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J.H. Williams III pays tribute to Wonder Woman #1 with variant cover


Batwoman artist J. H. Williams has posted a variant cover he created for Wonder Woman #603, a homage to the very first issue of Wonder Woman. No doubt this is a part of DC’s 75th anniversary celebration plans, which includes classic covers redrawn by contemporary artists.

Check out the full cover and the original from 1942 after the jump.


Wonder Woman #603

Wonder Woman #603

Wonder Woman #1

Wonder Woman #1



Somebody missed the new costume memo…I guess J.H. doesn’t watch Bill O’Reilly.

She wasn’t wearing that costume on the original cover, so it’d be silly to put it in.

Technically, though, she’s not wearing the original costume in #603, either. I detect a lack of Golden Eagle logo and skorts.

I really love J.H. Williams. And I like the concept and design of this variant cover. But, does that horse seem kind of small to anyone else?

Just another sign that WW’s new duds are as permanent as Spidey’s ‘Civil War’ red and gold thing.

Wow, that Wonder Woman is all out of proportion! The head and shoulders are too big, her leg is too skinny and the horse is too small.

yeah, JH is usually amazing(!!!), but that is ALL kinds of messed up ~ it looks like a bunch of disparate images that were sliced together in photoshop…

Her torso’s too short, her left arm looks like it should be going behind the horses mane instead of crossing over in front of it, the horse is way too small (nicely rendered though), her head is frankly, well, weird looking, she’s not looking where she’s going, She’s seated way to far to her right compared to the horses back, her right leg should be getting larger in perspective as it comes toward the camera & the 3 troops behind the horse look like they are on a totally different plane (rather than coming down a hill they look like they are marching through the jungle/swamp and where just turned sideways 10-15 degrees)


It’s looking like the new costume won’t last very long at all. I’ve seen covers for several issues starting with #600 on and they all had Wonder Woman wearing the old costume.

If they bring back the old costume soon, that’s fine with me. I prefer it over the new one. I only like the new one as a temporary costume, if at all.

Michael Sacal

July 7, 2010 at 6:21 pm

So JMS is a one-man team now?

The cover is more of he SA nostalgia I’ve come to expect from the ageing DC comics.

It’s too bad, that company used to do a lot of good things in the 80s and 90s, but for the last decade they’ve been roting in the filth of the past.

For a company that’s based on the notion of legacies, one would think that DC would be far more forward-thinking that it has been for the last 10 years.

This is just more of the same.

Michael Sacal

July 7, 2010 at 6:28 pm

I do like how he signed it “after HG Porter”, further proving my point that artists have no problem crediting the original artist whose work they are replicating, while writers don’t do the same thing.

Michael Sacal

July 7, 2010 at 6:55 pm


I was being sarcastic with the JMS comment, heh.

Pierre Spengler

July 7, 2010 at 9:08 pm

@Claudio Pozas:

She’s riding a pony?? :-P

That’s a really poorly drawn horse, the old cover had a better drawn horse, and even though the old wonder woman isn’t drawn that well… the new one has more shading but her body is out of proportion, the legs hips and lower body are far too small

DC needs to get their act together. They are a complete mess now. I’m tired of it.


Sure, DC will get their act together after WW #600 sold like hotcakes.

It is more of a mess when you think WW averages at 25,000 around the whole of the damn country. Divide that comic book stores…ugh. Never mind keep her in a little box for her “hardcore” fans and no one else to enjoy.

Oh and good cover. I like he updated but kept the feel of the time period. I LOVE that horse.

Michael Sacal

July 8, 2010 at 7:27 am


Comic books are not sold solely in the United States, they are sold in Canada, Mexico, and elsewhere.

Is 25,000 copies a global number for all issues sold or just those sold in one single country?

I’m certain that it’s the former, meaning that the average per store worldwide is much smaller than you might think.

Michael Sacal

July 8, 2010 at 7:28 am


As an afterthought, having said the above, one needs to consider reprints in foreign languages, like those produced in Mexico in Spanish.

How much do those sell? I have no clue.

Well …thats really badly drawn. She looks very angry there and the classic costume dosent look “quite” right. Im just releived that this is a variant and not the official cover.Suffering Sapphos all round.

JH is great and I love this cover ! Haven’t picked up Wonder Woman since the first couple of issues of the relaunch, which I was kind of disapppointed in.

I hardly ever buy variants but I def want to get this one.

Cool that he credits H. G. Peters too.

…riding a pony?…She’s an AMAZON. She should dwarf the horse. And I’ll give 100 bucks to any commenter that can draw a better representation. Man, the internet is full nothing but sheep.

Just looked at this again with an eye towards criticism. Maybe I’m an idiot, but I still love this cover. Doesn’t look awkward or out of proportion either.

JHW III is one of the most esteemed artists of the last decade.

Tired old ideas from DC ? Puhleeze. DC is the grand old lion of the business. It’s got the most rich history of any publisher today. BTW, for those not in the know, DC is celebrating it’s *** 75 *** anniversary.

I’d say that’s def worth celebrating, esp considering they have THE most recognizable superheroine in the world.

Michael Sacal

July 9, 2010 at 7:04 am


Batman isn’t a woman… or, you meant Wonder Woman.

If she is the most recognizable heroine in the world, why change her costume and thus make her unrecognizabble?

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