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Chain Reactions | Wonder Woman #600

Wonder Woman #600

Wonder Woman #600

It was virtually impossible this week to escape coverage of Wonder Woman’s costume change, even if you didn’t visit any comic websites. The announcement was made Monday in The New York Times and quickly spread to The Washington Post, BBC News, the Los Angeles Times, ABC News and well beyond. Reactions to the makeover were virtually instantaneous, of course.

But what about the response to the milestone Wonder Woman #600 which, in addition to contributions by the likes of George Perez, Gail Simone, Geoff Johns, Amanda Conner, Louise Simonson and Scott Kolins, features a 10-page prologue to J. Michael Straczynski and Don Kramer’s yearlong arc? It’s a story that not only introduces the new costume but establishes a new, if perhaps only temporary, timeline in which Themyscira is destroyed and an infant Diana is bundled off to be raised in an urban setting.

Here’s just a sampling of reactions to Straczynski and Kramer’s “Odyssey” prologue, and to Wonder Woman’s new origin timeline:

Gloria Steinem, to The Associated Press: “It’s an exact copy of Superman, who came as a baby from the exploding planet Krypton. This destroys her home, her Amazon mother and sisters, and gives her no place to go to gain strength and create an inspiring storyline.” The whole idea, she said, is based on “what seems to be the brainstorming of a very limited group of brains.”

Dan Phillips, IGN: “Fortunately, not even the ridiculousness of the new costume can rob JMS’s prologue of its overwhelming sense of excitement and, for lack of a better term, wonder. It’s been ages — and maybe even forever — since I’ve been this excited about a Wonder Woman story, and that excitement is due in large part to JMS’s decision to try something new with the character. Because let’s face it: even Wonder Woman’s biggest fans must admit the character has never enjoyed a level of success in her actual stories equal to her iconic status. It’s long overdue that someone with the mammoth stones of JMS tried to breathe new life into Wonder Woman without worrying about fussing up what’s come before. Diana’s new look aside, JMS’s plan has a ton of potential.”

Brian Hibbs, The Savage Critics: “The goal seems to be to make Diana as important and significant as any other character, but the way they’ve appeared to try and make that happen is to essentially remove her from DC continuity. This is partly because two things in opposition can’t be true at the same time — if Diana was ‘never’ star-spangled WW, then what happens to the JLA? To Donna Troy, or to Wonder Girl? If she never was, then she never killed Max Lord, in which case he couldn’t have ‘come back’ in Brightest Day, could he? War of the Gods and Amazons Attack then never happened (well, that last one is not so bad, is it?) Hippolyta would never been in the JSA. I can go on, but what’s the point? There are characters and situations that can be retconned, but star-spangled WW really isn’t one of them, because there are too many other things happening to and around her — pull a thread like this, and the whole tapestry collapses — she is, or at least should be, central to the underpinnings of the DCU.”

Brittany Summers, Weekly Comic Book Review: “I’m withholding judgment on the idea as a whole (this is, after all, just a prologue), but from what I see here, I think I understand where JMS is trying to go with this, and I believe I approve. […] Here’s the way I see it: this arc is called ‘The Odyssey,’ right? And what is the very first thing that should come to mind when you hear that? A person yanked away from everything they know and love, who must then overcome obstacles to earn the right to return home, and to return things to the status quo. I think that’s exactly what we’re going to see here: a year of Diana’s journey to find herself again, and recover what has been taken from her. Not only will this allow us to see our favorite Amazon in a different setting, it’s going to allow the creative team to explore parts of her character that were impossible to delve into before because of her lofty position as a demi-god, and her personal ties and dedication to both Themyscira and the Amazons, and the rest of humanity. It’s going to be very, very interesting to watch her operate with so much of what made Diana Diana stripped away.”

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Greg McElhatton, Comic Book Resources: “It’s hard to ignore that Straczynski all but admits that this change in Wonder Woman’s status quo is going to be temporary. (After all, how many times has Paradise Island been destroyed and then later reborn?) As the Oracle notes, ‘It might help you to understand … to see what you are fighting to restore … to save … to avenge.’ Sooner or later, the subtext is yelling at us, Paradise Island will be back and presumably so will Wonder Woman’s previous origin as an ambassador to Man’s World.”

