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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight motion comic, trailer debut

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight

A free trailer has debuted on Apple’s iTunes store for the motion-comic adaptation of Dark Horse’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight. The first episode apparently will be available later today; a “season pass” costs $14.99.

The motion comic will cover the first 19 issues of Season Eight, a canonical continuation of Joss Whedon’s cult-hit television series. The comic, which debuted from Dark Horse in 2007, has featured work by Whedon, Georges Jeanty, Brian K. Vaughan, Drew Goddard, Jane Espenson, Brad Meltzer, Jeph Loeb and others.

You can read the iTunes Store description for Season Eight after the break:

Proving once and for all that you can’t keep a good Slayer down, Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight picks up where the smash-hit TV show left off! Based on the award-winning Dark Horse comic book series, these eye-popping motion comic adventures breathe new life into the Buffyverse for longtime fans and new “watchers” alike. The Hellmouth may have been destroyed, but the world still needs saving, and Buffy Summers is back at her butt-kicking, demon-slaying best to do the job. She’s relocated her base of operations to a castle in Scotland to lead the Scooby Gang, including hundreds of newly activated Slayers scattered around the world to battle the supernatural forces of evil. But in the wake of Sunnydale’s destruction, the U.S. government thinks Buffy and her legions of followers have grown too powerful and are now terrorist threats. Meanwhile, a seemingly unstoppable group of Japanese vampires hatch a nefarious plot, while the biggest, baddest Big Bad of them all, Twilight, is on a mission to destroy every Slayer on Earth!



Any chance someone could upload it to youtube. For those of us outside the US or who don’t have Itunes.
Many thanks.

Seems to have disappeared from iTunes.

Hm, Yeah, it’s gone. I got it earlier today, good thing. It was categorized as a literal season 8 under TV shows. Didn’t seem too bad, but Buffy sounded very odd. Almost like it was a man trying to sound like a girl. Maybe they screwed up and posted the wrong trailer.

Just to update anyone who is reading this, people who got the trailer (including myself) have pretty much decided that the reason it was taken down and the reason that Buffy sounded mannish was because the trailer had a pitch problem that was unnoticed until earlier this afternoon.

I expect a proper trailer and episode to be back up by (hopefully) today.

Hi, To the people who have downloaded the trailer, could you please upload it to youtube and post the link on here so people like me can watch it please.
Thanks (:

It’s also on, the trailer is free but the first ep is $1.99

iTunes is selling the season pass for $29.99, not the $14.99 you have listed.

Want to correct my post. Te $14.99 is for the standard def, and $29.99 is for HD. I purchased them both and the quality looks identical.

I can’t find it SD for $14.99 :/

Just so you know, the trailer is on Hulu.

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