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Hoodwinked: A review of ‘Batman: Under the Red Hood’

Red Hood fires

Red Hood fires. Bang!

When I heard that the next DC animated movie was going to be Batman: Under the Red Hood, I cringed. For one thing, I’ve never been a big fan of Judd Winick’s writing. For another, when I originally heard that Jason Todd had come back from the dead, I did a facepalm. Must everything be constantly recycled in superhero comics for the sake of fanboy nostalgia? Can’t we just leave some things be? Not that Death in the Family was some great masterpiece (it wasn’t) but can’t we look at least a little bit forward instead of constantly looking over our shoulder, building castle after castle on sand?

So no, I wasn’t particularly excited to watch this latest Warner Bros. adaptation, expecting it to be something along the lines of that dreadful Superman/Batman affair or the horrid Wonder Woman film.

But I didn’t get that. Instead, I got an enjoyable, well-done superhero film that, while it suffers from some of the same problems that plague the other movies in the DCU line, nevertheless remains a solid bit of entertainment that will please the average — dare I say it, even casual — Bat-fan.



The plot’s pretty simple, which, considering how knotty and convoluted Batman’s history has been in recent decades, is kind of an achievement in and of itself. While on a far-away mission, Jason Todd, aka Robin Vol. 2,  is kidnapped by the Joker and seemingly killed. Five years pass. Then a new villain, named the Red Hood, appears in Gotham City, slowly taking over the drug trade, currently operated by the venal Black Mask. Is he really a criminal kingpin or is he a vigilante attempting to bring down the criminal element from within? And how did he become so skilled a fighter and acrobat? Is it possible — just possible — that he is actually Jason Todd? Are you kidding me? No, it’s Deputy Dawg — of course it’s Jason Todd! Sheesh.

The Joker! In a parka!

The Joker! In a parka!

Anyway, the film moves pretty briskly, with plenty of nicely staged action sequences (I particularly liked how they made the acrobatic seem fluid and graceful) and every character’s motivations spelled out broadly enough to be understood with a minimum of effort, but not so broadly that you feel like you’re watching excerpts from Inside the Animator’s Studio: Overacting and Archetypes 101.

Honestly, considering the number of flashbacks, characters and plot threads the film has to juggle, it’s rather impressive that the film is as sleek and straightforward as it is. The filmmakers wisely and deftly manage to avoid attempting to provide lengthy amounts of exposition and backstory. For example. good old Ra’s Al Ghul makes an appearance 2/3 of the way through. Rather than delve into a lengthy explanation of who he is and what is relationship to the Caped Crusader is, only the basic details are given — he’s rich, he’s powerful, he’s a villain but has a strong sense of ethics and personal honor. As a result, my wife, who knows absolutely nothing about Batman mythos beyond the few basics (millionaire fights crime, has snarky butler) and rolls her eyes whenever I delve into the minutia, managed to follow along without once stopping to say “Wait, who’s that?” (OK, she did look up Black Mask on Wikipedia, but that was out of mere curiosity more than anything else.)

Go Batcycle go!

Go Batcycle, go!

It’s not all peaches and gravy. The computer animated parts of the film look sloppy, like they were done circa 1992, ruining an early car chase sequence. And while I thought the voice acting was great over all, I didn’t care much for John DiMaggio as the Joker. I found his choice to give the character a deep, baritone off-putting and seemed too heavily based on Ledger’s iconic take.

The film also suffers from a lot of “Hey Wait” moments, as in “Hey wait, just how far away is Ra’s citadel that Batman could get there and back to Gotham City in record time?” And “Hey, wait, Robin just got nearly beaten to death. Shouldn’t he be bleeding more?”