Otomo, True Believer Reviews: “JMS has a habit of doing this with his main characters, isolating them, establishing them on their own as they grow into their full form. He did it with Spider-Man, isolating Peter with MJ being away as he discovered his roots. He did it with Thor, as Thor had to discover his supporting cast. He’s doing it in Superman, as Superman wanders across the country, and he’s doing that here. This is his way of laying the groundwork for very deep, character driven pieces which you can only get to when you have that character really established as who they are, not defined by other characters. This is a great approach for Wonder Woman, a book that has a small readership and by all rights should be a much better selling book. It’s a great way to draw in a lot of new readers to check out the book and learn who Diana is, and I have high hopes for the story in that regard.”

What did you think about Wonder Woman #600 and our introduction to the “Odyssey” storyline?



I think DC flubbed this, not JMS, jumping the gun on the introduction of the new costume and storyline set things up extremely poorly. If the story had been left to it’s own devices, as the final story in the 600th issue, introducing us to the Odyssey storyline (OBVIOUSLY not a permanent change, the PR for the costume was shoddy and made it seem permanent thus pissing tons of people off, and hey, let’s slap it on Facebook where a gagillion random casual fans can proceed to whine and moan about a comic they likely have not read prior to this or ever will read anyway), maybe they expected people to be open minded, but they underestimated the reactionary qualities of people who idolize comic book characters.

In the end, the responsibility for this disastrous response lies at the feet of whoever decided it was a good idea to spoil this story and give away JMS’s plot and changes prior to the issue’s release. The vast majority of the issue features Diana in her classic costume, they could have easily focused on that, but they went and spoiled the new storyline, I think if they had played some sleight of hand instead of saying “Look! For Wonder Woman’s 600th issue we’re introducing a new costume which you’ll probably hate!”

None of that is JMS’s fault. Unless it was his idea to do these things.

I have to disagree with Gloria Steinem. This is NOT a Superman origin baptized with female and Greek underpinnings. Here is what makes it different: Superman has never tried “to restore … to save … to avenge” Krypton. One might argue that he tried to restore it with this past year’s story-line, but really that was the Kryptonians’ doing, not his. Superman was content with keeping them in a bottle. When he fought Brianiac, it was never for avenging. It was for protection of earth. He didn’t want the same to happen to us.

This new origin for Wonder Woman works. She is aware of a separate timeline (much like the recent JSA Nazi-world timeline that must be avoided) that she must work hard to restore. In the same breathe, she has a new home, new supporting cast, a new past, and a new costume (which not everyone hates). I am looking forward to when she has to decide which to make in continuity.

Questions still remain: What of Wonder-Girl? Donna? How did things get out of order?

I assume she still killed Max Lord (but can’t remember due to his mind erase), Black Canary was a founding member of the JLA (like in Year One), Hippolyta was part of the JSA (but the destruction of Paradise Island happened afterwards), and Amazons Attack never happened (thank God)!

Wonder Woman’s clothes (or outfit) is as much a part of her as her compassionate values towards all life. This is simply (yet) another cheap stunt by DC Comics at the expense of the character as well as the fans. Over the years, repeated statements have reassured fans and press that Diana is one of the Big 3 (the other two being Superman and Batman) and yet Wonder Woman is the one who is repeatedly treated poorly by DC management, writers and artists. All of which brings us to Issue #600 and a character that littles resembles the character millions of fans have loved over the decades. This isnt yet a woman we are talking about. Its a Wonder Woman and she (and the fans) deserve more respect.


I would hardly call this a disastorous response. For every person who hates the new costume, there’s another who love it.

When it comes to messing with something as iconic as Wonder Woman, that’s about as good as it’s going to get. The majority of the people complaining would never actually pick up a Wonder Woman comic no matter the circumstances, so it hardly matters anyway.

“Wonder Woman’s clothes (or outfit) is as much a part of her as her compassionate values towards all life.”

