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Japanese readers unsympathetic to OneManga fans

Sankaku Complex (warning: NSFW!) translated some reaction from commenters at the Japanese forum 2ch to the recent announcement that is shutting down. They weren’t particularly sympathetic:

One Manga

One Manga

“If you don’t release simultaneously with the Japanese release they will pirate them. They are that committed.”

“They get them even faster than the Japanese regions do. It’s too much…”

“What a bunch of crooks. They make a fortune off donations and advertising revenue. They pretend they are creators and heroes. I want to watch Hollywood movies and American dramas at the same time as their US release. Of course, for free.”

“Overseas manga is ridiculously expensive, so that’s probably behind One Manga’s popularity. However you look at it, ¥2,000 for a single volume is way too much.”

“If the prices drop they’ll just start using censorship as an excuse instead.”

“They wouldn’t buy even if it were cheap. Their anime is far cheaper than in Japan and they still won’t buy.”

The name-calling continues in a second post, in which the 2ch users react to the comments to the first post. What’s interesting here is that scanlators like to say that they are good for manga by promoting its popularity in other languages; the Japanese don’t seem to buy into that, and in fact some commenters complained that publishing unedited manga leads to a backlash:

1. Foreigners pirate our manga and develop a taste for it.

2. Foreign big-wigs say ‘This content is violent! Ban it, Japan!

(This in fact may be happening, but with regard to sex, not violence.) And to some extent, they are echoing the position of the publishers, who invest good money in paying creators and printing manga, only to see it posted online, illegally, for free. This happens in Japan too, of course, and there have been several cases of people obtaining manga chapters and posting them online before they are published in print magazines.

Incidentally, reports of the death of OneManga seems to be exaggerated; a quick check this morning shows that the most recent chapters of Naruto and Bleach are there, and the Bleach chapter was added on July 23, the day after the big announcement. And they just added new chapters of Ouran High School Host Club and Gakuen Alice, two more licensed manga in the past day or so.



yeah really why even supmit stuff if the site is going down in less than 7 days. Least Mangahelpers did it all in one swift move.

Yeah but it’s sad, I wouldn’t have half the manga’s I bought if one manga never existed, in fact I would’nt ever known those manga’s existed in the first place and wanted to buy them. If I read a great manga on one manga, I want to buy it so that I can read it when ever I want.

to be honest, if japanese think that people should not read their manga, dont sell it anywhere, onemanga at least get me to know many japanese mangs, so shut up people.


July 28, 2010 at 3:08 pm

I don’t really use OneManga anymore but I did use it to read Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, etc. there doing more good than bad how would I ever heard of Ichi the Killer, Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin, Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball, etc. if OneManga didn’t exist, I like the japanese and love them for the Manga and Anime they release but why are they being so stuck up, Japan your not North Korea, so shut up. Americans download most movies nowadays anyway instead of going to the theaters. OneManga is making manga more popular in other countries meaning more Volumes are sold and more money is made by the creator so shut up you stupid people…I thought you where better than this…

I totally agree with AkatuskiBuzai! Like what the hell Japan! Its unfair to take away something like onemanga, then make it sound like are fault. Anyways there should have been a vote!!!!!!

Hoooolyyyy shit, the mental gymnastics you guys are performing is making me dizzy. At least my roommate admits he’s stealing when he steals his entertainment and doesn’t try to make himself fell better about it.

LOL. Wow. I had no idea the posters on 2ch were as bad/worse than the people on 4chan. When you encounter that level of xenophobia, the piracy just becomes an excuse to hide behind to hurl insults at the “dirty gaijin (foreigners)”.

I don’t understand why everyone is making such a big deal out of this. Of course, mangas that are licensed shouldn’t be hosted, because you can buy them somewhere and read them. The problem arises when an english speaking person wants to be able to read something awesome and obviously in a language that they can’t read. The reason that american movies aren’t released overseas right away is that it’s a larger enterprise and they definitely don’t want to make a mistake in the translation. It’s the same with how long you have to wait to read new manga here, or to see super crappy dubs, where the voices are seriously lackluster. With manga the scanlators have a printed text that they as fans want to read, and they share that experience with other fans. Is that really so wrong. I don’t have little tokyo near me, I can’t get a shonen jump or other weekly releases even if I could read kanji. If functions like those don’t exist the market for those new series will decrease, just because english speakers won’t know what they are. Honestly I wouldn’t care if it was shut down, if right this moment I could go out and buy all of my favorite series for a reasonable price. Sheesh, everyone is acting as if there isn’t piriting everywhere. I can go buy scott pilgrim vs the world right now and it’s not even in theatres yet.

