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Quote of the day | Mark Waid quits reading superhero comics

boom_mark_waid_nycc_0920copy“Annnnd today was the day I stopped reading super-hero comics. One that I won’t name finally broke me. Collection stops as of now. No joke.”

— longtime superhero-comics writer Mark Waid. You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you! God damn you all to hell!



Uau, I understand why he didn’t name the comic, but I sure would like to know which one it was.

Let’s guess which comic it was!

Titans: Villans for Hire?

Was it Rise of Arsenal #3? Huh, was it?!

Brightest Day, maybe?

??? Isn’t Waid still writing superhero comics, both for Marvel and BOOM? I would assume that writing them would require him to read at least some superhero comics. Or is he just saying that he’s stopped buying and/or collecting them?

I’m going with any of the more recent “Second Coming” installments. That story has officially reached the level of mind-numbingly stupid.

He later said that he was “just sick of reading the same story 100 times in the last three years”, if that helps the guessing game any. I do think he meant something from this week.

green lantern, batman maybe? some trash written by bendis?

Someone should give him a copy of Thor & the Warriors Four. He will never quit super hero comics after reading that book.

Interesting remark, considering I’ve felt superhero comics have been more diverse lately. But then, I read what sounds interesting to me and I’m a tradewaiter. So I dunno. It’s his money; personally I’d get bored with comics if I didn’t have a little capes into the mix.

That’s funny cause I stopped reading Mark Waid comics not too long ago.

which comic did it? my guess: Looney Tunes #188.

Did a Flash, Superman, or Kingdom Come-character-related book come out this week?

Mebbe something LSH related, perhaps?

I bet it was Irredeemable #15 that did it.

is it Shadowland? didn’t read it, but heard it started the same way Civil War and Siege did…

Knowing Mark Waid’s love of Superman, I’m guessing he just read Superman #700.

Waid is such a drama queen. He says this knowing people will speculate, might as well say what you mean and be done with it.

Gregory P. Cashman

July 9, 2010 at 11:53 am

It was probably Shadowland. Hopefully DD killing Bullseye is some sort of fake out, but if it isn’t, that’s mega stupid.

Maybe if all the rest of the over-age fanboys would grow up and do the same, it would stop the downpour of shit super-hero comics have become. You know who you are.

My personal rule is to not slam the door behind me when I quit something. Because there’s always a chance I’m going to change my mind, and I don’t want to be in a position where I have to either go back on something that I said or adhere to a decision that doesn’t make sense to me anymore.

I assume, given Mark Waid’s history and job, that he’s going to find it difficult to get by without reading any more superhero comics. I also think that this stance is probably unnecessary on his part, given the existence of quite a few good superhero comics. So if he’s going to hold himself to his announcement, well, I don’t really see what he’s getting out of it; it seems quite to his disadvantage. And if he’s not going to hold himself to it, why say it?

Up to him, of course; to paraphrase Yogi Berra, if Mark Waid doesn’t want to read something, nobody’s going to stop him. But in general I recommend against this kind of stand.

I’m a big Waid fan but I find these comments disturbing, maybe he should just stop reading that particular comic or the guy who wrote the comic’s books. But when people start with these proclamations about superhero comics it actually comes accross pretty ridiculous, when there are plenty good comics out there that you can read and enjoy.

Shadowland is the one that comes to my mind…

Suckie McSuck

July 9, 2010 at 8:14 pm

I enjoyed Shadowland but I bet that’s what it was. The part about him reading the same story over the last three years is the tip-off.

I’m betting it was Flash 232

My initial guess was Superman #700 given the quote of the week attributed to Waid recently where he made fun of the concept. Although, I guess he knew what he was getting into with Superman #700, so it might be something else.

Guys working in entertainment rarely watch much work from their respective field anyway. I would bet that most comic pros don’t read comics.

I have a feeling he’s making fun of Alan Moore and the tendency of the comic book fandom press of taking these types of comments seriously.

Yeah, I think he’s just venting. He’s still producing his own superhero comics after all. Besides it makes for free publicity.

It isn’t as if ALL superhero comics are being made the same way. Even I, who quit buying DC comics in 2006 after I realized DC was NOT going to turn less grim-and-gritty like they’d hinted they would, still check out Marvel, Image etc. Not entirely happy with all of them, but at least I don’t have the certainty that the people in power will ruin a series in the blink of an eye if it suits their plans there. Not yet, anyway.

Btw, I recall a small controversy around the time of Infinite Crisis because Waid mentioned that DC was lightening up and DC quickly stated that they’d never actually promised it. I wonder if that was a real incident or just an arranged publicity stunt?

Simon DelMonte

July 11, 2010 at 5:27 pm

His loss.

I wonder what he IS reading. Being someone who finds most non-superhero comics a bore, I would like to know.

Simon –

You realize that “non-superhero comics” is a pretty wide category, encompassing many different styles, aesthetics and creators. And you find MOST of them boring? That’s a pretty big blanket generalization and it implies that superhero comics are better and less boring by comparison… nobody who’s read superhero comics lately should think so highly of them.

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