Seriously? It’s hilarious how bent out of shape people get about the awful awful awful Lynda Carter costume. No, her ridiculous bathing suit costume has absolutely nothing to do with her character. Any writer who has espoused on what it means (She’s an ambassador who wears the flag of the country she is visisting? It doesn’t even make sense, considering she’s an ambassador to mankind, not just America) has used it as an excuse to justify the fact that it looks like someone just pantsed her.

I applaud DC for having the balls to mess with a costume that is only iconic because nostalgia takes hold over anyone without a modicum of sense.

All due respect to Gloria Steinem, but she’s seeing this whole topic from the outside looking in. I gather she probably hasn’t picked up and read a Wonder Woman comic in a very long time. Especially not since she last railed against Wonder Woman’s costume change in the 60s when she was depowered and given the Emma Peel jumpsuits and martial arts prowess. Did Steinem ever voice her opinion on the costume change in the 90s books when Mike Deodato Jr. was drawing them? I can’t remember.
I highly doubt this new costume will stick. They did this to get attention for the book, which has been languishing in low sales for a long time now. They did this for publicity and attention. And lo and behold we’re talking about Wonder Woman again because of it!
This new costume and status is temporary for sure. It won’t last. The classic look and story of Wonder Woman WILL RETURN. Always happens that way with the more iconic comic characters like Superman, Batman, Spider-man and yes Wonder Woman too.
I more agree with Brittany Summers’ comments from above, to be honest.


Check the Facebook replies to DC’s announcement. 90% negative. Check the comments at DC’s the Source blog, 90% negative initially, maybe later it turned better, but the initial wave of reactions were extremely negative. I don’t know what you’ve been looking at, but the stuff I read was all stupidly negative and reactionary, knee jerk “It sucks” without having read the story.

I stand by my comments. Reaction to this has been overwhelmingly negative everywhere I’ve looked. And jumping the gun did nothing for the story but make the COSTUME the story, not the story the story.

Some of the excerpts/quotes make me wonder if those folks read Gail Simone’s just concluded run on Wonder Woman. There was plenty of WONDER in it. It was iconic. It was Diana at her strongest. Gail brought back the mythos of WW and added to it, making for one of my favorite versions of Diana. What JMS will be doing is tearing down all Gail built up over the past year and that just plain sucks.

This destroys continuity, and puts characters like Donna Troy, whose origins have been among the most mixed up in the DCU, at risk once more. And the costume, as nice as it looks, is not a costume. When I saw it in WW 600 (not having seen it previously), I thought she was in new civvies. I had no clue it was her COSTUME. And I’ve been reading WW for uh (cough cough) 45 years. If I couldn’t tell this was Diana in costume, how exactly will that build up the iconic image/brand name that is Wonder Woman?

I’m dropping the book as of next week when I visit my comic shop and ask them to delete it from my pull list. Should Diana get back on track with her history/heritage restored, I’ll start reading again. I can get my comics fix with plenty of other good books: Secret Six, Birds of Prey, Gotham City Sirens, Batman, Booster Gold (and do he and Rip Hunter know about this time blip?), and many others. And I’m looking forward to the new Batwoman book. I don’t think I’ll miss reading Wonder Woman, at all.


This is the kind of ridiculous shit I’m talking about. First of all, who the fuck cares about continuity. The idea of continuity is that good writers should be boxed in by the crappy writers who came before. Wonder Woman is about Diana, not Donna Troy, not Cassie, let the book focus on that.

Second of all, it’s TEMPORARY. If it’s a good story, it’s a good story. Why do people leave themselves unable to enjoy comics because of the stupidest of reasons? It’s a costume, it’s basically an Elseworlds story.

And it’s hilarious that you claim that JMS is tearing down what Simone did even though Simone did the exact same thing to the two writers who came before her.

Gloria Steinem’s comment is fanboy silliness. I applaud the AP writer who interviewed her, her past connection to the Wonder Woman title means her opinion was relevant but… “This destroys her home, her Amazon mother and sisters, and gives her no place to go to gain strength and create an inspiring storyline.” From what I understand (the prolouge was a little unclear), Diana was still raised by the Amazons, right? The point of the story is to see her gain strength. And I don’t think you can say at this point that the storyline won’t be inspiring. She seems purposely ill-informed, like she didn’t listen when someone tried to explain the sitch to her.

