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Cage and Fist are gonna git you, sucka

Brothers & Gangsters

Brothers & Gangsters

Over on his DeviantART site, Dan Panosian posts an image that’s just dripping with cool. “I just finished writing a Story Outline for a Retro Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Daughters of the Dragon limited series for Marvel Comics. [ with Sabretooth and Dazzler! ],” he said in his post. “I’ll keep you posted with all the details but in the meantime, here’s some Teaser Art to whet your appetite! Enjoy!”



Sweet Christmas!

I will buy this title, no question, absolutely, c’mon Marvel, make it so, please.

I totally want to see Robert Rodriguez direct this.

Gorgeous piece! I’d pick this book up based on the strength of that image alone.

It looks pretty awesome.

Tough to pick a favorite part of this drawing but it might be the Bronson on the cover of the paper.

Sweeeeeet! Fantastic stuff as usual Dan; I’d love to get this book. Hope this happens!


Marvel would be foolish to pass this up.

Make this happen, Marvel. Absolutely the perfect concept.

Ryan m Kincaid

July 15, 2010 at 5:36 pm

Just this preview alone is awesome. Now imagine a whole story that involves all that butt kicking action.

Pretty dang amazing. I would pick this up immediately. :D

I’d pay for this, preferably in black and white newsprint magazine size!

this is awesome! when does this come out? i would like to buy 2 copies, please!

Do it!

This one has my vote. It’s just an awesome idea.

Nice to see Cage wearing his cool retro yellow and chain 70’s costume. I was tired of his modern look, bald and topless.

I pity the fool who would not want to see this published! This is the best of the best doing the best of the seventy!
Groove with a Groove-fav-kickya-in-yo-teeth beat! MARVEL PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are You Kidding! This looks like the best idea ive seen in forever.

yeah I like this alot.. like everyone else says. it brings us older guys back to the days of old when comicbooks were 75c and heaper on old newsprint! =)

This seems like a great idea…

Unless it is Iron Fist Forever by Chris Claremont. The man wrote some great stories in the past, but his style has dated incredibly bad.

Jason Masters

July 16, 2010 at 1:05 am

Is Dan Panosian the only guy left still trying to make fun comics? Come on Marvel I’ll send you my money now!

Dan should be given his own line at Marvel-or his own book called “Urban barbarian Presents:”

I’m always excited to see his take on my favorite Marvel Character.

This is how Power Man and Iron Fist should always be. The 70’s flavor is such a huge part of their characters that it seems silly to try to distance them from it.

I would buy this as an ongoing series for as long as they would publish it. Just like I bought every issue of the original series back in the day.

Some fresh shit yo! We got to see it first.


How come there’s so many Deadpool books (none particularly good, btw), but no Iron Fist / Power Man ongoing? And no, that new kid set to be introduced during this whole whackadaisical Shadowland nonsense ain’t gonna be the new Power Man. That’d be Mr. Cage.

Andrew Collins

July 16, 2010 at 11:06 am

Oh please please please Marvel, make sure this happens. I’m ready to throw my money at you for it right now!

Awesome! So when does this come out? Dan P. will rock this!

This is outstanding! Marvel should get this thing published. I would totally get it

I will buy the crap out of this.

Awesome art by Dan, as usual!

Effin’ A…if i read this and watched Shaft in the same day, my head would explode!

ach… finally someone remember HOW LUKE CAGE & IRON FIST should look like.
i hope this one will put Genndy Tartakovsky on the way to his drawing table… ;)

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