AkatsukiBuzai, I learned about all the titles you were talking about from legal sources. I watched DB and DBZ on tv which led me to buy them in comic book form from a shop. Ichi I learned about because I heard about Miike (and who hasn’t?) and went to theatres/bought/rented some of his movies. Rainbow I know of because Funimation/Hulu has been legally streaming the series. Same with Fairy Tales, but on crunchyroll.

I didn’t even know One Manga had any of those titles on their site. It’s possible to learn of great manga through sources that don’t promote piracy. I recommend reading this site for manga reviews/news, other review and/or news sites, talking to friends, asking people that work in comic book shop/book stores, surfing wikipedia and amazon, watching anime (and finding the titles they were based on for the ones you like), checking out other works by artists you like, and just looking at book shelves in stores. I learned about all of the titles you mentioned, and a lot of other good ones, all through those legal sources. You don’t need to rely on scan sites to learn about manga; there are plenty of other great ways out there.

Well i can understand the whole piracy thing but comon.One manga is was and will be remembered as one of the best manga sites do the day.If it wernt for onemanga i wouldent know half as much as i do about manga.It makes me sad to think that they are so petty that they get one site to be deleted when there are mostlikely 100 other reasons why they are losing money.For one i blame the publishers and translators for takeing so much F**king time to realese somthing everyone wants to read.If they could work half as efficent as the scanlators then they would probibly increase there revanue four fold!

I can only shake me head when I see the endless defenses of sites like OneManga. It’s stealing, folks. Yes, they’ve got away with it for years, but it was only a matter of time before the original Japanese companies decided they’ve lost enough money to this kind of thing.

Talk about all the books you learned to love because you saw them on OneManga first. That’s great, but still illegal. I’ve been reading comics and manga since most of the people complaining on here were probably born. Definitely longer than they were available on the internet. And I will say that you could just as easily do it the way we used to: buy volume one and see if you like it. Maybe you will find you wasted $10 to $12, or maybe you will find you like it. Also, Barnes & Noble have those chairs for a reason. Read a couple chapters before you buy it.

Or continue to read manga online the way you do. It’s by no means my place to tell you that you can’t. But please don’t complain when the site you read at gets shut down.

i read manga online on onemanga but it is not because i dont want to buy the manga, but it is because i live in the USA and it takes more then a year for volumes, and chapters to be released in english. they also block out alot of information because of american laws and audiance. they also only bring less then 25% of manga to america. i just hope they dont do this for anime because they make it sooooo much worse when they dub it in american. i think they should keep getting the rights to publish the manga and onemanga and others should pay companys based on the viewing.

I just think its unfair to take down a site like Onemanga without offering an alternative for those who cannot read japanese and/or live outside of japan. Quite simply, they should make their mangas available to view online when it becomes available in the magazines for the same price. Then if they could be as efficient at translating it as the current scanlators are, it shouldnt take them more than a week for an english one to be able to be sold to the public on the site as well.
If it’s simply for loss of revenue, then they should do this to create more revenue – hell i’d pay for it, who wouldnt?
I think that its not particularly bad as far as stealing goes, but i understand that keeping an archive of all chapters like Onemanga does could be an issue.

Without OM i don’t think i will watch great manga such as One Piece, Air Gear, Fairy Tail and etc.And guess what you! you guys are going to ban it and i wonder how others can find new manga while most of the popular manga website are banned.

There should be no reason to cancel it. If i did have scans i would to to a book store read them then leave. It doesnt matter scans or books there is no way im paying for the. Onemanga should just make a new site to get them of their backs.

noOMnolife—- VIZ has released over 55 volumes of One Piece, and put out more regularly, and Air Gear and Fairy Tail are both available and licensed from Del Rey

Yea im hating Japan right now, buts it’s not even onemanga, now mangafox is not allowing any naruto, bleach, d.gray- man or any manga that is liscened to be there! I hate it. It was this websites that I was able to read mangas cause i can’t buy them and now i can’t read them anymore. Japan will have a decrease in mangas and it will be all their fault!

I know there are other ways of finding mangas online, but a summary doesn’t cut it for me. And although yes you can read some at barns and noble, can you honestly tell me they have every manga? One manga and sites advertize the comic as well, they encourage you to buy it.

I know for one better then siting there for burning your eyes out on a computer screen. Something you can bring with you and don’t have to worry about a plug. Though the mangas sitting on a shelf at a store, they don’t inspire me to chose one. When I get to read a manga series online that I like that comes with a decription, tells me what genre, complete or not. It gives me something to look for when I look at those shelves or online to buy. And Im not the only one in this.

