the entitlement and self-righteous behaviour of all the fans who think they deserve a free ride, and will get mad at companies for closing down bootleg sites, but NOT get mad at the bootleg sites for not paying the creators they claim to love.

I want fandom to get over it, and start just being a nicer place overall, and to start appreciating the hard work of creators and publishers more. PS- If you want to see industry people talk about what’s going on checked out this link. the SDCC comics piracy panel included a lot of discussion about all the issues everyone here is brining up, and answers that thedy may or may not like.

There’s also a number of online manga services already operating like SquareEnix’s new site or ShonenSunday’s online edition w/Rinne and Cross Game, so companies are moving forward with digital alternatives for those who want them. I HIGHLY recommend checking out Rinne- it’s a very fun series, and I’ve already picked up vol.1-2 of the print ed.- very cute series that’s in the usual Takahashi vein. You mighht also want to read this post from Matt Blind’s blog, which explains a lot of what’s wrong with some opinions expressed in these comments.

i just got won thin ta sayy: this iz da most terrible news i have eva heard in ma whole life, exept some exeptionss.

but still why does onemanga heve to close downn, but i wont loose hope because they DID say that they might be openin anotha site so this might not be goodbye yet. DON”T loose hope yet people. There’s always a light or so…. dont know why i said those thangs….

Getting over it

July 25, 2010 at 7:44 pm

there will always be secondary sites…..i guess im a fan of scans but if the scans get banned whatever

yepp yepp ya right @getting over it

The way I see it the publishers intentionally let manga to flourish illegally online to get a bigger number of readers, and are now taking them down because they have some plan to improve their sales. They’re probably planning to host their chapters online for a price.

I buy manga because I want to support the mangakas, but I prefer to read them online.

Manga books are nice to hold, but the translations sucks. =.=”
What kind of weird slangs are they using anyways? >..<"

i think people misunderstand or rather dont understand like paploo why manga fans read scanlations. Lot of people including me dont have enough money in buying manga, though i bought naruto series and it pains me when the next or previous volume are not available or sold out. In my country, mangas are not blockbusters, bookstore dont stockup to many because only few buy them. Would sharing be a crime? Scanlation is not stealing unless they sell it or charge you for viewing such title. Do you have a Bob Marley Chant Down Babylon album? I ordered and got this album from the record bar after a year of waiting same as manga. Onemanga doesnt charge anything to its viewer, you dont need to register to read there, its just pure sharing and fun as well as advertising these great mangas. Marvel ang DC comics here died because of publishers cant keep up. Hope publishers give considirations… I do buy manga not just be reading it, ITS MY COLLECTION LIKE MY BOB MARLEY COLLECTION… AND ITS PRECIOUS TO ME MANGA FANS HERE IN MY COUNTRY, THEY DONT JUST READ, THEY COLLECT! For the publisher, Even i just read the naruto shippuuden chap504, i do still wait for the hard copy.

I am devastated. OneManga was a fantastic site, and now it seems as though greed has taking over yet again.! NOT EVERYONE is as fortunate to fork up all this money for manga. $10 for a volume?! That means it’ll cost thousands of dollars just to read naruto alone. Are you kidding me?! Just because you’re not “rich” does not mean you don’t deserve to read manga. It isn’t water, food ,or air but not everyone was born with money!!!! So selfish it’s disgusting. Just because some families struggle to live and don’t have money… now only the rich can read manga?!?!?!?! People need to realize some people are not as fortunate!!!! No, stealing isn’t right, but this is more like SHARING. Why in the world would I want to pay $10 for a volume when they don’t even publish anything on time?! Naruto is on chapter 503 while there are only 20 something volumes that are published in the U.S. ….NOT EVEN CLOSE.What happens to the manga that aren’t going to be publishd?! OneManga helped made manga popular. And this is truly a tragedy. I’ve been reading manga on here for years, and when i did have the money, bought the volumes whenever i could. This was a comfort zone for me, and i’m sure for MILLIONS of others as well. F- you all who think otherwise. I will no longer be reading or look at manga the same anymore.

Dont worry i just set up a manga site that will at least try to replace one manga. Its called check it out guys.

So, now that websites are shutting down that host manga what is left for those who depend on online manga. I understand why they are doing this but what happens when a publication company such as VIZ or Tokyo Pop lose rights to some of the manga? What do we do then? For instance, Get Backers is discontinued in the U.S. and is therefore sanctioned as out of print. It can happen to any of the manga out there. Going to the raw source(Japan) isn’t in everyones pocket book. Getting it imported is more costly than both reading online and buying them in the states. Most of us wouldn’t even know what manga was if it wasn’t for the online sites that provided them. I really do hope the industry knows what it is doing by taking these sites down. Most of the comments I have read state they may give up reading manga. I’m sure thats something the industry doesn’t want.

It’s not a surprise this is happening, we all knew it was going to happen sooner or later. However, we can all see the merit in online scanlation. For many people it isn’t possible to access these manga or the mangas are extremely expensive in their country. Additionally many of the mangas aren’t translated until much later or aren’t even picked up by the main stream companies.

It is undeniable that scanlations groups do help promote mangas and has helped create a trend. It has brought interest to these illustrated works from foreigners outside of Japan. I’m not sure if it’s really beneficial or realist to ban all scanlation sites.

Many online readers are willing to pay for mangas however is the price they put fair and reasonable, that is questionable. Both parties have valid points but to completely try to eliminate scanlation sites is like trying to cure a symptom and not getting to the root of the cause. Scanlation sites wouldn’t have be created or be in high demand if it wasn’t due to something. And publishers have to open their eyes and ears and truly be able to reslove their loss in profit.

Mangas have brought joy, laughter and entertainment to many people of all ages. Mangas create a world of free imagination and hopefully this restrictive action won’t end bitterly because of one groups’ self interest. Rocket Bomber updated with another good entry on this whole issue.

PS– Awesomer then whining about OneManga? Brand-new titles licensed at SDCC :)

Ghostface is a nice surprise, and I can’t wait for the Otoyome-Gatari hardcover- Emma was such a great series

Patrick Wilder

July 26, 2010 at 10:55 pm

Its not just the fact that you can find mnaga from the past its also that the manga in japan is ahead of the one states sides so if you been reading the translated version of the manga from japan, and now there will be no more you are going to have to wait months or a year and a half for the states side to catch up. That is what trully sucks about it

is it that horrible to have to wait? Have some patience. Be grown up about it. I’d rather have a professionally translated edition the author gets paid for then a quickie version that rips them off .