Also, did anyone else read about Fox News losing their shit about the character not wearing the American flag bathing suit anymore? JMS’ new setup makes Diana feel more American to me. What it means to be American these days is to have your identity conected to several distinct communities. If your hispanic or gay or black or jewish or atheist anything, Fox News assholes constantly frame you as separate from the American majority. Her new setup makes her seem like a Hispanic person, whose family are a combination of second and third and fifth and eighth generation Americans but still white people go out of their way to make you feel different. Or someone who went to Hebrew school. But Fox is concerned about the most superficial and counterproductive form of patriotism.

You know, all discussion about the actual excecution aside, I’m wondering why they didn’t save this one for Wonder Woman: Earth One? Or something like that – the dc Ultimate equivalent. They could easily have done this for her there without all the uproar about pulling the strings out of the DCU chronology sweater.

Why is everybody freaking out about how this affects DC continuity? It doesn’t. It’s a different timeline, which will resolve itself in a year, I’m sure.

I’m so in for this.

Steven R. Stahl

July 3, 2010 at 3:21 pm

The reason Diana’s home has been destroyed repeatedly in stories is to provide her with motivation for what she does; it’s the same reason that movies rely heavily on origin stories, because the origin story provides the screenwriter with a villain and the hero’s motivation in one package. An origin involving a mystery provides the same neat package. But once the mystery’s solved, or the hero avenges the death of _____, what then? Why does he keep fighting? The power alone isn’t an explanation, and “With great power. . .” is a cliche. There’s no logical connection between having a power and having an endless supply of villainous opponents.

The existence of Themyscira is probably a weakness in the WW concept, since the island is artificial and an oddity. Providing her with a more normal upbringing and destroying the island, as Straczynski did, addressed the motivation problem perhaps as well as any WW writer has.


One I want to go on record as saying that I don’t care for the costume. Two I understand the necessity of it as they try to tell the story of Diana’s journey during this arc. Three I see this is as a set up to how a possible origin story will come together for Wonder Woman if they wanted to set this up on the big screen. Let’s call a spade a spade shall we? Also four, “How did she fight in her previous costume”, with style and class.

If they were to place this on the big screen it would be independent of the DC Universe as a whole as it focus on Diana while giving it an certain appeal that will go beyond the core fan that has been reading Wonder Woman for years. Though I would’ve loved to see the vol 2. reboot and such. However it allows for a compelling origin story that they believe they can work with that probably could at some point bring back either a revised version of her traditional costume or the traditional costume all together.

That’s what I feel this reboot is really about despite all the cutting through Diana’s history and wanting to know what makes her a compelling hero and what she fights for etc.

We all know what Diana fights for. Thing is that on part you get excited to see what someone is going to bring to the story second part it’s like why are you doing a merging of Superman (destruction of Krypton) and Batman (avenging his parents) type deal? It’s like what made Diana different from the other two parts of the Trinity has vanished. I know she’s going to fight to get that back and restore what was lost, but it just kind of made it seem no longer unique in a way. Diana smuggled off the island, Kal-el sent from impending doom. I guess comparisons and differences can be made. Though I have to say from what it sounds like this is going to be the Trials of Diana in a lot of ways even though she’s making a Journey to get back to where belongs. Reminds me of the Trials of Shazam. Not a bad thing, but still I guess I’m cautious at the moment.

However I do want to say that I don’t see Themyscira as a liability. I see it as an asset and a wealth of stories that could be opened up if people allowed it. It is and always will be her touchstone. I don’t think that should be taken away. I do think that writers should be cautious about how it should be used. (Read: Stop destroying the Island and if you do think about the Amazons settling somewhere else. Perhaps returning to Greece. Now that would be interesting and you would get some good stories there. Talk about culture clash!)

