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Fantagraphics is armed and dangerous

Go ahead, make Gary Groth's day

Go ahead, make Gary Groth's day

Fantagraphics co-founder and co-publisher Gary Groth can be scary enough even when he isn’t wielding a loaded firearm. (Don’t believe me? Then witness the savage critical beatdown he just doled out to Comics Journal contributor Noah Berlatsky. Ouch.) But in one of comics’ grander and weirder traditions, Groth and his fellow Fanta folks traipse out into the Washington State wilderness every year with enough guns to make a Tea Party jealous and open fire at whatever office detritus had the misfortune of catching their eye. Check out designer Adam Grano’s “Shootin’ Day” flickr set to witness a variety of Fantagraphics and Comics Journal employees and creators opening fire at everything from one of those good-luck cat statues to a Nagel print.

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That comment by Gary Groth on Noah Berlatsky’s post is pure genius. Noah says, “what we really need from criticism and art is more and higher quality loathing.” What does that even mean? What a hateful thing to say. Kudos to Groth for cutting through the horse manure.

Sean T. Collins

July 12, 2010 at 12:55 pm

When I saw that Noah and Gary were going toe-to-toe I literally ran to grab the power cord for my computer, because I really wanted to sit back and enjoy it and had a feeling it was gonna take a while. :)

It was a shocking, wonderful thing of beauty and long overdue.

Some “toe-to-toe.” Noah finally got serious and Gary’s been somewhere else for three days.

That’s not boxing; it’s cricket.

Noah: “The last paragraph is more than a little tongue in cheek — I thought it’s hyperbolic nature was clear, but perhaps not.”

Gary: “Not, I think. To be honest, I think you lack the stylistic finesse to pull this off …”

Groth’s response to Berlatsky is well-worded and largely correct but also amusing to me.

In addition to asking for some focus and coherency, he’s telling Berlatsky not to be such a bastard… let that roll around in your head for a moment. Someone, somewhere in the world is such an acerbic, vitriolic asshole that GARY GROTH is telling him to play nice.

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