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Bruce Wayne’s long walk home takes him through eight one-shots

Bruce Wayne: The Road Home

Bruce Wayne: The Road Home

If you think Superman’s got some ground to cover, wait’ll you see how far Bruce Wayne has to go to get home. DC’s The Source blog reveals that October will bring Bruce Wayne: The Road Home, eight one-shots that will cover how Batman’s “protégés, allies and foes” react to his return.

“Bruce Wayne’s journey back home has been a long and dangerous road, but before he can assume the mantle of the Bat again, he must first figure out how things have changed in the world around him, how relationships have changed…and how those changes will effect his decisions moving forward as the protector of Gotham City,” said Batman Group Editor Mike Marts.

Although specific titles weren’t mentioned, the post did list the eight writers who are involved — Adam Beechen, Fabian Nicieza, Mike Barr, Pere Perez, Ramon Bachs, Marc Andreyko, Cliff Richards and Bryan Q. Miller — as well as some of the characters, including Dick Grayson, Damian, Birds of Prey, Red Robin and Commissioner Gordon. Each comic will feature a connecting cover by artist Shane Davis.





DC is learning how to real suck our wallets dry with more and more crap.

No Morrison, no care.

In other words, completely skippable? Alright then.


How many Batman-related books can DC print before Bruce Wayne himself can no longer afford them?

Honestly the ONE GOOD THING about this, IMO, is no Morrison.

IMO Morrison’s mainstream super hero work has been abysmal from the get-go. His run on JLA, X-Men, everything this isn’t a “DC sucks” rant, this is a “GOD DAMMIT SO MUCH WHY IS MORRISON WRITING THIS WHEN HE COULD BE PUT TO BETTER USE ON A PROJECT OF HIS OWN WHERE RULES WON’T HOLD HIM BACK! WHY AM I SCREAMING AT MYSELF?!”

I like Morrison when he’s free to do as he wishes, Invisibles is one of my favorite comics ever. But god damn his super hero comics infuriate me. I don’t go to super hero comics for what Morrison offers, and I don’t go to Morrison for what I get from super hero comics. It’s like chocolate covered steak. I like both things, but the combination makes me gag.

I’ll take my chocolate-covered steak, please. And could I have a side of wasabi with that?

Seriously, I just look for good writing, and I don’t get hung up on what a super hero book (or a book of any other genre) “should be.” If it’s well-done, I’m there.

Almost forgot: That said, this “Road Home” book sounds like something I’ll be sure to miss. I’m not familiar with all the writers involved, so there might be something good in the mix. But I think I’ll take my chances til I hear some raves.

Simon DelMonte

July 12, 2010 at 5:48 pm

Andreyko and Fabes, yes. Barr? Maybe. The others, probably not.

Still, I do wonder just what will happen to Dick’s current career.

Bruce Wayne is on a slow boat to profit.

Are they waiting till the next movie to comes out for him to return? It sure seems like it.

Like others have said, No Morrison = dont care

Im guessing we’ll get a
Dick Grayson one-shot
Damian one-shot
Tim one-shot
Batgirl one-shot
Oracle/Birds of Prey one-shot
Joker one-shot
Superman/JLA one-shot
and maybe an Outsiders one-shot

other possibilities include:
Alfred one-shot and
Bruce-hangs-around-Gotham-with-a-tonne-of-introspective-caption-boxes one-shot

“If it’s well-done, I’m there.”

We have very different definitions of well done, then. To me, Morrison has traded on his rep and his willingness to push buttons to keep himself where he is. None of his super hero work is what I would call quality, it’s popular, but a lot of things are popular and mediocre. It’s critically acclaimed but critical acclaim is often political and often does not denote real quality, critics are jaded and hypercritical, anything that challenges them at all they feel good about, to the point of ignoring any flaws.

Sorry, I know it’s not a popular opinion, but Grant Morrison’s super hero comics have never been that good. His other work has been hit or miss, when he hits he hits big, but when he misses it’s nonsensical and silly. Like his super hero comics.

Morrison has a complete and utter disdain for plot and character, these are things I think are essential to a decent super hero comic. I know it’s old fashioned, but just because something is new-ish doesn’t mean it’s good.

I’d argue that Morrison does far, far more with plot and character than 90% of the writers working today. He’s managed to create a single narrative out of several years worth of Batman comics, he’s developed a Robin that was far more interesting and actually infused with something resembling a character in about four panels that Tim Drake hasn’t managed to build up in two decades, made the Joker actually have motivations and character again for the first time since “The Killing Joke”, detailed teh differences between Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne, made Jason Todd somewhat relevant as something other than a shock twist, and he’s been doing it for a few decades now, so I hardly would describe what he’s doing as “newish”.

Morrison managed to rejuvenate not just the concept of the JLA with his take on superheroes, but the entire DCU. It’s been a fairly steady downward spiral for the JLA since Morrison checked out and took his epic, world bending stories with him. His Superman didn’t need to be any different from what’s always made the character great (at least since the Silver Age), and simply presented why the character works in a very straightforward story.

If Morrison is guilty of anything these days, its not slowing down enough so that his comics feel as tedious as most of the rest of the Bat-comics since 2003 or so. And, of course, he asks readers to understand he’s often using narrative economy, so, no… you don’t see many thought bubbles from his characters, or tortuous explanations of everything happening in a panel, and you don’t need it.

enough with returning bruce back from his time trip . just get him back in the dcu and maybe back to gotham but not as batman. for return him dc and be done with it enough is enough.

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