If you DO want simlutaneous releases, support VIZ’s serialization of Rinne at which goes up same day as the Japanese release in Shonen Sunday magazine. The GN’s are pretty much simullaneous too- we’re on vol.3 and 4+5 are coming out soon.

“Patience” would be a much more viable argument in this situation if the difference between American publications and Japanese ones wasn’t so completely unnecessary. Fans would’ve had to wait years for the end of Inuyasha (I believe many are still waiting…) if they only followed it through the states. There’s simply no level of patience worth the exaggerated rate some companies translate these issues. Many popular manga on the site simply aren’t available at all in America, either, so waiting around hoping for a manga you once read gets super-popular enough for something like JUMP to pick it up is nothing more than a waste of time. This, of course, brings up my previous point: without proper advertising in America – advertising gained through sites like OneManga – casual readers simply won’t be exposed to the creation of new, potentially popular manga from Japan that would otherwise become a smash-hit in the states. I can’t stress enough that if more mangaka would publish in America, I would buy all their lovely books. Until then, they can take it up with the Post Office stealing my money; it’s simply not worth paying the absurd shipping fees for comic books that might not continue/be available.

To play the darker side (And to paraphrase a bit from Bakuman :D), I can’t help but think this will drastically affect the sale of ecchi manga as well. Without the anonymity of the internet, people with strict parents won’t be able to discover and mass-popularize the sexier series that become so fashionable among younger age-groups. Heck, I discovered Negima online with a friend, now I own up to 26! :3 Just an afterthought, it’s not really consequential or anything…

But, again, one cannot blame lack of revenue on overseas “piracy” when one doesn’t sell manga in other countries. Publish it, and they will buy. Don’t, and, well… they won’t.

FYI- According to Vertical’s EdChavez and Deb Aoki, Morning Manga magazine will be launching an english site w/serialzied manga, and is planning to do 7 other languages as well once thigns get rolling. Morning’s the big seinen magazine in Japan- and a sister mag to it’s spinoff Afternoon, home of Oh My Goddess!, Shadow Star and other classic seinen scifi manga. Apparently Felipe Smith’s post- Peepo Choo project is a Morning weekly series.

People should try to support these legal offerings- the better they do, the more will be offered. It’s good to support your fave manga artists

if all you can do is complain and read illegally, it’s pretty lazy, and helps no one

“if all you can do is complain and read illegally, it’s pretty lazy, and helps no one”

You seem to be making the same mistake the people behind this anti-scanlator movement did: assuming all people who read on sites like Onemanga do so to purely and maliciously cheat mangaka and their publishers out of money. Sites like this have led casual readers such as myself and tens of thousands of other readers to purchase new, otherwise unadvertised manga because of the exposure these sites offer. Supporting “our favorite artists” isn’t looking at the big picture. New artists from Japan simply won’t receive the same advertisement from company-specific site compared to a purely open-market scan site.

It IS, undoubtedly, unfortunate that some people purely read manga through scan without supporting the authors/illustrators/publishers, but the majority of readers own physical manga adjacent to their reading choices. Personally, I own quite a sizeable manga collection, including all current issues of the top 3, along with many smaller, less popular titles, many of which I discovered on this site.

… We’re not all savages! :3

If you’re buying manhga, you are doing more then complaining and reading manga illegally- I think it’s good that people are also buying manga. But I’m not going to kid myself that *all* the people who read scanlations buy manga. A lot of them purposely don’t.

It’s very good for you and others that you do that, and I apprecaite it. But it still doesn’t justify OneManga’s illegal activities. That, and I imagine most of you who buy manga will continue to buy manga- you doin’t need to read the entire thing to know whether or not you’ll like it, and publishers are very good about putting samples online whether it’s VIZ’s new magazine-style websites, or Tokyopop and Vertical’s hosting 1st chapter previews on their website.

PS- Confirmed via PW-
“Kodansha Editor Kaori Kitamori was also at Comic-Con, promoting the Morning International Manga Competition and the August 2010 debut of the online edition of Morning magazine in seven different languages, including English. Details are still being worked out regarding which series will be featured on the site, but given international fans’ hunger for up-to-the-minute manga content from Japan, this should be interesting.”

Well, that’s undeniable. ‘Tis a sad fact that some people do simply use sites like OM to read manga for free daily. At the same time, I don’t feel that pressuring open manga sites to close down is smart either. Working with these sites, with hundreds – if not thousands – of manga titles already scanned and translated would be much less threatening than cutting them off at the ankle. OneManga understood the incoming fires brought on by the joint U.S./Japan publishers’ coalition, and decided to shut themselves down out of respect (and pressure, of course) in response to the movement. But to me, it’s like prohibition; now we’ll just have myriad scanlators making their own sites to try and get on top, and it seems unlikely that people who were unwilling to purchase manga before would simply change their tune once free scans are made unavailable. I certainly can’t just start buying Liar Game now that I can’t read it, and it’s inevitable that some will take the legal movments taken as an attack on their freedoms and simply boycott buying manga altogether. They could have just as easily offered Onemanga the choice between shutdown or offering a pay-to-read service in conjuction with manga authors.

Over the internet, there will always be people willing to try and pirate these manga. If no money is changing hands there’s little legal action (not that there isn’t any, but not much on a financial level) that can truly shut them down for good. Heck, look at Mangafox; they took down VIZ licensed manga for only a few days before simply posting them back up again, no doubt feeling less threatened under a smaller staus. The last thing we need is a black market of manga starting up, to the point where mangaka truly begin getting screwed over on a national and financial level. I just feel like pressuring them to close down is the wrong way to show the consumers that they care about more than money. Scan sites are already such a tightly-sewn part of the manga fanbase-quilt that clipping off a big chunk in the course of a week is too bold a move. Cutting off the head of a hydra, even a scurvy pirate-hydra, only breeds more heads!

I like both your arguments, actually. I agree with Pabloo because, yea, its illegal. even if ppl have to pay for online manga now, its like giving a little bit of your money to the people who just stole from you. I like Bear’s argument though because he’s got a point, people aren’t going to like just having their online manga shut down and no ones gonna buy the manga anymore in repsonse. Stuff like this isn’t going to help, it’s just going to hurt. Its like smashing a pilar your on becuase you don’t like the way it looks when its holding you up in the first place. I think I’m a head on that pirate hydra, I feel kinda pissed their shutting it down without warning! yar!

xD Well, I think the heads of the swashbuckling hydra you’re referring to would be other scanslation manga sites popping up in response to the resignation of OneManga, but I do enjoy the image! I wouldn’t exactly go so far as to say they’re smashing their own support pillars, either, since, really, I’m sure they would do alright on their own if sites like this had “never existed.” They simply offer, in the case of the responsible viewer, a haven of manga to discover, read, and lead to future purchases in countries outside of the publisher’s range. The fact is that they do exist, however, and slicing off your own boils is no way to make yourself feel better.