Also There was talks on forum about the amount of books that Wonder Woman has and she just has the one, but an entire cast of characters that they try to shove into one book at all times. Yes, Donna and Cassie appear in team books, but nothing separate. Not saying that needs to happen, but seriously what goes on in their lives outside of it. What goes on in the lives of Amazons both male and female now that they’ve expanded the cast again. There’s so much there to go on. Yes Wonder Woman is at the top of the list, and will always hold our attention, but Hippolyta, Atermis, Achilles, Cassie, Donna, and all the other Amazons and the things that their world contains out there there’s so many stories that can be told that allows us to explore their world and explore how their world interacts with ours at the same time.

I don’t think DC has ever tried to capitalize on that and provide us adventures in that sense outside of situational minis and one shots.

That’s a chance to market Wonder Woman a little better. One of the reasons why Batman and Superman work so well is that you don’t just focus on them you focus on the people that surround them in and outside of their books. You look into their worlds what they have and what they lost. In a lot of ways you never knew why Cassie or Donna fought not really. What makes them really tick, Donna because they continued to redo her over and over. Cassie I never really saw anything. However that’s a conversation for another time.

With all that being said yes I am going to continue reading the story despite the fact that there always seems to be this idea of, “What does Wonder Woman Fight For?” continuing to go on. The fans know what she fights for. Each writer that comes on board knows what she fights for. The last words of Sensational Wonder Woman were: “Diana is far too undervalued by this world…” Don’t know. The world loved her, cherished her and re-embraced her. Story wise I think the gods undervalued her and saw her as a tool which was and has been addressed. (Read as: What Zeus did has not been forgotten and should not be retconned away. Diana may have forgave him but there should be penance.)

Also In a lot of ways I think it’s more like she is far too undervalued by DC.

If this their push to try to change that and give Diana her due then let’s see where this takes her. However hopefully they will try not to destroy everything that has been done in the past, because I do like the people in Diana’s life and would like to see more from them and perhaps once the Odyssey of Wonder Woman ends they will not only continue be a large part of her book, they expand her universe (read as books) overall.

I hope one thing comes from JMS’s run: the complete obliteration of the Greek Gods from the DCU. This kind of thing is far too easy for them to pull off and they need to be removed if Wonder Woman is ever going to work as a character. Too often Wonder Woman gets caught up in some Greek God storyline that literally puts me to sleep.

And it’s not the Greeks that bother me, I love Hercules over at Marvel, it’s DC’s boring, all powerful, and ever present (in WW at least) Greek Gods.

It’s tiresome, time to shut that door and focus Wonder Woman on the human world. It might actually connect with people.

I don’t really care what anyone else thinks. In my opinion, JMS wanted to give WW a new street-themed style. I think the change from Greek/Amazonian warrior is OK.

@Brian Hibbs

That was an excellent statement.

This over reaction is insane. Its comics, the story is told one comic at a time, for 12 months. we don’t know what JMS is going to do We dont know if the STORY will be good. LEt the man tell a Tale Step back and relax.

“The majority of the people complaining would never actually pick up a Wonder Woman comic no matter the circumstances, so it hardly matters anyway.”

Testify, brutha. Yeah, this is the biggest problem — Wonder Woman has kind of become irrelevant to me. I really despised the monotonous mess that was Trinity…in fact, the last time Wonder Woman made an impression of me was waaaaaay back in Kingdom Come. I loved that Wonder Woman, she seemed dangerous to me.

These days she seems to be occasionally thrust upon us — as all of these ‘icons’ are — because they ARE icons. I don’t think this is a good enough reason. There are plenty of B-listers and promising underdeveloped characters that could take over some of those musty iconic slots.

…really, I joke about the new leather jacket, but I really, really don’t care.

So go get ‘em, Wonder Woman. I wished I cared enough to follow this…maybe JMS can show us otherwise.

I am “overwhelmingly” tired of the knee jerk reactions. Why Steinem’s reaction is even relevant is beyond me. She is just one more of an unbelievably large cross section of people that, first off are looking in from the outside, and second, just plain enjoy talking smack.
And as all of the the people whining about the costume change; What? Are you serious? This is Jim Lee. When was the last time you saw Jim do something that wasn’t head on with the times? The re-design was done for a very specific storyline written by a very detail oriented writer.
I side with a lot of the respondents here and say, shut up and let it play out. This is a property ruled company in the most insanely capitalist country on the planet. It if doesn’t work it will show in the numbers and it will go away. Please, just please shut your traps and let the rest of us enjoy this story from a proven as fuck writer.