Not tonreally defend One Manga, but 2ch is full of cranky xenophobic shut-ins who don’t miss a chance to spew hyperbolic vitriol against foreign games, comics, animation, and fans. No one should take why these people say seriously. Just accept the fact that it is quite possibly the perfect example of
the Greater Internet $&@!wad Theory and move on.

I have mixed feelings about The Death of One Manga. One hand it was the best english-translated manga network in history and the popularity of Japanese comics owes a huge debt to its success. Because it had the complete collection of the Big Three it drew millions of people in and then you were able to see the extensive back library of other classic manga. However, there is the obvious problem: it is stealing. The publishers and mangaka are losing millions of dollars because instead of buying issues of Shonen Jump or the TPBs, they can just go on their and read it or download it to their desktop or IPHONE. I love Onemanga, but the truth is that I am surprised the publishers didn’t come down on the owners of the site sooner. As for me: I was on the website, but I also made it a habit to buy the books too as financial support. I bought Bleach chapter 28 first issue of Biomega even though I was familiar with both through onemanga.

Personally its a dillema: I want to support the publishers and I buy the books because I don’t want the bookstores to fall to the internet. But I’d be spending thousands of dollars I don’t have if I kept up with those series I read on Onemanga in book form and the convenience of going online is amazing. It would probably make the most logical sense if Viz or Tokyopop used the internet and a cheap monthly subscription so they can make money off of the internet (I’d definitely use it if the price is right).

I loved this website and I wouldn’t know about Fairy Tail, Naruto, and all those manga’s if it wasn’t for One Manga. It is easy to use, they even have old manges and their translation is the best and it’s shutting down.
I became a fan of many manges because of this, and the authors should be grateful that the reason why they have even more fans around the world is because of Free Manga. They wouldn’t have this many fans if it wasn’t for One Manga and their work.

One Manga Forever.

hear out people..
I dont mind reading it free [stealing], and i dont mind buying it either. but i always chose the easiest one which is….

All right. I just got on after being at a convention to find out that my favorite place to read up on manga is down. I’m sad. Somewhat embittered.

I don’t read the scanlations I can buy, i.e. Black Bird, Fairy Tale, etc. etc. I do read what I can’t go out and buy or can afford to go out and buy. Whoops, I can’t drop $12 on a book every couple of months when a new one comes out, paying up to $200 for a series of 20. I can’t do it. We’re in a recession, money is tight, and I have priorities.

So yes, I’ll admit that it’s stealing when you can buy it. Don’t sit on a high horse and try to tell me that it wasn’t or that it was evil of me to do so. Like you’ve never downloaded a song or any other internet content. It’s a new age, and people/companies have to adapt. If they’re going to lash out at manga communities, piss off potential customers, it might be their loss. Or somehow those embittered fans might go and drop a couple hundred on their books. The latter I doubt since I’m not paying to follow twenty or so mangas that I followed on OneManga. Don’t have the money. Those that have thousands at their disposal, be my guest.

I don’t see them making money from this venture as the internet is HUGE and there are plenty of other sites. I preferred OneManga because it was simple to use and didn’t attack my computer. Guess I might be screwed, but I’m not having anyone try to put me down or tell me I was in the wrong. :K I’ll be the friggin’ judge of that.

damn I almost finish the last chapter of fma but its ok though I dont really care for anime or manga anymore.I understand if japanese publishers want to get paid but dont talk about the fans of other countries like your better(because thats not the case) the are most likely youths anyway I dont understand do people like manga that much that it would even matter.I like naruto or bleach as much as the next guy but Iwouldn’t care if they ever make another episode or anime its not all that good or anthing(in my opinion).most people either buy a movie,burn or watch it free on stream sites same thing with music and both are suffering so why should I care about this?unless they bought every thing they read,watched or listened to dont complain FOREIGNERS and try keep to it in your own county weirdos

It’s not fair. One Manga brought manga to countries were it’s almos inacessible.I for example, live in Portugal, where are only a dozen or so stores that sell manga (not exclusively), and the prices are waaaay too high. It’s easy for japanese people to talk but their manga doesn’t cost as much as 11€ per volume. It’s too much for an average student’s pocket.

The only problem I have with this is: A lot of the manga that was on onemanga just… -isn’t- translated into English. That was the best part about scanlations. They aren’t exactly around, here in the US. Plus, there are so little places to obtain manga.

I dunno. I’m not offended if people steal our shows and movies. Do it, it’s available. We even do it for you.