It’s that last one that bothers me the most. I’ve complained about it before, but I grow tired of Bruce Timm and company’s attempts to have it both ways. They want to up the stakes and offer more violent content that both matches the source material and appeals to older fans, but don’t want to get too gross or show too much blood. The end result, however, draws you out of the picture. Even after acknowledging that you’re watching a superhero film where unrealistic things happen, it’s hard to accept that a person can walk away from a severe beating with nary a bruise. I’d prefer they’d aim their films at more of an all-ages audience, but if you want your film to be PG-13, then make it PG-13. At the very least, if you’re going to have a character get smacked in the face with a porcelain toilet bowl, show him losing a tooth or spitting out some blood or something.

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Robin! With balls!

Robin! With balls!

The DVD comes with a Jonah Hex short that’s just as anime-influenced, dull and misogynist as the previous Spectre short was. There’s also an incredibly dull and pompous documentary about the history significance of Robin where some “expert” on mythology blathers on and on about the symbolism of masks and what the color green means. I wanted to punch him. There’s also a preview of the upcoming Superman/Batman: Apocalypse film that pretty much dashed any hopes I had of it being good.

Ultimately, what I think I liked about Red Hood is how efficient it is. It didn’t get tied down in endless bat lore, feel the need to cater to fans to the point of becoming fawning or make every single character “edgy” in a slipshod attempt at making the characters more interesting (Black Mask is more evil mob boss here than psychotic). By sidestepping these and other problems that plague a lot of the Batman books (OK, a lot of DC books in general) I find my initial complaints groundless. Red Hood cuts to the core of the story — former disciple rebels against his mentor — and never loses its focus. It did something I thought would never happen: It made me glad to see the return of Jason Todd.

More Red Hood!

More Red Hood!



I thought this wasnt out until the 27th? Was it released early in some places or did you get an advanced copy?

Well, you just saved me some time and money.
I have no interest in Batman or any of that dead Robin/alive Robin crap, but was only interested in the Jonah Hex short.
But if all you can say about it is a one line recap filled with anime, dull and misogynist (?) then I don’t think I’ll bother looking for it.

“Horrid Wonder Woman film”? That Wonder Woman film was one of the two or three best DC or Marvel animated films I’ve ever seen– along with say New Frontier and Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.

I didn’t find The Specter dull or misogynist: it was pretty much an animation done as a 70s’ flick. Quite entertaining and very well done as animation. Different strokes, I guess.

The Wonder Woman film was one of the top 3 DCU animated films.
What was “horrid” about it?


July 16, 2010 at 3:35 pm

While I haven’t been following the Batman storyline in DC lately, (I’ve been busy collecting/reading Green Lantern and Superman/Batman), I still follow what’s going on in the DC/Batman(films/animated and live,/ cartoons and books(via the net), I am looking forward to this movie. I wasn’t a fan of Jason Todd and was one of the callers who voted to kill him. Hey, if Marvel could bring back Jean Grey, anyone can come back, i.e; Flash, Aquaman, J’onn Jones, Hawkman & Hawkgirl, Firestorm, etc., (hey DC, trying to keep with Marvel?). What the hell, it’s entertainment, enjoy it for what it is, just that,…escapist fare. In the words of the Joker: “Why so serious?”.

You had me until “horrid Wonder Woman film.” Last I checked, that was pretty much universally praised as the best of the DCU animated films, and with good reason. Smart script, great action and voice acting. Are you kidding?

“Under the red hood” is a really good movie and I think you’re nitpicking.
The story is solid, not convoluted and not over simplified. The action is intense with few thing that wouldn’t have been shown on TV.
It’s still for a large audience on a fine line with enough violence to show what are the stakes and how high they are without being unnecessarily gore even if I agree that the bourne-like fight in the bathroom is unbalanced (either you broke stuff and show some blood or you show bruises without destruction because your not in the matrix – like in the first matrix movie where morpheus trash a bathroom with fists -).
The voice acting is awesome, fun and subtle at times (bruce greenwood is an incredible Batman, he’s kevin conroy good) .
the CGI isn’t that bad and the only thing I don’t like is the running time. It’s too short..

