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Hollywood costume designer shares her own Wonder Woman designs

Wonder Woman designs

Wonder Woman designs

Shawna Trpcic is a costume designer who has worked on several Joss Whedon TV shows, like Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse. And via Twitter, she’s been sharing images of her own redesigns of Wonder Woman she created.

Quick update: I asked Shawna via email about the pictures, and despite what other sites have been reporting, she said that while Joss Whedon “saw them and liked them,” she initially did them without any direction from him.

Check out a couple of other designs she did after the jump. And check out some of her other designs at her website.





I love these better than the “official” redesign. All of them (with perhaps the exception of the last one) has the quality that I thought was lacking in the jackets-and-pants combo: they make Wonder Woman look heroic in the traditional, iconic sense.

Steven R. Stahl

July 6, 2010 at 11:56 am

The first two (top) costumes are designed to turn on guys, not to be worn as actual clothing. The last costume might work as clothing, but the coat would hamper a fighter. The third costume is the most ergonomical, but the color scheme, especially the stars on the skirt, is goofy.

The sad truth probably is that heroes who existed in a real world would probably wear the same outfits that people in the armed forces do, and if there was a synthetic material that absorbed shocks — served as soft armor — the non-invulnerable heroes would wear that, and not care about how it looked. The heroes wouldn’t be stage performers.


Oh, Steven, if you’re going to go for practicality, you’re missing something if you don’t invoke Edna Mode’s rules about capes. Which, surprisingly, means that Wonder Woman is the most sensibly dressed of the DC Trinity.

Stephen is also apparently gotten the sad unfortunate bug that has been spreading through comics and forgotten that superheroes are supposed to be gaudy impractical fun.

The bottom left is the best. I’m not keen on a midriff. I don’t complain about her showing too much skin in her regular costume, but it seems a bit much to show more. Really, there’s not a lot you need to change with Wonder Woman’s costume. Hell, even Batman Begins / Dark Knight I still hate the costume design as much as I love the film. Never mind that whole ‘make it real’ design attitude and storytelling fails if you apply it to WW or Superman.

There’s an interesting fanart photo manip that has a bit more of a leathery / Greek / Xena look to it that I like. I think this is the original post for it.

And.. oh wow… she designed that amazing Illyria costume from Angel? Nice.

Better, but still not there.

Early this spring fans demanded that DC renumber Wonder Woman from issue 45 to the actual 600 to match Batman and Superman’s milestone 600 and 700 issues out this month. WW has been around for this long, she is so iconic and fans love her so what does DC do in response? change her…this makes no sense!! did they update Bats and Supes costumes? no!!!!
BTW, I do read WW. The last year’s plot was so discombobulated, I couldn’t follow, so stopped purchasing.

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