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Comic Couture | DC Comics and Converse create superhero shoes

Batman Converse

Batman Converse

DC Comics and Converse have teamed up to create a line of shoes featuring Batman, Superman and Green Lantern. The shoes debuted over the weekend and could be found on the feet of the crew working the DC booth at Comic-Con International.

“Part of a promotional effort with our friends at Converse, the shoes merge two of my favorite things — a pair of snazzy Chuck Taylor’s and comics,” said Alex Segura, who runs DC’s The Source blog. “Don’t take my word for it, though. Our very own James Robinson was among the creators showing off his new kicks at a signing hosted by Converse at the Horton Plaza Journeys store in San Diego yesterday.”

The shoes are available at any Journeys store or online.



uhmmm ive seen this online for weeks, my mom just ordered a pair for my bday last week. haha

no love for the ’05 Batman Chucks? Those were the real deal.

If they were still making these in the US, I’d be all over ‘em.
but . . .

Does anyone know if there’s any Journeys stores in England? I want some so bad but I don’t want to pay stupid money to get them shipped.

At least these shoes look better than those ones from the 80’s.

How are there not a pair of Flash shoes?

Flash shoes would be the bizz-omb.

Why not Marvel? I’d die for some DareDevil Converse :O

those are ok but i want to see the joker chucks taylors those are the hard azz ones

I just saw some superman and spiderman chucks at the mall.

Just got the 1St issue of RED LANTERNS…. I WANT a pair of those… But I concur with josefine, do sum MARVEL and they will fly off the shelf… Cuz id rather have a pair of IRONMAN myself…

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