Keep in mind they’ve started legal action against 30 websits according to their PR, so I imagine they have the firepower to take up any of the ones that pop up- and will probably save some money from those who opt to close voluntarily [most people cannot afford a lawsuit from every publisher in Japan], once they realize what they’re up against.
Not sure if they’ll get rid of everything, but given how much they’ve already done in a little over a month, I’m guessing we’ll seea lot of changes in a years time

I’m worried about torrenting, mostly, but yea, there’s not exactly much reason to try and fight back against the actual publishers, is there?

Still, it’s much too quick. The backlash of peeved fans isn’t going to help their sales at all, here in the states or in any other country. THis should have been a gradual movement, not an all-out sweep. The innumerable members of these popular manga sites, along with their associates, simply won’t accept the loss of scans without action.

I find it sad but thats all there ist to it. I can live without manga and im defenetly not a person paying hundreds of dollers …for comics i read down a few minutes. I am on of thoes people i guess who used this possibility. Maby i should be ashamed not going to buy all those mangas i read for free in the past …. but to be honest im not feeling very bad. ..and im probably not alone. So far i probably read up to 100 different series (dont know didnt count ) but there was just one i would actually consider buying. (well i cant neither japanes nor chinese nor korean so… good thing there are scans in english)
Maby im not patient enough but I wont wait 2 years and more (and then wait a half live actually finishing it) just to read a comic I can live without and have no regrets ifi didnt read it. And im sure im just one of many with that opinion. Not every single person does actually favor mangas that much. That also be honest-why buying a manga youv already read??? ..only if its appeal to be worse it..whatever that means..this is the grade of favoring manga there is..

I wanted to say this caus if got the feeling of overhelming goodness in this world …paying any price for hundred pages of art in black and white with not much value – its a print afteralll where the pricing goes allong your will to pay..

I dont want to offend anyone with my harsh words ,,, only telling you my point of view. If Im mistaken please correct me.


…or inaction, as the case may be consumer-wise. :3

You’re not mistaken, Hula; there’s just as many people out there who don’t purchase manga and simply read them on scan sites. We certainly don’t think you’re an evil person, but the people who draw and write these comics put their heart and soul into their work. I initially wanted to draw for a living, but it proved incredibly difficult to match up to the dynamic, insurmountable skill it takes to become a great artist, manga-wise at least. (I’m a writer/editor now.. woo?) It never ceases to amaze me how well some artists can draw the battle scenes/dramatic scenes in the manga I read, and I certainly wouldn’t want people just glancing at my art all day and not purchasing my work. Frankly, I think the $10 it costs to buy a manga is a steal when you really observe how much art it takes to fill one up. Even I get so caught up in the story of manga like One Piece that I really have to take a step back and say, “Sh*t, how long did it take him to draw that?” The simple fact is that they deserve compensation for their hard work.

At the same time, you have the other end of the spectrum: people who both observe the art online and purchase the manga to support their creators. It’s biased to simply eliminate scan sites because of the bad apples when casual readers enjoy using the convenience of online manga to read previous issues and keep up to date with both the most current chapters of their favorite manga and new, otherwise unadvertised manga that are just starting out/unavailable elsewhere. While I’d love to drag a box of manga around with me during trips, the physical volumes are a tad cumbersome once you start reaching the 20’s in volumes… So I love the enjoyment Onemanga brings with online chapters. I hear that many sites will have company-specific manga up for legal viewing/download, which is certainly nice, but it really gives up a lot of the selection/convenience and leaves out potential gems if they’re not popular enough or “worth it” to the publishers, manga that could otherwise receive some limelight in an open site.

Bear- I think that’s why publishers are also launching multiple online markets to test the waters and see if online manga can actually be profitable in the North American/International market. They’re getting rid of illegal, corrupt sites like OneManga that pirate their work and profit off it without their consent, while also launching stuf like and among numerous others- 4 or so new manga sites were announced at SDCC alone, and I imagine mroe news will come out of Otakon.

BTW— If you have a subscription to Shonen Jump magazine, which will apparently be offering a promotion soon w/6 issues for 10 bucks according to VIZ’s SDCC panel, you can apparently read some titles online I’m curious if they’ll expand this

Meh… I had an account with JUMP when it first came to America, but I dropped it around a year ago. I already buy most of the stuff in there anyway and I reeeeally don’t want to pay to read Bobobo OR read it for free… : / But yea, I’m glad they’re going out on a limb like that. It’s good timing.

I never really found OneManga to be particularly corrupt, though. I can understand Ad revenue, but otherwise they never charged for manga, and the forums were fun and even had sections leading readers to the best places to purchase the manga they were reading. It’s not like the owners weren’t encouraging people to buy, and all the manga I read had cooperative scanslators who openly promoted the idea of supporting the managaka they were scanning, both at the beginning and end of each chapter. They also took serious jabs at any sites that attempted to charge for manga scans on multiple occasions. Overall, I thought it was a peaceful, well-developed community. Besides, they complied immediately and cooperatively once they saw the coming storm, its’ not like they put up a fight or insulted the people pressuring them down. All experiences I had with OneManga were, if anything, pleasant. They ran their site well and shared their fame well, I believe.

Just as well, OM had many titles that were simply blocked because the publishers called in/contacted them and specifically demanded they be removed, licensed or not. OM was always compliant and simply put a little message up saying, “Sorry, this manga is now licensed by blah blah blah, and cannot be shown on our site,” or “Sorry, this manga has been removed due to publishers’ rights agreements,” and things like that. I’m sure if any mangaka had sent them a message, their manga would be off just as quickly. I agree with a few posters here that it’s odd it took so long for something like this to happen, when it could have just as easily gone along on a small-scale, month-by-month basis. OM’s owners aren’t stupid, they know that if someone says, “please remove our manga from your site” that they better do it, and that’s why they’re stepping down now when a coalition did just that. But, when your story slowly becomes popular in another country through free advertisement like this, it certainly doesn’t pay to kick it off…

A good example is Soul Eater. As incredibly popular as it is, OM had it up on the site for quite a while. But, back in March, it was asked to be taken off at the request of the company, and OM removed it whole-heartedly.

