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Friends of Lulu

Friends of Lulu

Organizations | Friends of Lulu President Valerie D’Orazio details the circumstances surrounding the recent and rapid decline of the 16-year-old group — questions about tax status, missing financial documents, an apparently absent board of directors — and states that, “If by September 2010 nobody steps forward and shows interest in helping run this organization, I will start taking steps to officially dissolve it as a non-profit.” [Occasional Superheroine]

Comic-Con | Two hours before Comic-Con International ended on Sunday, organizers sold out of all 15,000 Preview Night passes for the 2011 convention. (For comparison, the Preview Night memberships for this year’s event didn’t disappear until October.) These are the limited number of four-day memberships that include access to the Wednesday-night preview; regular four-day memberships presumably will go on sale in August. Collider has more details. [North County Times]

John Callahan

John Callahan

Passings | Portland, Oregon, cartoonist John Callahan, who had been a quadriplegic since a traffic accident at age 21, passed away Saturday morning due to complications of quadriplegia and respiratory problems. He was 59. Gene Weingarten describes Callahan as “among the most brilliant and original cartoonists who ever lived. ” “If you never heard of him,” he writes in The Washington Post, “it is because he assured his semi-obscurity by venturing into some of the most unnerving, taboo areas imaginable, in a fearless pursuit of humor. [The Oregonian, The New York Times]

Legal | A Swedish man who translates manga has been fined for possessing “child porn cartoons” that he claims he downloaded the images to keep up to date on Japanese comics art. The ruling has sparked a controversy in Sweden, where one newspaper editorial supported the translator, arguing that, “However unpleasant and nasty a work of fiction might be, and whatever one thinks about Japanese porn involving cartoon children, there is actually no victim here.” [IceNews]



Retailing | Brian Heater writes about the closing of well-regarded Brooklyn comics store Rocketship, which closes for good today after briefly reopening to sell off its stock, furniture and fixtures.  “Retail is a harsh mistress,” co-owner Alex Cox says, “and adding comics to the mix takes it to a whole other level.” [The Daily Cross Hatch]

Blogosphere | The Comics Journal has launched a link aggregator for international comics news and commentary. []

Blogosphere | A guy running a comics blog that I’ve never heard of reportedly makes a decent living at it. [Shoreview Press, via Journalista]



The news on Preview night selling out really took people by surprise. I wasn’t purely for the fact of how mainstream it’s become. If people know that they might see something cool on preview night next year, why wouldn’t they purchase a ticket now?

Mysterious Stranger

July 28, 2010 at 9:33 am

The main reason we would get tickets that included Preview Night is so we could get our badges without having to wait in a long line on Thursday morning. Last year we strolled up to the Sails Pavilion with no wait at all, got our badges and went for a quick dinner while waiting for the doors to open. It was the most relaxing experience of the weekend.

How exclusive can a crowd of 15,000 be? Wednesday isn’t Preview Night anymore — it’s just Day 1!

Sucks to hear that Rocketship closed. A friend of mine lives just a few blocks away, and i love going in there when I’m visiting from Pittsburgh. Best of luck to the owners, i hope they can land on their feet.

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