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Project: Rooftop Invitational redesigns the Justice League


Project: Rooftop is hosting their first “invitational,” where they’ve asked various artists to redesign the members of the Justice League for a “jam” piece they’ll unveil over the coming weeks.

“I obviously love superheroes and superhero teams in general, but there’s something special about the JLA,” wrote the site’s co-founder, Dean Trippe. “The League roster is typically anchored by Superman and Batman, the first two superheroes, known as the World’s Finest for a reason, and Wonder Woman, the most iconic and recognizable superheroine of all time. Collectively now referred to as DC’s Trinity, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman merge the science fiction, crime-fighting, and mythological elements common to superhero origins into the foundation of a very strange universe, made accessible to all three through their mutual friendship.”

The first member to get the redesign treatment is Wonder Woman, by artist Paul Maybury:


“I regret not thinking of a tiny jacket,” Maybury joked in an email. Trippe said they’ll unveil a different member every week for the next few months.

In other P;R; news, the site is also looking for Captain America redesigns.


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The top image includes Black Canary but is missing Green Arrow (and Firestorm if they are considering the Satellite League).

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