I’m sure if Tite Kubo was so inclined, he could do the same with Bleach. OM would’ve undoubtedly complied. They know the manga they’re showing are a privelage, not a right.

I am also really disapointed with the manga publishers for taking down the sites,I understand how they must feel,but isnt making mangas something that they like to do by giving people fun things to read and enjoy?They do get paid Im sure still a good bit because alot of people I know would Rather buy the books to keep at home,in my case my bookstore doesnt hold all of the manga’s im mainly interested in,infact it doesnt have many at all and one manga was the only resource i found to help me with that cause.I hope the online manga fans would be able to come to an agreement with the publishers so we could all be able to read them online again.

what the fuck is wrong with y’all greedy publishers?!?! i read this from both sides, i like the scan fans, 1. cuz i am one and 2. we sound more reasonable. i had no idea what the fuck manga was until i watched naruto on cartoon network. (pardon my french…) i loved it. i found this lovely site, which scans for free. now believe me, if i could buy manga books, i would. but i’m only 13, i can’t get a job, i can’t drive, the nearest bookstore is like an effing hour away, maybe out of all the people i know, only 10, (probably less!!) read manga and watch anime. my family isn’t rich either, my parents are from the Caribbean, (Dominica to be specific, no not the republic) and they didn’t have a lot then. my dad is cheap and keeps all the money for himself when he can. my dad was abused by his mom being the youngest in his siblings of 13 kids. his mom would starve him, beat him, call him names, send him maybe miles and miles away to fetch something like leaves for tea, an etc. and his dad didn’t give a damn about him. if there wasn’t enough food for everyone, the youngest kids wouldn’t get any. because of that my dad has gt some serious issues with money, my mom struggles to get money from him to feed us and buy necessary stuff for us. can someone please tell me how people like me who don’t have the money are supposed to read manga. no, its not water, air, or food. but like i said, i can’t buy books, and the library is too far to walk to. are you going to deprive an advanced, A honor roll student of the only thing she has to read for the summer? PLUS, i find it super funny that the publishers let this go on for so long and NOW they choose to ban it? when a bunch of poeple have viewed it already, they just cut it off and expect us to buy their manga?? bullshit!!! just because you take it away doesn’t mean we’re going to buy it all of a sudden. i understand it takes an extremely long time to draw those beautiful and detailed drawings, and to come up with that plot, the whole thing is tedious and is an excruciatingly long process. i, too, write manga and whatnot (thank you mr. kishimoto for writing naruto ^_^). but seriously, how are we supposed to get manga? i don’t have the time or money to learn japanese. i tried, really guys, i did. but i can’t 4 languages at once!! i’m fluent in english, learning frech, learning japanese, and i’m taking spanish next year in 8th grade. manga stimulates my brain, i love to read!! i need a break from all this advanced stuff!! don’t take this away from me!! T_T
R.I.P. OneManga
I will loves you forever. XOXO

OMG when I read the notice I stopped breathing, I know that may sound like I need to get a life(I already know that) but the point is the publishers hit me where it hurts! I love manga a lot and I just can’t go out and buy them. It is so unfair I mean I almost cried no wait I just did T_T okay I stopped sigh I ONCE LOVED YOU PEOPLE WHO WRITE MANGA’S BUT NOW I HATE YOU MORE THEN HOMEWORK I REALLY HATE YOU I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT!!! Aww I can’t say that I mean it upsets me, but you guys write the story’s I love I can’t hate and if you are reading just think about all the people you are hurting I mean look at me I upset me so much I could not sleep it’s FIVE in the effing morning and I think me a 14 year old with no life needs a little sleep don’t you agree? I just hope you know a lot of great people love you work and might not be able to read any more.
R.I.P Onemanga I am now anime crying T_T I will miss you guys and Love you all!

oh, and by the way, to me, its not copyright infringement unless your using something that is not yours for your own gain, such as money. i truly believe that OneManga was only sharing the manga. like a friend buying a manga book and showing it to his friend. his friend shares it with other people which= happy people; potential customers. OneManga was doing exactly that. they were not, i will recall NOT selling it, or stealing it. do not call us dirty leeches, not all of us are like that. one of man’s greatest enemies is assumption. don’t assume stupid shit like that, please. and i’m not a dumb little kid, i’d like for all of you to take what i say seriously. :)

taking away OneManga will only hurt the publishers. like the comments above say, this is like a hydra. there will be many more heads sprouting since they cut that big, nice one. none of them will probably be able to compare to the original. it will be missed. all you haters can stfu!! thank you and have a good day :D

dudee, i kno right? T_T

Bridgi– OneManga had ads on every single one of their webpages, so they were definitely making a lot of money via ads considering how popular they were.
I don’t assume everyone’s a dirty leeche…… but I’m not going to assume that all people reading on OneManga are buying every manga they read on it either- if that were the case, manga sales wouldn’t be down.

ANN’s editor-in-chief Chris MacDonald [tempest on their forums] revealed this nugget last month-
“N case anyone thinks this is “innocent” infringement, and the banner ads on that site are just to cover costs…

The guy who owns OneManga is looking to possibly sell it. He’s asking for an 8 figure sum (yes, 10s of millions of dollars). ”

It does appear to be anHTMLcomics style cash grab so yeah, OneManga’s scumminess is pretty evident if they’ve got the same plans as this guy. You should NOT be supporting OneManga.

Bear— actually, it’s a very difficult process to get titles off OneManga as Ed Chavez revleaed in this podcast at ANN- Vertical’s Black Jack involved him going a lot farther then a Cease and Desist to get it removed apparently.
I imagine VIZ has been sending C&D’s to OneManga for awhile, but probably decided to focus on the coalition stuff mroe recently, and just kill them off instead

Amy- hopefully when you’re older and you start working, you’ll understand why people don’t like it when bullies screw them over- OneManga is just a bully in a very attractive form that screws over your fave manga artists. What they do is wrong, and that’s why they have to go.

Well in some way its an interesting that this happens to scanncelated manga, There is a parallel to googels book copying action. Google did copy many books from German (European) autors without their knowledge. This is against German (European) law but as they did it in america it was said by reasoning with the fair-use regulation that this is “ok”. Its an interesting storie and a different one of course but its kinde of an ironie
It seems right to copy books but not copying manga cause the scancelator is not an million doller company….too put it plunt and in a simple way of looking at it XD

Correct me if im worng



Im in brazil and there aren’t any book stores in my area… *sniff*… I don’t have the luxury of buying books at a book store. And the county doesn’t even sell manga at your local super market…. well except for the major cities, but I’m not in one of the major cities… Where will i get to see Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Highschool of the Dead, and other works??