In short, “Under The Red Hood” took a story i didn’t care about in comics and turned it in an awesome action piece with a brain and an heart (the last 10 minutes and especially the last sequence are bittersweet and superb).
It’s a tad below “Mask Of the Phantasm” but way better than the last “Batman/Superman movie”. I would love to see this in theater.

last notes:
1- (minor spoiler) as we can’t say how much time past between Batman departure from Ra’s castle and Alfred’s call, we can’t say that the trip back to gotham is record breacking.
2- Everybody is free of his/her own opinion so I won’t go point by point agains’t your review but I think we didn’t saw the same movie. again, i think you’re nitpicking.
3- I can see why you could be disapointed by the last “Bat/Sup” movie but the Wonder Woman movie was cool, it was the most interesting Wonder Woman story since the end of the Justice League serie (last frontier was awesome but her role was to minor)

I genuinely don’t understand the lengths the producers of these films are going to make sure these new offerings are not in the continuity of the excellent DC Animated Universe of yore. Why? It was one of the finest animated series of its kind, with evocative animation, excellent writing, and of course, the voice talents of Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy and others. This film looks great for the most part, though I never cared for the retcon of the whole Jason Todd debacle. It reminded me too much of Marvel killing Gwen Stacy, then bringing her back, then making her a clone, then Spidey a clone, etc. etc. Or when Kang the Conquerer came back so many times even the Vision complained, “Kang again? This is getting monotonous.” It is indeed.

Maybe you’re expecting too much. I came from a time where you could watch decent animated shows on weekdays and weekends. Like the time I have to wait to watch baseball and football games, I had to wait for decent animation and stories. My wait started when they came out with The Smurfs and Monchi-chis.
Now, I have a library of dvd’s which proudly displays the marvel and dc animated movies which I think can be enjoyed not only by children but by the whole family. Even the return of robotech was enjoyable.
Just wait and then see if you would enjoy the dvd movie of Squarepants Sponge Bob after 20yrs. I am looking towards the 27th and the future dates of the new animated movies, that satisfy my hunger for the animated world that was taken away from me.
May I not forget to mention Avatar the last Airbender.

Chris Mautner

July 16, 2010 at 6:14 pm

Wow, good thing I liked the movie! I shudder to think of what kind of response I’d get if I had hated it!

I especially like how everyone’s more concerned about my opinion re: the Wonder Woman DVD than this one. But just to reiterate: Yes, the Wonder Woman movie is horrid. H-O-double R-I-D. Click on the link at the top of the post if you want to know why I say that.

Re: The Jonah Hex short. Calling it mysoginist might be overkill. However, when both films – the Hex one and the Spectre one — make the lone female not only the villain, but a conniving, selfish, murdering, evil piece of work who use sex to get their way and come to horrible, ugly ends, I can’t help but think that there’s something going on beneath the surface.

Why are female villains mysoginist? Are you trying to say that there isn’t more than one woman who’s a conniving, selfish, murdering, evil piece of work that uses sex to get there way an come to horrible, ugly ends?

It happens to men all the time. I guess it’s a good thing you’re not writing this stuff.

And you really don’t have a leg to stand on with that bipolar WW review.
One minute you’re going on about how violent the movie is, and the next you complain that blood is pouring out of every pore. You even go on about how DC/WB “forgot about the kids” with their PG-13 rating, and is playing to the hardcore fan.
And yet here, you seem to enjoy what could be Warner animation’s most violent PG-13 animated DCU movie, and suggest even the most casual Batfan will enjoy it.

I guess you figure that a movie with a female protagonist should be all sugar and spice and everything nice.
It’s not misogynist, but it’s pretty damn sexist.

This review was hilarious. Hard to please much?

Chris Mautner

July 16, 2010 at 7:38 pm

I dunno, I think the WW movie ends up being more violent, though I suppose it might be splitting hairs at this point.

I’m not against violence per se. My gripe in the WW review is that the level of violence doesn’t fit the tone or style of the film. It seems like complete pandering, which I suspect it is. Not so much here. And in both reviews I criticize the willingness to depict brutal (or semi-brutal) violence but the unwillingness to portray its consequences. It’s not that I want the DCU films to have Watchman levels of gore. It’s just that I find this “have your cake and eat it too” attitude really annoying and juvenile. In fact, I think I said above that I would have preferred if they aimed at an all-ages audience in general, but since they’re not going to do that any time soon, I’ll acknowledge when they do it well.

