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C.B. now a V.P. at Marvel


Veteran Marvel talent wrangler C.B. Cebulski has a fancy new title to go along with his gig of scouting and recruiting new creators (and his hobby of eating his way through the world’s fancy-pants restaurants): Senior Vice President, Creator & Content Development. According to the press release over on the CBR mothership, the gig not only solidifies Cebulski’s role as the company’s go-to guy for new talent, it also puts him in the Joe Quesada/Axel Alonso/Tom Brevoort braintrust in terms of determining the direction for Marvel’s comics line, and also gives him input into Marvel Entertainment’s various other creative initiatives. Finally, it gives me the excuse I needed to run that picture of him with Paris Hilton again.



With Marvel’s sales at an all-time low, Disney should be FIRING–not promoting–C.B., Joe, Dan, and the whole incompetent lot of them.

Someone’s cranky.

And why did I know this photo was in the article before I finished reading the headline?

Oh man, find me a story involving C.B. that isn’t perfectly illustrated by that picture, and I’ll find you a black eye.

To be fair, there’s no octopus tartare in that picture, Kiel.

Yeah, Joe Shmoe, let’s fire every one in comics everywhere at the moment. That’ll address all the problems with the comics market.

Ah, the courage of the anonymous comment-thread troll. Didn’t Tennyson write a poem about this?

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