Why not change server locations, if they do that, the US gov and JP gov can’t do shmizz about it, because it’s not under their jurisdiction…

That’s just not fair. *crys*


now you got a pretty decent point there. Just because they’re richer, they get to do it…

I understand the similarities, but that seems like a pretty extreme (and ridiculous! What a moron) case. Claiming to be under legal protection and using the works with direct permission from the authors isn’t something that OM did. Both the site owners and scanlators constantly reminded readers and members to purchase the physical manga to support their creators. Their aim was people who wanted to purchase AND read manga online for convenience, not malicious theft. The fact that people took it upon themselves to ignore said responsibilities and refuse to purchase manga is the reason we’re in such a mess in the first place, not because OM purposely decided to screw over mangaka. Manga from OM were purchased legally, not simply stolen from other sites (unless they already associated with OM, i.e. 1000manga), and readers were certainly never led to believe OM was working with any professional company.

Frankly, the Ad Revenue is inevitable; popular sites advertise on poular sites, there’s no telling who messaged who when it came to adding ads. And of course he’s going to sel it for a high price (if that’s a legitamate statement, not just rumor; I can’t read that particular article atm, at work w/ blocked sites. : / ). Onemanga was a literal empire; if the owners can’t provide scans anymore, all that’s left is the name and popularity – selling it to a professional company/wealthy investor that might actually be able to legalize the process is the only alternative.

Not sure if hopping over the border is such a good idea. :( Legitimization is the way to go, traveling out to coastal waters doesn’t quite send the right message… That would just be premeditated theft!

They why did OneManga leave up all that licensed manga? Why was it so hard for them to adhere to Vertical’s aforementioned C&D’s?
Why does MangaFox also have a lot of licensed content? Why did they they sneakily try to put the VIZ content back up when no one noticed?
Why do they both host DIRECT SCANS of , and also hosted scans of domestic manga like Kasumi, which was created in ENGLISH?!?

Because, face it Bear, they were in it for a Profit, and it was by no means a well intentioned thing. Both sites put up legal blather about copyright to make themselves seem legit to unknwoing kids who don’t know they’re ripping off their fave mangakas.

Companies are trying to give you what you want VIA online manga, but if you keep supporting theives, all your doing is hurting manga and empowering theives.

Oops, mean why do they host direct scans of domestically translated print manga?
Anyhoo, according to manga companies, they did C&D tehse sites, they jsut chose to ignore most of them- wherevera series was taken down, it involved legal action, which can be costly

Well I have no comment on MangaFox. Never used it. And, for the record, made in English or not made in English isn’t really a distinguishing factor; it’s an open-market scanlation site, no matter where/if it’s from/made form/licensed/not licensed/translated/not translated, someone’s going to put it up. Whether or not VIZ sent OM multiple C&D’s for their major manga is in question, of course, but VIZ is a massive company. If Vertical was able to remove a manga, it seems unlikely that VIZ, strict as they already are, wasn’t willing to go far enough to remove more of their titles. OM did, noteably, comply when they ordered them to remove Inuyasha more than 2 years ago.

Yet Inuyasha, in its entirety, was still available all over the internet through smaller, less noticeable sites, through to its actual ending, without reprimand from VIZ. Many of them are STILL active. Like this one…
Or this one…
Or this one…

What does this show? Onemanga was asked to shut it down because they’re a major site, and clipping a flower’s bud looks a lot more effective on record than snipping off a petal or two. They took it down. I’m sure those sites were asked to shut theirs down as well. Did they? No. OM was attacked simply because of its status, and the company assumed taking out the leader would stop the others as well. What they don’t get is that just kiling OM doesn’t stop anything; all it does is give other sites the opportunity to rise up and snag the people who left Onemanga, except instead of gaining the dedicated readers who also purchase the manga, they attract the infuriated, now-vengeful fans, those who were unwilling beyond all standards to pay for manga in the first place.

I’m certainly not saying this is the correct way to respond, but it is simply the way people will/do respond. Enough of the vengeful posts on this site will prove that. It’s silly to think that sniping the King in a chess game will stop all the other pieces from moving. The side they’re against has no obligation to play by the rules unless they’re responsible enough to do so.

I never quite agreed with how Shonen Jump ran in America, anyway… It was heavily censored art-wise and dumbed down translation-wise, not to mention they disallowed any manga they deemed “inappropriate.” Ecchi manga like To-Love-Ru and Ane Doki never stood a chance of becoming popular through their system. Countrouble won’t fair any better.

Ok well i’ve been with OM for years and now that it’s closeing down i FEEL DREADFUL but i’m not gonna get self-righteous about it.

i don’t know whether this will hurt publishers or not but i can only HOPE it does.

Yes it’s Piracy

Yes it’s wrong

Yes i shouldn’t be reading it but i still do because of passion,unavaiable in my country,and money reasons

OM opened me to a varity of manga i wouldn’t have found out about otherwise and it was really really good OM,it was fun while it lasted.

I’m still in highschool but i do promise to buy all the manga i read in the future,i luv my manga and thank the ppl who made it and would support them and hell i even promised myself to learn Japanese,koren,and chinese if i had to.

breaking the law is breaking the law i guess,i know i may sound like a hypocrite but hey aren’t we all

but R.I.P OM the best manga site there was

:( Aw man, I wrote like another 4 paragraphs at work and it wasn’t allowed to be posted? Lame! I think it’s because I linked too many other manga sites… well the gist of it was that Inuyasha was taken off Onemanga over 2 years ago, but many smaller sites still ran it/still have it… guess I can’t link them but googling it brings the same results. Just bugged that they attack OM and just assume it’ll kill all the tinier sites, but more and more will/have already popped up. My snazzy sentence at the end was:

“It’s silly to assume that sniping the King is going to make all the smaller pieces stop moving. The people they’re fighting against have no obligation to play by the rules unless they’re responsible enough to do so.”

Or something like that… bah. Foiled by moderation! Such irony! x3

I’m really sad that OM is closing I read naruto weekly and I don’t like what the Canadian publishers did with the sieries, And on OM they had basically the original script as the Japanese manga books…. Now I don’t know what to do with my life cause I don’t have enough money to buy the sieres Anyways.