I don’t dislike the WW film just for the violence though, I also hate it for it’s smarmy faux-feminist attitude, which I also talk about in the review.

I’ll totally cop to calling the Hex piece misogynistic a cheap shot, but I don’t think I’m that far off. There’s something about that cartoon that left a bad taste in my mouth. I might have chalked it up to me overreacting if the Spectre cartoon wasn’t so similar in nature (and yeah, I know that it was noir, but it was really bad and obvious noir).

Chris Mautner

July 16, 2010 at 7:40 pm

Wayne — Yes, I am, but I don’t see how that applies here since I *liked* the film.

nit-picky is putting it nicely. i mean you even hate the superman/batman apocalypse trailer? i mean its a trailer bro, it supposed to be cheesy, it still looks like a cool movie. while i agree with the gore part. you gotta understand beggars cant be choosers this is probably the best than an animated comic book icon movie will get on showing real damage.

This guy is a genuine hater. You tore this movie apart and that’s considering you liked it! Can’t imagine what you would have said if you hated it.

Also, great way to take advantage and hate on the Superman/Batman, Wonder Woman, Spectre, Jonah Hex animated films and Death in the Family story all in one. Oh yeah, and you also managed to hate on the upcoming Batman/Superman film too, way long before it comes out!

Hater….. H….A…T…E…R!

gEEZ, how do you guys get to have such critiques displayed?

bruce timm definitely needs to invest on some cgi though or just stick with animation cus those scenes did look pretty boxy and the shapes didn’t blend together well.

@Richard J. Marcej:

You were only interested in this for the Jonah Hex short? You realize those run about 5 minutes right? There is a whole feature length movie in the DVD that you purchase. Its called “Batman: Under the Red Hood”.

If you want Jonah Hex, I hear he was in Batman: TAS. Also that movie that just came out.

Not to belabor the point, Chris, but I don’t see how the violence in the WW film was pandering. WW comes from a violent background. Her story begins in war, bloodshed, and slavery. Her gods are schemers who turn on their own family members to get ahead. That’s why it’s PG-13. It’s not really for small children. DCE has an animation block where safe superhero cartoons are available for younger children.

I’m not sure what kind of consequence you’re looking for when somebody gets their head cut off. It doesn’t have to be followed by spurts of blood. Incidentally, DC does have an unrated version of WW vaulted, blood, gore and all. Bruce Timm was forced to clean it up for the PG-13 version, and he teased about releasing the unrated version someday (maybe).

As for the feminist aspects they will be played up because the Amazons, themselves, distrust men. But within the film, they learned that their views were misguided and that they had a lot to learn about the modern world, which is why Diana became their ambassador. And if you note in the film, the Amazons make it clear that they lost their men in war and one, in particular, begrudged Hippolyta isolating them from the world and preventing them from marrying and having children of their own. When it comes to the battle of the sexes, it’s important that both sides compromise, and that’s what I saw happening in the WW film.

But, to each his own.

Just curious (and it might sound morbid), but do we actually see Jason getting killed by the Joker at the start of the movie? eg: crowbar and explosion. Or do they just gloss over it?

I am really looking forward to picking this up. Love Winick’s take on Jason and the new mini series is excellent!

I have just seen the movie and the unrealistic unbloody violence just spoil me everything! Worse of all, blood appears and disappears on Robin in the opening sequence! The floor is full of blood but the boy is perfectly clean! Even after the explosion : no one fuck**g drop of blood. It’s RIDICULOUS !!!

I’am a huge fan of Bruce Timm and its team, but this time it’s RIDICULOUS! And the car chase sequence is so UGLY. Please, PLEASE stop with this fuck**g 3D ugly sequences!

So bad because the movie is really awesome.

