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Creed set to return to print?



And by Creed, of course, I don’t mean the 90s band of the same name … I mean the comic by Trent Kaniuga that started back in the 1990s and went through a variety of publishers. You might also know it as “CreeD.”

The book starred Mark Fraley, who fought supernatural villains in a dream world while coping with the reality of high school.

Kaniuga posted the entire thing online in the Creed Omnichronos, which includes comics that were published by Hall of Heroes, Lightning Comics, Image and Avatar over the years. It also includes crossovers with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ethan Van Sciver’s Cyberfrog.

And it sounds like the series may be returning to print. Kaniuga, who created the comic when he was just 17, noted on Twitter recently that “new developments are happening with the Creed series! Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement soon.”

And who might be making that announcement? Based on this post from IDW’s Chris Ryall, it sounds like it might be his company. “We’ll have another nice surprise regarding Trent’s book CREED soon, too,” he posted.

So is this new Creed comic, or are they printing the collection? I’m guessing we should keep our eyes peeled in San Diego in a couple of weeks to find out.



Saw the headline and thought “Why the hell is Robot 6 posting about crappy rock bands?” Good thing it was addressed in the very first sentence.

A quick summary of what Creed is about might be useful for those of us not in the know about a more than decade-old comic.

Mysterious Stranger

July 8, 2010 at 3:43 pm

Actually I was kinda hoping it was the return of Victor Creed that’s been teased in those Generation X ads.

I remember walking into a suburban Detroit Kinko’s years ago, while in college, and seeing several dudes madly inking CREED pages on the small work table in the center of the room. Trent, I assume, was one of them and I was stunned at the detail on those pages. My first “real” exposure to someone actually working on full size Blue Line comic book artboards.

jacob lyon goddard

July 15, 2010 at 12:59 am

when i was a teenager, i was one of those people who thought that Trent Kaniuga would grow into a perfect mix of Adrian Tomine and Dave Sim.


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