“Why Steinem’s reaction is even relevant is beyond me. She is just one more of an unbelievably large cross section of people that, first off are looking in from the outside …”

Steinem has a long history with Wonder Woman, both as a fan and as an advocate for what the character can symbolize. It’s no coincidence that Ms. magazine launched in 1972 with Wonder Woman on the cover.

By retconning Wonder woman (background, looks, age, and convictions), her costume and her supporting cast, there is effectively nothing left of the Wonder Woman we loved for generations.

(The new Wonder GirlyWoman has only Diana’s name and nom de guerre and some of her physical features. That’s it. For all intents and purposes it’s a BRAND NEW DAY-IANA )

Yes, we enjoyed poking fun at the iconic Wonder Woman, occasionally – the fact that she was running around in a very skimpy costume, the invisible plane and that sorta thing. But not in a 1960’s bra burning angry kind of way. It’s the kind of fun you have among friends from way back when you were all kids, running around the back yard in your super hero Underoos (the girls always as Wonder Woman!)

Part of the charm of Wonder Woman has always been that like Superman, she was bigger than life and not too realistic. With this ertcon, I fear you will alienate loyal readers. Unless you turn her into Wonder Wolverine, you won’t gain any new readers in an already oversaturated market.

So, Dan DiDio, please reign in your new partners, and give us back the real Wonder Woman

I think they should just go ahead and make Wonder Woman bulletproof. That way they can have her wear her original costume without it having to serve some sort of practical function.

“Steinem has a long history with Wonder Woman, both as a fan and as an advocate for what the character can symbolize. It’s no coincidence that Ms. magazine launched in 1972 with Wonder Woman on the cover.”

Cool. I used to watch Sesame Street, a lot, but my off the street comments concerning anything about the show now would have no relevance what so ever.
So her recent comments, obviously sans context, and patience (it’s a short storyline preview), are just as half assed reactionary as that crap Fox News was screaming about the new costumes lack of patriotism. Some times she’s a learned woman, but now…

What Wonder Woman, the character and the title, needs more than anything else is a readership that matches the character’s iconic status. It is terrific that the title has attracted this much attention, even if half of it is from people who are pretending to be offended. If anything, the Greek Gods’ presence in Wonder Woman’s history and daily life should become more pronounced. The best the title has been recently is the Greg Rucka run, which featured Medusa, Pluto, Cerberus, Charon, harpies, etc.

Steinem doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about. Read the freakin’ book.

Oh well. Why assume that people will be interested in what’s actually going on, as opposed to what they want to go on, in this day and age of people screaming at each other on TV?

Anyone who has read JMS’ interviews, and his 10 page story in #600, isn’t confused at all.

That Wonder Woman was now like Superman was my first reaction


And you’d be wrong. The two situations are NOTHING alike, not to mention that one is permanent and one is temporary.

Are you serious?

Steven R. Stahl

July 4, 2010 at 1:48 pm

The corollary of arguing that Wonder Woman is an icon and shouldn’t be altered in any way is that she’s an icon for preteen girls, and the stories about her, with their ant-sexism message, should be aimed at children or at all ages, at most. There’s a conflict between arguing about how well the character is written and arguing that the stories should be aimed at kids, et al. If the character is primarily meant for kids, then it hardly matters how well the stories are written. The message is what’s important, and as the children age, they’ll turn to other things to read.

If the stories are primarily aimed at adults, as is the case with the WW series, then the overall series concept has to support that. If elements, such as the costume and Themyscira, cause problems, then readers should be open to having them changed. If the series was selling well, the revamp wouldn’t have been considered.

If a TV series does poorly in the ratings, the problem generally isn’t that viewers are failing to recognize the things that make the series good. The problem usually is that they’re turned off by elements that only a few viewers like.

The perfect take on WW might not exist, because after Diana ventures into Man’s world, finds out what the state of human affairs is, and reports back, there’s nothing left for her to do. Themyscira is anachronistic to a fault. If it’s not viable story material, then the best thing to do is to eliminate it.