Enough of bullshits, we want separate releases for this DCUAOM collection. PG-13 and uncut ones. An uncut version of Under the Red Hood need to be release, please.

Woah, no way did you just say Wonder Woman was horrid? It was easily the best DTV so far.

I got the chance to see this movie early, and while I agree with some of your points this article is very poorly written.

“…expecting it to be something along the lines of that dreadful Superman/Batman affair or the horrid Wonder Woman film.”

I hope the reviewer enjoyed the movie. Haven’t seen it myself. But after that comment, I have absolutly no interest in this reviewer’s opinion.

Wow, the reviewer really doesn’t seem to like the DC animated movies very much, does he? I for one loved both the Wonder Woman movie and Spectre short. I’ve actually seen this one recently as well, and while I’m one of the haters that honestly very much disliked the return of Jason Todd, I really enjoyed the hell out of this one, which kind of surprised me.

This review needed an editor.

The writer rants for quite a while about his negative disposition on current comics, Judd Winnick, other DCU films…then expresses disdain for fans with the cliche use of “fanboy,” which at this point is just a lazy elitist insult. The review seems aloof to the fact that most fans seem to like the Wonder Woman film, yet he casually dismisses it as horrid and worse, writes from that perspective as if its fact.

It’s one thing to deride a universally panned film with a single sentence, but another to throw out haymakers at something that clearly was received well. The reviewer thinks he is giving us context and divulging his biases – a decent intention – but taken as a whole, the over negativity comes off as snide and poisonous.
If the use of continuity didn’t take away from the story, then the context for discussing continuity should be THIS project. Not your general dislike of many, many elements that are only loosely linked to THIS PRODUCT.

The result: your readers are distracted by the extraneous material and even though the review is positive, I’m going to guess that many readers will be unaffected by the endorsement. If you really look at your review, the thing you say you most liked about the film is what it “didn’t do,” cue the dissertation on things you dislike about comic stories. Sigh.

Again, any one these negative assertions might have been fine, but it really constitutes the sweep and tone of the article: things you don’t like about comics and a smattering of one-off slams.

With this review, the writer comes off as the wrong person to be writing it: the guy who is flirting with so much general angst toward the whole enterprise that their opinion becomes irrelevant. The reviewer is entitled to his opinion, but at some point, that opinion has to mesh with an audience in a way that the reviews seem relevant. I don’t care what Rex Reid thinks about Green Lantern: First Flight and this review is almost the comic industry’s version of that.

Can’t believe how many people are offended by the reviewer saying he didn’t like the WW dvd – as if it where some bloody work of art! I don’t even understand why it’s so popular, i found it incredibly disappointing same as the GL DVD – no charm, with a plot that lacks dramatic tension.

To me the pinnacle of animated super-heroes is New Frontier, Justice League Unlimited, Spectacular Spider-Man and the old the Maxx series – all of which captured the subject matter with charm wit and flair – something that both DC and Marvel have generally failed with in their animated shows and almost always in these direct to dvd movies.

Thankfully Red Hood is good – again like the reviewer didn’t expect much but very good. Tapping into comic book stories without squashing them it seems like a tribute to A Death In The Family and the kind of man that made Bruce Wayne. Explores what i’ve always seen as Bruce’s biggest screw-up (and in my opinion one that should mean he would never take a Robin under his wing afterwards).

Yeah there’s flaws – the whole Red Hood thing really does remind me of the whole Winter Soldier thing – and it is not told as well as that. Yeah there’s cheezy moments and yeah the violence is a bit overdone at times. Other than that though surprisingly solide – some lovely animation and it makes a surprisingly good story.

Oh yeah and Superboy Prime doesn’t have to punch any walls this time…

I had watched this movie and personally tend to think it is as gritty as it gets ala the Dark Knight .I’d it give a 4/5 and highly recommended for any Batman or even casual viewer.

I particularly love when Joker (spoiler alert) – turn on his employer – that scene i think sums it up how good the action and how gritty the movie gets. The action and characterization of the main protagonists are well fleshed out.

