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Paul Pope does the Beatles

Abbey Road by Paul Pope

Abbey Road by Paul Pope

Come together, right now, over the author of Batman Year 100: Yesterday Paul Pope posted a sketch of the iconic cover of the Beatles’ swan song Abbey Road. It kinda makes me want to see bearded, white-suited John Lennon have sexy science-fiction adventures, but then again, I usually do.



I want to see a Vertigo John Lennon series written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Paul Pope YESTERDAY.

Sean, like your idea about Abbey Road era Lennon having some zany sci-fi adventures as illustrated by P. Pope.


July 10, 2010 at 8:02 am

How awesome would that be? Lennon kicking alien ass, flying through space with his hippie beard protecting him from the cold vacuum, his white suit never tarnishing. I’ll get Yoko on the blower and see if I can set this in motion.

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