I think the main problem is that OM doesnt actually host all the mangas. They just provide a database for linking the scanncelators sides. Therefore closing done this side wont solve the problem…all the data is still there. Thats why its so difficult to actually stop this. Its easy to setup a new side as long as all data keeps existing. Another point is that this went on for quite a time now (as i understand) …dont know if thats right but scannelation ist kind of a part of the fanbase …this might be the biggest problem actually…


hmm ill never get why Naruto is so popular ..I whatch it once on tv… i found it rather boring :) (its like Dragenball GT…. LMB…. with one Volume per fight) Im probably to old for this XD

You will get older too….i guess this will solve your problem of “what to do with your life” …get real their other and more important things in life …(and in my opinion better mangas as well) …and dont forget their are still good and old fashioned books with just words in it too ^^….

‘Tis a good point. Hosted or not, all the people who worked on the scans still have them on their own, separate from the site. What’s to stop them from distributing it or, in the worst-case scenario, selling it to other, smaller sites? There’s no obligation to identify onesself in these situations, so trading/distribution would be annonymous and difficult to track, much less stop. If one collected enough volumes, entire manga sites could be created overnight…

On a side note, I love that legal, company-owned manga sites are popping up now. There’s certainly nothing to find foul in those situations. My only worry is the lack of attention new manga will receive. If enough people don’t find a manga attractive, it simply won’t be posted. In a more open environment, all manga would be given an equal chance to be uploaded and viewed. Just my two cents on a smaller subject.


Books with words? Like, JUST words?


Just kidding. :) I’m a writer, I enjoy turning a page and seeing a wall of text just as much as I do a wall of fire descending on a helpless goblin!

This is stupid, I wouldn’t even read manga if it wasn’t free and online. For a start I have never seen any of the titles I read in shops, ever. Plus most mangas don’t get translated into english, so its hardly like the scanlations are taking away a market share from the publishers.

mmmm anyone else think that the cost of legal action by publishers would outweigh the money they would gain (translated manga isn’t very common in most countries after all as far as I know) ?

I say let the publishers take legal action, it’s their money to fcuk over.

***k the publishers

July 28, 2010 at 11:42 pm

One of the reasons i love onemanga is because it is easy to find new manga that look like they have potential, onemanga is by far the most organized and easy to use site. and noting on what is often said, i can’t even buy manga where i live so what the hell am i supposed to do if they shut down sites like onemanga. It seems like the publishers are trying to screw themselves over.


July 29, 2010 at 5:29 am

This is a very bad bad new for me. I mean its not that people dont wanna buy manga, it’s just not available in many regions. I from India have no way of buying manga other than the web which extremely pricey. And also many licensed manga which are trnaslated buy big publishing companies are idiotic changing name and such. Some times there are proper conversation connection between panels and scanlators take an extra step to see that the exact content is preserved. What a bummer. If manga industry which is limited to almost within japan then think of the music industry which is affected worldwide. At last the fangs of greed have spit out their poison. we may have to rely on torrents hereafter.

If they’re going do this, then they should at least release and have all volumes and in stock in shops so people can actually find and buy them. the main reason people are even reading manga online is because the manga they want is never available. personally I think sites like onemanga promote publishers manga because some of the manga on that site no-one has even heard of, but are really REALLY amazing. But I do understand what they are getting at. Onemanga has been around for quite some time and people just don’t like change especially something they love so much. Onemanga is SO amazing! I am so unhappy online manga scanlations is ending!

I read scanlations because they have the newest chapters up that were just released in Japan. I do still go out and by all of the manga once its released here in the US. Most of my friends do that too. So its not like we’re robbing from the Manga publishers, they still get there money. I just hate how its takes so freaking long to get the newest chapters out here in America. I’m going to miss onemanga, its one of the few sites that I make sure I get on everyday because there is almost always a new chapter of some manga that I want to read coming out that day. I just don’t know what I’ll do now.

I love onemanga and they are taking it away from us they should atleast make a legal website for us to read from because not all of us can buy the original plus manga has some realy cool episodes that are not out yet this isnt right.But i do get it the law i guess is the law it isnt FAIR!!!

I agree with Bear it is aleagal but they should make a legal website or something

This will only hurt the manga industry.

Before the economic crisis started the manga industry enjoyed a good wealth from the manga from these years

Maybe you could explain why haven’t the publishers bothered with the scanners in 2004? since that was the year of the rise of scanlations.

Finding mangas in eupore is rare and pricey people will rather read it for free on the internet, because people in eupore are only making money for the food.

If you event noticed we are still in a world wide economic crisis, these manga publishers are idiots, and honestly i wont bother with there paying alternatives sites like openmanga or other sites which they might favor.

Mangas on Ipads, sigh what a dump idea, you have pay through to get issue volumes of mangas on the Ipads, not to mention your phone/Ipad bill, will be way to high.

*sigh* i tottally feel like crying. onemanga helped me find different mangas that are not published in my language and i always-every time i could at least-bought them

im someone who did buy my manga such as ohshc, trinity blood, fruits basket, count kain, lovemonster, and soo many other like i have a library of manga among my other books, but i have to wait like 2 months for the manga to b delivered and then like 3 other months just for one book to come out TRANSLATED and PUBLISHED in my language… i used onemanga to find books that i love to buy or that i will buy will it comes out but it helps me read a book first instead of waiting months for something ….

shattered dreamer

July 30, 2010 at 11:50 pm

this is all a load of bull not only that some stores refuse to order any manga (popular or not licensed and so on and so forth) because people rarely buy them well i don’t blame them at $10 a book? the people who used OM who also has money problems would also like to have free up to date manga at their fingertips instead of spending extreme amounts of money for transportation or to conventions just to buy our manga and or anime hell half the manga i read on OM i’ve bought and even had my bro who’s a game designer to go to japan and bring some manga home

@ Paploo all the sites you suggested were not all but mostly shojo sites i’m not against shojo so no offense but i’m sure other people would want to read other manga than what you force on us and for the record stop spouting your bullshit no one wants to hear it

shattered dreamer

July 31, 2010 at 12:02 am

@ paploo just so you know there should be a petition made so that scanlations should be partnered with major companies so that the viewers can their manga unfiltered as they should be not chopped and screwed like how the american companies do get the fact just because we can’t find or pay for our manga doesn’t mean we’re not dedicated fans i’ve spent my whole high school term and some of college learning japanese it’s not easy or cheap either so what if they “illegally” put it online? that means at least somebody’s doing their jobs and if they really had a problem with this whole thing they should’ve took care of it when it first started

If you people want to save onemanga then sign up for this:
No one knows how I felt when i heard that onemanga was going down.

It been about almost 4 year since I first found onemanga and I’ve been using it since. It really pain me to see it go. Scan will be taken down on 8.1 In the time 11:59.59.99. Hope every one will be there. After this ,I won’t be surprise if they take down Facebook Youtube and even more crazy Animecrazy.