Voice Acting
Bruce Greenwood did a fantastic job ! He actually in my humble opinion- and to some extent is better than Kevin Conroy (without dismissing his excellent resume on Batman series) . Mr Greenwood actually sound dark and menacing and believable than Christian Bale ever be – with his growling.

John Di Maggio – as Joker – remind me of Bender of Futurama. I found the Joker had some unnecessary dialogue or neither sinister or relevant choice of response. A bit of a let down for such pivotal character.

Jensen Ackles – would be better off cast as Dick Grayson – as he sounds older and matured than as Jason. I guess Jason character would better off be voiced by someone younger. Nonetheless, he permeates genuine
anger and resolute in achieving his revenge

In Conclusion

It is a GOOD movie on par as with live action. It is pacey , characters are fleshed out well and the philosophical debate between teacher and teacher on how to deal with crime is well played.

The action and fight sequence will leave you exhausted and bruised and as the reviewer mentioned wished it was longer.

Bruce Timm and Co – as usual you never disappoint ! Looking forward to the next projects to come !!


July 17, 2010 at 5:05 am

The level of violence in these films is only an issue because theyre animated and people assume animated equals kiddie entertainment. The Wonder Woman level of violence was necessary to the plot, as was the violence in Red Hood.

For me, I thought Red Hood was the best DC Animated film so far, beating Wonder Woman. The way the film took the Gotham from the Batman Animated Series and expanded on it with remarkable effect and intentionally aimed it at a more mature audience was very well executed and done without any pandering to some make believe audience. The final moments of the film were even really touching, especially counter balanced with the opening brutality of the five minutes. My only real complaint was the length. As with most DC Animated features its only around 72 minutes long.

Im not even a Batman fan. Though im not a Wonder Woman fan either and i loved that. But thought both Superman: Doomsday and Green Lantern were both mediocre and im big fans of them, so maybe i should learn to lower my expectations.

I thought this was a fantastic review — it makes clear the sensibility of the reviewer and explains why he is making the judgment he is making (to recommend the movie).

As for the commenters claiming the Wonder Woman movie was one of the best of the DC lot — clearly, you haven’t read the WW message boards. It was most definitely not a smart script, unless by “smart” you mean a clicheed schlockfest that couldn’t even use current cliches but had to dip back into old school gender war themes that would have been clicheed in 1970s. Smart? Doesn’t even look like the work of someone who went to college. Or has, you know, read books other than comic books. And if you DID like the WW film — well, at a minimum, his brief description of it as “horrid” is just more information about the reviewer’s sensibility, which you can use to determine whether or not to trust his judgment about B:UTRH.

Okay, went back and read the WW review. With thoughtless, meaningless lines like “Another problem with the film is some of the supporting characters, namely Steve Trevor, who’s a complete douche,” it’s hard to take you seriously as a critic. It’s fine if you didn’t like WW or any of the DCU films, but your reasoning is very weak.

Hmmmm… this review was the first time I’ve heard anyone say anythiung negative about the Spectre short. I’m definitely gonna check Red Hood out (even though I absolutely hate Jason Todd) and will still hold out hope that I’ll enjoy the Hex short.

While the WW movie wasn’t brilliant or anything, and it even had a few cringeworthy moments, it’s still the best DCAU movie since they started pumping these DVDs out. That’s not saying much, given how lousy most of them have been, but the WW movie is enjoyable and worth viewing. A couple of the vignettes in Gotham Knight (the last two) are even better still, but on the whole that movie was so damned uneven.

Anyhow, while I can’t stand Jason Todd and I wish they’d left him dead I guess I’ll wait for some more reviews and consider checking this out if the consensus is good. I certainly won’t buy it, as none of these offerings have been worth that, but it might be worth a rental. Or wait for my local library to get it and see it free. Glad to hear Greenwood is good as Batman, but I still don’t understand why WB just doesn’t contract Kevin Conroy (among others) to do all of these.

