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Help PictureBox fix Thor!

Color Anthony Hopkins Badd!

Color Anthony Hopkins Badd!

Did you see that first still of Thor, Odin, and Loki from Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming Thor movie and think it needed more Kirby Krackle or Walt Simonson Psychedelia? You’re not alone. Dan Nadel, head of the art/comics publisher PictureBox and editor of their house mag Comics Comics, lamented what he perceived to be the costumes’ conservative superhero-movie style, as opposed to Kirby’s “mind-bendingly intricate mythological armor and sets with a nearly psychedelic color palette.” And dammit, he’s gonna do something about it!

Nadel will award the first-ever “Know Prize” to the person who best recolors the image. If you wield Photoshop like Mjolnir, give the Asgardian Royal Family a Rainbow Bridge makeover and send the results to knowprize (at) comicscomicsmag (dot) com (72dpi RGB jpegs only, please) by midnight tomorrow, Wednesday, July 21. The winner will receive a Thor comic hand-selected from the infamous collection of cartoonist Frank Santoro, plus the satisfaction of knowing that he/she be worthy. That deadline’s approaching faster than Ragnarok, so get ye cracking!



…can’t you just wait for the DVD and see if the sound synchs up with Speed Racer?


Man, it being too conservative is not the main reaction I’ve been seeing.

I love Kirby THOR. Love. It.

That said, I didn’t expect there to be a literal translation of that onto the screen. You couldn’t. Movie screens all across America would burst into flame and the resulting conflagration would reduce the entire country to a sea of ash.

And nobody wants that.

Even when it’s done in a tongue-in-cheek fashion, I really hate the whole “I could’ve done it better” thing that a lot of geeks tend to get into.

I dunno, man. Sure, the color pallette’s a bit narrow, but my first thought when I saw Odin’s armor was how much it looked like a Kirby design. Look at all those weird angular details! They serve no possible purpose, but holy crap do they ever look cool!

My only disappointment with Thor’s look is that there are no tiger-striped booties. Like the missing wings for Cap, they are small things, but somehow their absence makes all the difference for me. It’s like the 60’s spider-Man cartoon without the wens drawn on the chest.

Can’t type. I meant “without the webs drawn on the chest”.

Man, if you don’t think the Thor movie costumes look like something right out of a Jack Kirby comic then you’ve never seen a Jack Kirby comic. His Asgard was a technological wonderland, a futuristic paradise. His Odin was clad in mind-blowing, high-tech space armor. Hell, all of his gods were. From what I’ve seen the Thor movie is looking pretty right on.

Now the Green Lantern movie costume… that’s a travesty.

@paul miligan

Man, I don’t know what kirby thor comics you’ve been reading. Just pencil and ink? If so, where can I buy a copy. If not, then where’s the fantastic color, the mindblowing helmets, the larger than life odin? I do see any of that here. All I see is drab costumes worn by old drabl little men in a drab emotionless room. This is not the technicolor technlogical paradise I know and love.

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