Let copy and paste and print manga

Well, all i can say the publishers are digging their own graves. It is obviously not right for people to read the mangas as if they were for free but it is also undeniable that it was due to scanlations that the mangas are able to reach the global audience. Lets take it that out of the 4 million unique patrons of one manga,90% are unable to continue reading mangas, how many fans will the mangas lose if this trend of closing down scanlation website continues? Manga will only be accessible to the japanese and the minority audience of the world and this is only if they want to purchase the overpriced books. Did the publishers even consider the long term consequences? The publishers should try keeping up with the times, sooner or later all books will be computerized which also includes manga so heres an idea, collaborate with onemanga and maybe charge it for the scanlations as a percentage of the donations. At least the publishers earn something from what they know is futile to stop which is a win win situation and instead of making both sides unhappy and losing millions in audiences.

so i guess when i wake up tmr. I will be quitting reading manga forever. Damn, just when i became a manga fan just 3 months a ago.

OMG….nooooooooooo please dont shut down

@ANONYMOUS dont you know how long it takes? some pages over laps and the pages dont fit and you have to make it smaller… its takes a really long time b/c i tried that…

I learned about manga because i visited ONE MANGA last 3 years. now i literally cried. why oh why did they have to shut it down. I’m from the Philippines and mangas here are REALLY FRIKKIN EXPENSIVE and not all titles are readily available of course. Which is why i developed a habit of reading some scanlations first and if i really loved the manga, that’s when i would start buying them. UGH, will they keep doing this? i mean shut down sites and all? This is so unfair. I do hope that i’ll wake up one day and one manga is back in action.

grr… this sucks. manga is barely available in canada at all, and when it is its always in high demand! i can only seem to find volumes 3, 6 and 22! At least make it some sort of subscription based service! At the book store prices are crazy expensive and even then the latest chapters aren’t even available. so unfair….

@ Bear : “Onemanga was asked to shut it down because they’re a major site, and clipping a flower’s bud looks a lot more effective on record than snipping off a petal or two… OM was attacked simply because of its status, and the company assumed taking out the leader would stop the others as well. ”

You are comparing this to the war tactics of the ancient. I agree that these companies are using such methods. What they didn’t do is use a business tactic rather than(I”m peeved when people use this word wrongly) the war tactic they used which is to compromise and find a common ground. That war tactic is to shake the opponents’ morale thus getting the flow in their favor but what we have here are consumers and opportunists not soldiers.

this sucks if only there was a way to stop this maddness OM was the only thing i did this summer that was enjoyable to do

Damn Ernie, if your only enjoyable thing in the summer was reading manga online, you have seriously got problems.

On the other hand, if any of you were manga-ka and you were making all these manga for people to buy to help support your time and effort, and nobody buys them but they instead translate your hard work and distribute them online, I think you would be upset as well.

It’s proof that Americans are seriously spoiled, selfish bastards who care only about things for themselves and do not care about the work put behind what they want to possess.

I am still in shock! I still remember clearly the time that I went to check on the updates on OM and this huge-ass window thing came up saying that OM was going the way of the dodo (OK.. we all knwo that it didn’t acctually say that but bare with me…)!!

I dunno about you but I live in the UK and if I want to even buy manga I have to spend about £4 for a ticket on the train or a bus and then go into one of the most expensive book store where they have about four 1m long shelves… One shelf seems to be dedicated to Bleach… Another Naruto; there is like five volumes of One Piece and the last two shelves have random manga volumes that not only you wouldn’t even consider reading but you can’t even start reading because the 1st volume isn’t even available!!!!! TT_TT

So after I have tried to scavange the pathetic ‘collection’ of manga I decide that the trip has been a waste of time and that in one last desperate attempt I should go to the library. It is so bad in the library that I will burst out laughing and cause many small children to be taken away by their parents… The reason that I am laughing? The reason that I am cracking up is the fact that there is three volumes of Yu Gi Oh.. and not only that but they are the 3rd, 11th and 20th volumes… Well… that’s just great for me isn’t it?

*Breaths heavily after ranting*

I would buy them online but a) I don’t have enough money b) I don’t have a card and d) my mum doesn’t trust me with hers… So as far as manga goes… I’m sunk! OTL

I’m just gonna stay with Manga Fox now untill the vultures move in on the smaller titles and manhwa…

@Aaron Poehler: No. Your use of the term Copyright Infringement is incorrect sir. You use it for the sake of supporting an argument that doesn’t hold water. It’s like fighting a traffic ticket on grounds of a false argument in court. You can try to argue it, but you’ll still lose nontheless. I suggest you look it up. It’ll help you out in the end. And don’t bother quoting it here, you’re just wasting your time. As a paralegal I know it by heart and deal with these cases on a weekly basis.

The scanlation scene actually helped the industry more than hurt it. I don’t own a television and alot of people with my demographic don’t as well, so we wouldn’t know about Bleach or Naruto but with the advent of the internet scanlation sites bring about showcases of manga that can appeal to us and do. Without onemanga I would have never bought the complete available Viz set of Bleach or even Parasyte. Parasyte is already completed and with Bleach nearing its end what other way can we know of new Manga that might appeal to us? Previews? Previews are the primary reason why people like me don’t even try new American Comics. If we have something in our collection, it’s because we found it in the library, otherwise it’s a no-go. Previews, for the most part, can be and are very misleading. An arc is definetly a quick way to know whether a series is for you or not.

Anywho the webs are webs and someone will eventually take onemanga’s place.

I personally feel this is an end of an era. I heard about onemanga shutting down from my cousin, truthfully I thought it was an april fools joke or something but sadly it was not. As many of you out there I relied on onemanga for entertainment and a reference for both my writing and drawing. I never thought that the situation with the manga industry will turn this way……..I feel its the whole veoh catastrophe all over again. I understand that some of the fans in North America and Europe may survive some how. But what about the rest of the fans from around the world??!! I live in the Middle East and let me tell you both Manga and Anime is bloody scarce commodity over here. After veoh banned us, I stopped watching anime online. I did try finding other alternatives but most of the online sites were linked to veoh. And now they want to restrict scanlations. Most of the fans from this side of the world rely on both subs and scanlations to get their manga/anime fix. We barely get the licensed manga/anime…but what about the korean mahow!! Am I doomed to never know what will happen in Breaker?! Am all for supporting the mangaka’s but how am I supposed to support them if I am not even getting there manga to begin with!!

