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SDCC ’10 | DC to launch second Flash series, Speed Force

Art from "The Flash: Rebirth" #6, by Ethan Van Sciver

Art from "The Flash: Rebirth" #6, by Ethan Van Sciver

In this afternoon’s “DC Nation Special Edition” panel at Comic-Con International, Geoff Johns revealed a second Flash title will debut in 2011.

Called, appropriately enough, Flash: Speed Force, the new ongoing series will focus on the other speedsters of the DC Universe, such as Bart Allen, Wally West, Jesse Quick and XS. (Max Mercury is back now, right?)

No further details were offered. However, it’s probably safe to presume that Johns, writer of The Flash, will be handling Speed Force as well.




July 23, 2010 at 6:26 pm

DC is really expanding their lines….. 12 Bat-books, 3 Superman books, 3 GLs, 2 Flashes……

Hey if it works, I’m all for it. Barry is my least favorite of the Flash-family. But, I’m sure some people dig him, so it’s win-win.

Did Impulse have a sex change?

Iris, Wally’s little girl, is now Impulse. Bart is Kid Flash.

Holy hell, that’s an awful illustration.

That’s Ethan Van Sciver, superstar, right there!

I genuinely can’t believe they passed up the opportunity to call this All-Flash Comics.


July 23, 2010 at 11:45 pm

I wouldn’t say it’s a sure bet Johns will be on it at all – sounds a bit like GLC.

Someone like Tomasi or Bedard will probably be on it.

All-Flash Comics. I love the idea.

Yeah, candidates for this title I think probably include all of DC’s secondary talent, like Sterling Gates, Tony Bedard, Paul Cornell, Scott Synder, and the guy doing Thunder Agents. (Lemire and Tomasi would be good bets too, except that they already seem to have full schedules.

As someone who’s a big fan of Bart and Wally, but couldn’t care less about Barry, this is great news. Hopefully the book has a solid creative team and I’ll likely check it out.

(Now if only they’d have Bart and Irey switch identities… “Kid Flash” seems better suited to an actual kid, and anyone other than Bart as Impulse just seems wrong.)

About time too. I’ve been wondering what was gonna happen to Wally. I would rather see him as the Flash than Barry. I’m not saying that I absolutely hate Barry, I mean he’s ok but unfortunately that’s all he’ll ever be.

Yeah, I like Barry a lot but I’m a huge fan of Wally and Bart too, Max Mercury is boring

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