Excuse me while I rofl, silly Japan:

OM introduced me to Manga, no other source, legal or otherwise, did that. No Manga, that I liked enough to buy, could I buy in the states. To be honest, I wouldn’t buy them anyways, let’s not hide the fact; they were free, and I would only read them if they remained free. But, let’s be honest too, Japan, you would do the EXACT same thing, don’t be so damn high and mighty, it’s too pretentious.

Basically, most of us do not care about the laws in Japan, were in America. We pirate crap all the time, so feel free to to join in our on movies and so on. You don’t buy them anyways, so there’s not much profit lost. Closing down the site I could read the material on (before releasing it all in the States) makes me want to keep reading the scans just to be a jerk about it.

I been reading and watching manga anime online for about 2 1/2 years now, if japan think that every reader reads for free without buying any manga books or videos their completely wrong, I have join the millions of non-japan/non-asian’s who fork out hundreds over the years on manga.

But I do believe half of the problem is ours, why you say because where as in japan their are TV channels that show manga anime on TV such as Gundam’d, Fullmetal Alchemist or Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, these and many more will not be shown on Western TV stations (in UK, USA, Canda, France, Spain) if japan publishers wish the best for manga artist whether in anime or comic books it is not by shutting down website that promote the reading/watching of manga on webiste such as Onemanga or other sites. But by getting western TV stations start buying and broadcasting manga anime and news so that japan publisher can past more money to the manga artist.

Manga Fan’s will never have enough money buy and support all the manga publications, but if they are turn into anime watch on world TV station with TV adverts supporting to earn cash it work out better for everyone Manga Fans, Publishers and Artist.

Then maybe Japan manga publisher & anime could start up an online ad supported web site like UK’s ITV Player where you could watch and read anime’s for free that have already been world TV broadcast / world solded. And it could called Manga Catchup (and the catch phrase would be:- watch /read the only license Japanese manga online free) and this site would make sure to promote Manga for Fans world wide and support Manga artist / Japan publisher.

If we the manga Fan’s done request for manga on our TVs, the japan publisher and artist mite be right it thinking that we done have right to watch or read it for free weather it promote the manga art or not what would be point of manga artist starving for his/her art.

World TV stations need to start buy and broadcasting manga movies / series and not just talking about one or two manga movies every 1 to 2 years that get air on TV station worldwide, we must request for Manga anime series, Manga comic book reviews, news and interviews it is not enough to watch youtube interview of a manga artist on fan blog website it should be broadcast on TV stations would wide.

Most TV stations world wide weather the BBC, ABC, CBS or NBC, etc… just name some that stick out think manga is a fad that there isn’t a large fan base worth throwing money at or that it would be hard to find commercial sponsors to support the manga programs and that they wouldn’t get enough people watching broadcast TV Manga other than in japan.

Please World Manga Fans, Please provide japan publisher and world TV station wrong by request manga series and talkshows to be broadcasted in your country and watch them and no I don’t mean baylade or pokemon although they are manga also.

thank you

UK Manga Fan forever


August 3, 2010 at 1:49 pm

I agree with removing content w/o some form of payment- that is fair. However a case in point is when a person is overseas or living in a country where there are no bookstores with manga and watching anything online is impossible to do due to streaming, then how will I be able to find out if there is something I would like to read?
Although it was piracy I was able to see a huge categorized selection of reading material. If they had subscriptions that paid the publishing companies I would of paid for it as long as the selection was organized and large.
What is my choice now? I have no book store to browse, I cannot watch the anime which we know will be several chapters behind and slightly off from the original manga, and there is no current sites that allow subscriptions. So my only choice right now is to goto amazon- oh wait they don’t deliver to Certain countries…like where I’m at now.

Please before removing something like this, have a way to offer it for the price you would like to sell it for. And do not make it so limited I give up on reading it all together.

Ok even I’m thinking this is a bit ridiculous. I can see where people in Japan are coming from. Yes, I also used OM to read manga. Thing is, I’m not heavy into was a passing interest. If I can read it for free ok, if not? Fine, I’m not gonna go out and waste money on it. Even if I was heavily into it..well, I’d still feel the same.

People keep saying “well how will I be able to read more manga now?!” Well, I guess you just don’t? Get into the various other forms of fiction we have in America or whatever country you are from. Do not act like you are entitled to these things, you are not. Manga are bigger in Japan then they are here, deal with it. You can’t get everything you want. It’s not going to be the end of the friggin world if you do not get to find out what happens in the next chapter of Naruto. Nor will you be completely devoid of any form of entertainment.

We are not talking about medicine or food, these are things you do not in anyway need in your life, nor are you lacking in other forms of entertainment, especially if you live in America.