In my country we don’t have manga, how can I buy it (but not online) if they don’t sell it?

This is very sad to me, onemanga was the first site i ever went to for manga…i understand though, from the mangaka’s standpoint, we ARE stealing from them. There’s no way around it, i guess we just have to count our manga laden blessings and just make do best we can and hope that this doesnt happen to any other sites out there.

@Negleh: I hardly think this is the place to start quibbling over America, this isnt about America. Onemanga was used in many countries, so no this is not “Proof”. Please think things through before you post.

how many people out there are willing to wait another 8-9 months for their favorite mangas to catch up, then read crappily translated mangas? i forsee the downfall of manga. and there’s the prediction from the 16 year old generation, which can’t afford $1000 a year to read.

and for all of you who whine about “corrupted” sites like OM need to learn something: manga is costly, hard to find, and poorly translated. japanese is very hard to learn as well as time consuming. no matter how great it seems to stop pirating of manga, publishers are committing suicide.

manga sales are down due to crappy translations. if fans can do it faster and better than multibillion dollar industries can, then its those industries are the corrupted ones. how can you justify the sudden loss of revenue for smaller, less known mangas? this will be like genocide on them. well, i have no way to read naruto. i’ll just wait 4 months for the crappy us version… no, i’ll probably give it up!

manga lover/supporter (meaning i buy what i can)

August 24, 2010 at 9:05 pm

as a student in high school, many of my friends love to read manga and watch anime. i, being unemployed, have no money, so one manga was my source. i know nobody who reads just to screw over the creator. people who do that are scum, but not all scantilation readers do that! we are enraged at being stereotyped as lazy guys who laughs at the publisher’s pain. we just don’t want our manga releases to be as slow as the dbz anime, if you know what i mean. at least i finished fma…

manga lover/supporter (meaning i buy what i can)

August 24, 2010 at 9:21 pm

to xenos and paploo: i know why this is happening, and i completely agree with the reasoning for shutting these sites down. while i believe they could’ve worked something out to benefit the publishers and keep up the site, i won’t argue the decision. it’s not my place to whine and say they can’t do this.
to fans: if we whine and throw fits, it just proves their point that we’re uncivilized. instead, support a petition or an online site like paploo suggested. that’ll help them understand our goal.

although one manga is done with mangas and can no longer publish anymore , there will always be other sites to produce manga.

Some listed are :

hope this helps.

why i really sad onemanga is being shutdown? One word: LAG.I live in Indonesia.For real. The manga publishers kill onemanga, they disturbed entire manga circulation. Indonesia is located many kilometers from America. By it locally! LAG. Japanese to Indonesian language translation is long. We have local manga online here, but they still have a lag. Onemanga is lag less. Anything that is lag less can be make into Naruto update system. I heard that one off the suspect that kill onemanga is viz. Because of my location, I cannot boycott their manga sales. But I can direct inject it. It means, bringing this onemanga topic into viz website. I hope, this will ignite a fire in that website and overloaded it. They kill onemanga, we will make your website a hostage. They selfish. They only think they country. How about another country???????????

To all those just saying “Just go out and buy the manga” Here’s some food for thought:

“Kuroshitsuji has been out for…some years now. It probably has 20 plus books out. There are only two in America.”

“Manga books cost 10-20 dollars a book. If you want a whole series read, that you were only recommended, You either need to sit in the book store for hours reading it there, or buy it. Added total? 30-100 bucks spent on books.”

“How long did it take the new book of DNAngel to get to America? How about Loveless? Even Bakuman? I rest my case.”

OMG!!!! THIS IS AWFUL!!!! Okay first off I’ll admit I LOVE manga. I love reading it I love the art and everything about it. But I can never afford to BUY the books or anything and libraries never have the ones I want to read. And as soon as I figured out I could not read them online I because unimagineably upset. It makes me really upset. Ughh…
I mean if I could actually afford to waste like a million dollars on manga I would but I can’t so… =/
This site is how I get my friends to start reading some mangas and this is how I got them all obssesed with Fruits basket as well as Vampire Knight.
And they waste their money on costumes and necklaces from these, ands that is where the creators of these manga should be getting the majority of their profit, because lots of people can actually afford stuff like keychains, bags and such with designs from the popular manga. Looks like I am going back to anime. :(

Well, I work in a manga store and have noticed people do something that I even do myself! Even though we would read the scans (Because let’s face it, by the time they publish the English version, takes 2-3 months.. By the time they export it in Europe we die of old age..), people would read the scans from Bleach or Naruto for example but when the volume comes out WE ACTUALLY BUY IT! I’ve seen lots of people do this… And also many people have asked me for mangas because they had the opportunity to read some scans on OM! I mean, that was advertising right there!

Here’s a nice way to describe the lag:

Pokemon finally comes out in your hometown, after 5 months of being out overseas. You buy it, but upon playing it, you find that only 10 pokemon are in the game. In order to get the rest, you must pay another $20 for each 10 pokemon released to the public. They have the wrong names, and come out only around 3 times a year. In the end, you have payed over $300 dollars to finish the one storyline you started…
5 years ago.

This is the worst possible news ever…..!!!

I love that MangaOne was taken down. I am very happy for the creators. I hope MangaFox and a few others go down too. Maybe you can’t get those that are not published in the US, but maybe the reason they aren’t is because they don’t want them to end up on MangaOne or MangaFox. I know that is why at least some of them do not send them over. Maybe if more people didn’t use these websites they would feel safer to have it translated and sent over.

People this is a good thing the manga publishers are doing this so they can make money and keep manga alive. If you really want manga just the buy the books people it’s for manga’s sake

Does anybody know if there’s going to be a knew season of Sekirei after Pure Engagement?

You do realize only 0.01% of all manga titles are published/sold where I live(USA), and most of these titles are all mainstream shounen manga. Even now, you have to pay for “shounen jump alpha” just to read a few shounen titles online. The main issue is, very few manga are translated and distributed to the US, they’re all within one category/target audience(most of the really ingenious/good titles out there are non-mainstream and aim for an older audience than shounen), and they’re extremely pricey compared to their original japanese counterparts(i.e. A novel costs about $8-$10 here while they are only about 300 yen= roughly $3 in japan. This might not seem like a big deal until you start purchasing series that have 50 or so novels in them, that’s $500 to $150 if we place the US version at 10 and the Jp version at 3).

They should also shut down as it also puts shounen manga on its websites in prints and in forums. Most of it in forums, thinking people wouldn’t take the trouble of reading them page by page in their forums. It is not helping the manga industry if it keeps up.

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