The best thing to do when Straczynski’s storyline is complete might be to merge the alternate Wonder Woman with the mainline DC universe.


wonder woman has been boring and weak since her new issue number one.but you know what?last week i got a call from my family that my brother lost his life in iraq,and now this wehole costume thing doesnt seem so important.its comics people,have some perspective.

@ Truth hurts

July 4, 2010 at 5:43 pm

The question becomes WHY are you posting your family woes on Comic message board, chastising them for talking about comic-related events because there are more important things in your life? Seems kind of redundant and silly to me.

I doubt anyone here cares about the costume of this comic book character to the point of letting it over take real issues like family death and whatnot. However, your presence here seems to be doing exactly that.

I can’t really find myself espousing sympathy for you if that’s the stand through which you demand it.

is it more of an answer maybe to Marvel’s new focus on its female characters, putting Ms Marvel in the last few years since House of M, Civil War, etc as the major Marvel heroine and others? Some say it is for a more accessible movie but that doesn’t fly since there was a TV show done with her classic outfit in ’70’s. Why black? Why not blue with stars or a single star and a stripe or at least the red and white boots? Lose the jacket! The top is fine as are the more define gloved bracelets, I guess. But the removal of her origin? JMS figures he is the next great shock writer like John Byrne did or the like. An Amazon is an Amazon. LIke her going all Mrs Peal back in the 1960’s, one that will go down as one of the worst costume idea ever lists.

You Can get around the Donna issue pretty easily, if you go back to Byrne’s run and dredge up that Dark Angel mess again. Saying that Donna is immune to the reality shift, because of what Dark Angel did to her. She’ll know something is not right, but not what the problem is.

The last time Jim Lee did work that wasn’t “head on with the times?” : All-Star Batman and Robin the Wonder. That wasn’t even head on with its writer, there was a nearly complete disconnect.

I have been out of comic books for several years now, and Wonder Woman’s new costume got me into a comic book shop for the first time in years. I bought #600 and some other books. So I think they did something right somewhere. I think I might follow Diana on this new journey, as I always wanted to check-out Wonder Woman but didn’t know when to jump in. Comics really should stop with these ridiculously long runs. No title should go more than 100 issues. Every new creative team and change in direction should be a new #1.

redundant huh?anyone else posting this kind of matter?THAT Bwould be redundant,obviously grammer is not your strong suit.or observing also .well this just shows comic geeks are usually chinese nerds or 400 pound girls.losers

Shawn, nobody said anything about being on time, because that can be the only complaint you could have about Jim’s All-Star work, and my understanding was that even that wasn’t his fault. Judging by what it was you wrote there, you fit in exactly with the folks I’m talking about.
Does “alternate” mean anything to anybody anymore? Or does it just make your butt hurt when someone does a version of your favorite hero you don’t agree with in any forum or format?
You don’t like Jim, that’s cool, but that fact is he is always spot on.

Does anybody remember something called “Age of Apocalypse”?

Anyway, Otomo has a point. JMS does put his main characters into self-contained stories for awhile before incorporating the rest of the mainstream universe. Perhaps this (and “Grounded”) is his way of finding the main characters voice so that when the true Wonder Woman is restored he’ll have a wider of dimension of character to play with.

I have never read a Wonder Woman comic, though I have always felt her costume looked stupid. #600 is the first issue I ever picked up because I read a positive review and I’ve always been interested. I haven’t read it yet, but I think her new costume is a vast improvement over the old stupid bathing suit. It had to be one of the most dated-looking costumes in comics. The new look isn’t amazing or anything, but coming from someone who isn’t a fanboy, I hope they never go back to the old suit.

Personally, I have no problem with the beginning of the storyline; I never judge an entire storyline based on just the prologue. That is what I am seeing with the posts asking “What about Donna Troy? What about Max Lord? What about…?” To those posters I would say “how about waiting and seeing if the writers answer those questions.”

(Just on the Max Lord thing, I would point out that, right at the beginning, Diana is being hunted like a criminal. Perhaps a Max Lord was killed in this timeline too.)

