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Ooh, look, it’s Kevin Huizenga’s next book


On his blog, the great cartoonist Kevin Huizenga has posted some shots of The Wild Kingdom, his upcoming (and overdue) collection from Drawn & Quarterly starring his trademark everyman character Glenn Ganges. Okay, it’s not Wonder Woman in ’90s-Superboy’s jacket, but I for one am pretty darn excited.



Any new Huizinga is cause for joyous celebration.

It’s not Wonder Woman in her own Bolland-drawn 90’s jacket either.


God, I hope it doesn’t cost too much because I’ve really been looking to get into Huizenga.

This’ll cost $19.95, Chris…

Brian Nicholson

July 2, 2010 at 8:51 am

It’s also not the most accessible Huizenga work. It seems like a hardcover reprint, with added color, of Or Else 4, from a couple years ago. There might be slight changes or new pages, but it’s a fairly abstract comic. Not in the sense of “Abstract Comics,” where there’s no narrative, but- it’s almost like a Godard thing, a series of variations on a theme of man’s interaction with nature, sometimes getting really dense with text. I think it’s brilliant, but for someone looking to get into Huizenga, I would go with the second issue of Ganges or something along those lines, which is much more straight-forward.


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