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JLA/The 99 #1 hits in October

JLA/The 99 #1

JLA/The 99 #1

More than a year ago DC Comics announced a JLA/The 99 crossover, featuring DC’s flagship team meeting up with Teshkeel Comics’ Muslim superheroes. Now DC’s The Source blog has revealed not only the cover to the first issue–hey, check out the new threads on Wonder Woman– but also the creative team and the release date. The first issue of the six-issue mini-series, by writers Stuart Moore and Fabian Nicieza with art by Tom Derenick, comes out in October.

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Does WW also have a Rogue thing going on with her hair now?

Its a shame we’ll never get to see WW original costume in a team-up with muslim superheroes.

It would have been hilarious

“Does WW also have a Rogue thing going on with her hair now?”

They’re called shadows

Fabian should be writing the main JLA book.

That Starro shadow is banging.

Great twist on a classic.

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