As for why the other book won’t show involvement of Wonder Woman, I suspect that it is a case of Diana being shunted to a parallel reality. Should she return, or should the timeline be restored (however you want to see it), the people in the original timeline likely would never have noticed a change as anything more than a blip or something.

As for the costume… actually, I didn’t find it all that different. It actually rather reminded me of Diana Prince’s costume in the Marvel/DC crossover specials “Bullets & Bracelets” and “Amazons”. As such, not a complete shock. In any event, every person there is changes clothes. Uniforms change. Tastes change. People change. Even how icons are viewed changes. Why should Wonder Woman be different?

This reminds me of a guy in the movie theater for the last Star Trek movie. He didn’t get it that it was NOT the same continuity as the rest of ST:TOS, TNG, etc etc….

If you READ the story before the JMS one, the last page has WW running to something that looks like a portal, then she emerges on the other side in the JMS story. There’s some text saying how she’s undervalued blah blah blah, needs a change.

This is a temporary reset story that looks pretty cool.

Everyone lambasted Spiderman BND, and the stories have been pretty good. Time to chill out about this.

I’m a long time reader of Wonder Woman (starting with the oversized reprints of Sensation Comics that DC put out in the early 70s) and I’ve gone and come back to the character and her comics over the years.

What strikes me as interesting in the debate over the costume is the fact that everyone forgets that there is a very real example of Wonder Woman in pants (or actually tights). It was the Cathy Lee Crosby version of WW in 1974 – the TV pilot that crashed and burned badly. Hell, even as a kid I knew the movie sucked but the costume was intriguing (plus no powers although she was pretty good with a fighting staff). When Lynda Carter came along, we got the iconic costume, as well as various iterations that changed according to what was needed. I vaguely remember some riding gear that included white jodhpurs and a red blouse.

The new uniform pants are not pants. Again with the tights, people. If there are pants, then there might be pockets. I for one would kill to see WW pull something out of a pocket or maybe out her bodice – lots of women stash things in their bras and bodices. I know I do. The new look is not going to kill me although I’d love to have a word with Jim Lee about shoulder pads – a clear fashion don’t!

I’m probably among the few who think that the high cut uniform that WW has been sporting these past few years is pretty awesome. The way I look at it, I am not going to argue with someone who is that physically powerful about her choice of clothing. Paradoxically, WW’s costume has always made more sense to me than, say, Black Canary’s fishnet stockings.

Having stayed with WW through her ups and downs, various reboots and journeys what has remained important to me as a reader and a fan is how she’s always worked to maintain a balance between her nature as a warrior and her own compassion. Doing what needed to be done and a willingness to take full responsibility for her actions (i.e. Max Lord) . I’ve loved that, in the hands of some of the better authors like Rucka and Simone, they’ve brought forth Diana’s sense of humor. I’ve never understood people who didn’t find her interesting and intriguing but we’re all different readers and we respond to different things. That’s okay.

I’m cautious about this latest incarnation having been a big fan of Gail Simone’s run. I finished rereading “Odyssey: Prologue” before I started writing this comment so it’s fresh in my mind. My hopes are as follows:

1. Consistency: if JMS and others are going to go for throwing together a new mythology, be thorough. Sloppy storytelling is death. If the story looks like it’s holding together, I’m willing to stay on board.

2. Quality of Artwork: This actually ties in with consistency above. If they start out with one art team, please, please, please give that team the chance to get a look and feel down so that we get a real sense of the book’s tone down to the fine details. I’m not a big fan of teams suddenly changing in the midst of a book because one issue the characters look great and then the next? Whoa nelly. If look and feel are consistent, then another team moving in at a later date will have a template to work with.

There a few other things floating in my brain but those two above have been the main reasons why I’ve dropped books like a hot potato. You stop telling me a good story, or the artwork suffers and I’m gone. Sometimes I’ve come back when there’s been yet another change and the quality goes back up.

I enjoyed what JMS did to bring Thor back into the world and as a result, I’ve become a regular Thor reader after he left the book because the quality has remained fairly high. I hope I can say the same for this new incarnation of Diana. I’m willing to give it six months to a year so I can get a better sense of what’s going on.

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