One last question… How do they explain Todd’s revival? I’m guessing they aren’t using the stupid Superboy punch in this movie.


July 18, 2010 at 1:58 am

@Shaun Lazarus pit. Saying any more would be spoilertastic.

Greenwood does a very good job. Although i agree, i don’t get it, Kevin Conroy IS Batman. And i wouldn’t wait for it to hit your library. Get on it asap. Its leaked on some well known torrent sites and is definitely the best of the DCAU bunch now. And generally im not a fan out most Bat outings, but this is great. Nightwing is also brilliant in it.


July 18, 2010 at 4:38 am

Yes, the Wonder Woman movie is horrid. H-O-double R-I-D.

You are going against the consensus with that one though.
Your review of Wonder Woman looks like you let your agenda of the violence thing get in the way of just enjoying the film – it seems to play off what you expect to see, not anything that’s wrong with what is there.
Public Enemies you can say was horrid, and not many will question it, but the WW film is considered one of the better DC animated films, in most reviews and on message boards, so you probably shouldn’t get so shocked when people call you out on an off handed statement to that effect.

I just saw Under the Red Hood, and I thought it was pretty damn good.
A lot of the fight scenes were brilliantly done, especially the last one. And I absolutely loved the chase scene involving Bats and Nightwing. A job well done to all involved.

Gotta be honest, you lost me at “horrid Woner Woman film”–not that you’re not entitled to your own opinion, but that told me we are not going to see eye to eye.

Nice review Chris, I wasn’t really expecting a whole lot but this film really worked for me, and I liked having no prime punch, kinda makes me wishes Winick, who wrote this film as well, could of just done this for the comics, it a heck of a lot more clearer here. Maybe he just needs to do more films, who knows. And chris, while I didn’t hate WW movie, I did dislike the GL, but then again I read GL not WW so i thought it had a nice idea behind it. Oh well

Just watched the movie and was VERY disappointed with the voice acting of Joker, JT/Red Hood, and Nightwing. Agree that Todd’s character sounded too old and stiff while Nightwing sounded aloof. Joker just plain sucked—uuughh-had to use close captioning to get through his scenes. Batman’s voice was OK-he had a few Kevin Conroy’ish like lines but Kevin Conroy WILL ALWAYS be Batman to me as Mark Hamil will always be the only Joker.
Very violent, (but very cleanly done, much to the dismay of the fanboys) not nearly as gory as the novel otherwise it would never have gotten a PG-13 rating. Didn’t like how they deviated from the original “rises from the grave” explanation in the book along with the too many to count changes-movie too condensed and short.
However, very pleased they stuck to the original dialogue for the pivotal Crime Alley scene and the finale with the Joker.
Looking forward to the B/S Doomsday movie only because of K. Conroy and t. Daly back as the voices of Bats and Supes.

Overall I enjoyed Under the Red Hood…though I have to say…does everyone know that Nightwing used to be Robin? Was that somehow common knowledge? There was a little too much exposition that pulled me out of the film, but it was solid overall.

I have to agree with the reviewers sentiments about the Wonder Woman film, much like the Green Lantern film after it, and the Superman:Doomsday movie that preceded it…they’re just boring films, with thickly drawn characters that give you very little reason to get pulled into the narrative.

I also found it somewhat humorous that the Amazonian garb that Diana won the right to wear as an Ambassador looks the way it does…why would the Amazons put her in a piece of lingerie with star underwear….I suddenly understand the need to update Wonder Woman’s outfit.

I found that I enjoyed Under the Red Hood, The New Frontier, and Gotham Knights, with the rest just taking up space on my dvd shelf.

The Joker sounded awesome in this film, Jason Todd’s voice was more off-putting.

The movie was extremely amazing!!!I hope they make a sequel+tv series with the same voice actors and character designs! They would be a hit or,even better,win an oscar for best animated sequence!!!In fact,this movie should’ve won an award or millions!!!!

i love the movie !!! i like the joker in the movie and the fights and the batmobile in the movie…

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