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It may not be ‘official,’ but Parker and Hardman are the new Hulk team

Hulk sketch by Gabriel Hardman

Hulk sketch by Gabriel Hardman

When Marvel’s September solicitations were released last month, the creative teams for the three Hulk titles were labeled as “Classified.” Word later trickled out, through online retailers and then the Marvel Previews catalog, that Agents of Atlas creators Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman are taking over Hulk with Issue 25.

Curiously, though, the publisher has yet to make an official statement about the change, which follows the conclusion of the Red Hulk saga and the hiring of writer Jeph Loeb to head Marvel’s new television division.

The closest Marvel has come to a public confirmation is an article posted yesterday afternoon on its website trumpeting Hardman’s new exclusive deal. If the secondary headline doesn’t provide enough of a clue to the artist’s next assignment — “The ATLAS artist signs exclusive with Marvel and prepares to tackle The Hulk” — the story’s final two paragraphs stop just short of making it official. Or “official-official”:

As for what the future holds for the artist, he plans to continue on Atlas as long as possible, but he also informs readers to keep their eyes open for his take on the green goliath known as The Hulk.

“Me and Parker and [colorist Elizabeth Breitweiser] are going to work on another book that is going to be big and have a lot of explosive punching and other big action things in it.”

Marvel had no comment. When contacted by Robot 6, Parker responded only with the following photo:

Jeff Parker's explosive response

Jeff Parker's explosive response



I hope this doesn’t mean Hardman is coming off ATLAS.

One of the best in the business at the moment, IMO, and congratulations on the high-profile assignment.

Parker is the man.

As excited as I am for the Parker/Hardman team to tackle Hulk, I hope this doesn’t mean Atlas is gone. I just don’t see Hardman doing two books a month. Maybe I’m wrong, or maybe they’re getting Pagulyan back. I’d love to be surprised and see Atlas continue for some time.

If you squint, you can JUST see Rick Jones’s jeep to the right of the mushroom cloud.

I coulda swore I read about this already, a solicitation with their names on it.

Matt Halteman

July 1, 2010 at 12:08 pm

So my question is will they be allowed to tell cool Hulk stories contained only within the pages of one “Hulk” comic? If so, I’m there. If, however, this book will be just one is a continual neverending Hulk mega-crossover involving this idiotic constantly expanding “Hulk Family”, then I’m afraid I’ll have to pass.

Please, Marvel, let Parker and Hardman tell great Hulk stories. They are both awesome talents and they deserve better than to be lumped in a pool with umpteen-billion other substandard books.

there just temp, supposedly theres a very big annoucement at san diego on who the next creative team is for the regular HULK BOOK

Hopefully there will be a G-bomb to go off and the Hulk will become even stronger than ever, to actually beat up the Red Hulk on his own, and any other character who comes his way..

Matt Halteman

July 1, 2010 at 1:43 pm

What I’m actually hoping is that this is a new book, a streamlined Hulk comic divorced from all the silly recent continuity. Just Parker and Hardman telling great Banner/Hulk stories in the vein of their story in that fantastic Monster-Sized Hulk Special a little while back.

Not gonna hold my breath, though.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The Parker/Hardman/Breitweiser team on Atlas was so perfect!!!!

I’m just glad Loeb is done writing Hulk. I’ve always liked Parker so I can deal with a Hulk writing team of Pak and Parker. One question though, if this rumor is true will Parker be leaving Thunderbolts? I only ask as it seems that whoever writes Thunderbolts gets a higher profile gig and leaves. After Warren Ellis you look at who they had on the book: Chris Gage who went on to Initiative then Avengers Academy, Diggle went on to Daredevil and now Parker possibly going to Hulk. Deodato jumped from TBolts to Dark Avengers and now Secret Avengers. Maybe this sorta ties into that Millar OML sequel thing from the other day. He said Marvel offered him a “classic” book. Could he have been talking about Thunderbolts? I think he would be good for that book. Having his name on it would just make sales rise similar to when Warren Ellis had it. Regardless, I am happy for Parker and Hardman. Bye Loeb!


Go away Loeb! I can only hope that a new team on Atlas will get rid of the ridiculous 3D Man!

I haven’t read much of Atlas, except a couple issues of this new series– I liked Parker’s book with Steve Lieber, Underground, enough to check it out. Cute book, I guess. But Breitweiser’s colors on that book– a lot of personality to those colors. She really presents Hardman’s art in a flattering way, I think– stands out nicely from the other Marvel books. Seems like a crucial part of that team.

That is not Jones jeep beside it. The camera is probably miles away seeing as the smoke extends into the clouds.

Parker and Hardman were listed in Marvel Previews last week for Hulk #25, I’m utterly mystified as to why they still haven’t announced it online and are pretending it’s a secret.

Strangely I don’t see an Hulk titles in the September solicitations online. Marvel’s site does have INCREDIBLE HULKS # 612 list as classified. Either way I will be picking up a Hulk title if Parker and Hardman are on it. It’ll be a shame if Hardman is off Atlas (or worse it’s already canceled, Issue 5 does ship in September…) but I wouldn’t mind a Hulk title by them one bit.

Rich Johnston

July 1, 2010 at 5:20 pm

Check Bleeding Cool around the time the classified solicits game out, We printed the actual ones.

Loeb’s stuff was awesome and if anyone can keep the COOL it’s PARKER. Gabriel Hardman’s art is nothing short of spectacular. Thanks God this team along with Elizabeth on colors is going to rock this amazing title!!!\

PULL LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What good comics are all about!

The whole Hulk thing is getting ridiculous the planet could scarcely survive one Hulk running around at one point and now we have HOW many?

I signed off on the hulk ages ago, much to my regret, as I hoped for more Pak-inspired goodness following WWH and instead we got the mindless insanity of Red Hulk.

Please let it end!

I’d be cool with Jeff Parker, Greg Pak, and FVL writing the entire Marvel line up.

Just saying, is all.

i DEMAND a War Machine crossover. Gecko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was told this week that Jeff Parker’s part of a “Brain trust” along with Pak and as of yet another writer. Which is similar to the rotating creative team on Spidey.

I stopped reading after trying a few of loeb’s horrible issues, so this will make me give it a shot again.

Explosion= More Hulk Smashing . Loeb sucks but McGuiness is OK.

Neil, that sounds exciting. Where’d you hear that?

Peter Morningstar

July 5, 2010 at 2:32 pm

Yeah i’d agree Hardman is a good artist from what i’ve seen…but that Hulk pose in the pic is pure rip-off, maybe he had to come up with it in a hurry?. Still, nice art tho’!

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