Yes, it introduced some people to a lot of manga, great. People keep asking “well what will I do now?”. As I said, find some other form of entertainment and deal with it. Try reading comics or something. A good Superman comic is just as good as a good manga chapter.

In the end, let us remember: while it is cool to read these manga for free..yes you are stealing and NO these things are not detrimental to your survival. It is not the companies who publish manga’s job to entertain you for free just because you don’t have access or can’t afford their stuff. Bottom line? Find something else. If you can’t? Deal with it. These people do not care if they are increasing their fanbase if said fans are not actually paying for their products. It sucks, but deal with it. Do not in any way act like you are entitled or that they owe you anything. Find a new hobby, there’s plenty of stuff out there that is affordable and plenty of stuff that is still free on the internet.

Plus theres probably a good chance that another site like OM will come into existence eventually anyways.

@Surtur – LOL. Superman comic is NOT good as manga, not the good ones anyways. You deal with that.

And it doesn’t matter if Onemanga shuts down. Yes, it’s inconvenient, but as long as Baka-update is alive and kicking I can always find the manga and anime I want.

In fact, I’ve been reading more from Mangafox anyways because they have a wider variety to select from. It’s too bad they took down the licensed manga, but I can always download those from somewhere else.

But Onemanga was the site that introduced me to manga so it was slightly nostalgic to watch it die. I still can’t figure out how the Publishers thinks pissing people off like this will compel them to go spend money on their products… Most people don’t go randomly dropping $20 bills everywhere on volumes they don’t even know is good. The only conclusion is that the Publishers did it out of spite because SOMEONE was making money. -___-”

If you ask me the publishers, are really dropping the ball on this, rather than just making a concerted effort to take over digital distribution, they decided to cry over spilt milk as though shutting down sites and taking away that one option, won’t just force the community underground, to torrent sites and irc’s or just cause a whole new bunch to pop up. Its the same short sighted BS we get from idiot execs with masters degrees here in the US. If you’re not gonna provide some alternative, you will accomplish nothing, but forcing a more cautious approach to the piracy……

I don’t know if it’s that they’re stupid, or just don’t want to actually try, they surely are at no shortage of sponsors, they could easily air and publish this stuff in the West with commercial support, while charging fans nothing, either on the internet or TV. Mcdonalds just happens to be one of the biggest sponsors of anime “in japan”, An american company, yet you see their logo after the opening credits on more than a few anime…

They seem to follow a formula of, wait till US publisher picks up series, butchers it and throws on some half assed localization, kills half the fanbase or forces them to fansubs, then commence to complaining and scapegoating, wonder how thats been working out?

And tbh I’m not at all surprised by the scathing indignation over at 2ch, there are ignorant assholes everywhere, japan is no exception. The anonymity of the internet, tends to draw out the worst of the worst. I would expect this effect to be somewhat increased in japan, a country with a stand in line mentality, where people aren’t really encouraged to engage in too much self expression….

Just a thought, but wouldn’t a Japanese anime cable channel be pretty damn sweet? i’d gladly pay 10 bucks a month on that. No censorship, Japanese subs, and we’d finally get to see it on time in good form, legitimately….

Personally I’d wait for and buy the legally imported/localized releases (price be damned!) if the localization team didn’t do such a freakin’ hatchet job. There were like a DOZEN chapters just flat-out missing from the localization of “Blame!”. It’s not even a censorship thing- there was nothing more objectionable in the missing chapters than in the retained ones- they just didn’t bother. When you contrast this with people doing the same job for gits& shiggles – often doing a better job- in their spare time- usually for no money at all- then it’s hard to justify spending my hard earned lucre on a half arsed official release. I DO BUY MANGA- but not when I’m getting only half the story.

This problem is the same problem the music industry had. They fought DAT tapes, Mindisc, MP3 and CD burners. And in the end iTunes won because they created an easily accessible service that allowed people to buy exactly what they wanted at a price that was low enough that anyone could afford it.

Localized manga is on life support because it’s living in the past. Nobody wants to pay $10-15 for a single tankoubon that releases late, out of order, missing volumes, bad translations, etc. The scanlation groups survive because they do a much better job. It’s that simple.

What the publishers in Japan need to do is wise up to their foreign audience. We’re willing to pay and a lot of us want to pay, but the content either isn’t there or costs too much. Licensees like Viz are making money and hardly any of it goes back to the authors, even when the foreign audience does purchase manga legally.

Hire some translators, release in multiple languages side by side on Amazon, AmiAmi, CDJp, etc. Make digital versions slightly cheaper. This isn’t hard. But the industry doesn’t want to change to suit the times.

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