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Quote of the day | Tom DeFalco, on current comics and Spider-Girl: The End

Spider-Girl: The End #1

Spider-Girl: The End #1

“I think there are a number of factors. For one, tastes change. I like to do stories that are paced a lot faster than the current style. I hate to see comics that have people standing around talking like they’re in a radio drama — a drama that is told entirely through dialogue. I actually enjoy a good radio drama, but radio is radio and comics are comics. I prefer to keep the action flowing with visual bits or sequential story-telling. I also go for broader action and emotional scenes. […] Another factor is that I doubt many editors are currently reading my stuff. They remember me from when they were growing up and just assume they won’t like my writing now that they’re older. They think of Spider-Girl as a comic for ‘young kids’ and don’t think I’m capable of producing work for their ‘more mature’ titles. I can understand why they feel that way.”

– writer Tom DeFalco, explaining why he thinks the recently canceled Spider-Girl “is probably the last monthly comic book I will ever write for Marvel Comics”




July 21, 2010 at 11:23 am

DeFalco is throwing such a hissy fit. Spider-girl was canceled because it didn’t sell. If the new one doesn’t sell you can bet she’ll suffer the same fate. Why doesn’t he try pitching something?

Yeah it was all a sales thing. His book did not sell and Marvel gave him a ton of chances. The series did last for like 10 years so that’s actually pretty amazing and surprising in this business environment. I think Marvel was ready to try something different and have the character of Spider-Girl actually tie into the main Marvel continuity.

read the article rather than this one quote. Defalco used to be the eic at marvel. he knows what he’s talking about. after arana flopped the first time, he utilized her in spider-girl even though a lot of fans saw her as an attack on mayday. he’s a good sport and i dont think its fair to say he is throwing a ‘hissy fit’. a fan mentioned on an article for the new spider-girl series that people shouldn’t wish ill will towards books and creators. this is their job. they pay their bills with these books. if they want to be upset because their book is ending, thats fair, but defalco has been nothing but professional EVERY TIME marvel tried ending this book.

I feel bad for Defalco. I mean, I’m not a fan of his writing (it’s wannabe Stan Lee, without the emotional depth) and I haven’t read Spider-Girl in years (It just lacked freshness), but it’s sad that a defacto legend in the industry can see a forced retirement in his very near future.

I agree with him though that comics work way better when they involve action to get across their drama and not just pages of dialogue. If my choice was between Bendis at his wordiest or Defalco at his actioniest, I think I would have to go wtih Defalco.


But really, five to ten years from now I’m sure May Parker will be back and better than ever.

I really hope this is not the end fo the Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz books. Theya re a golden team. I’d love to see them start working on some new titles maybe ever Spider-Man Forever picking up where they were kicked off Spidey.

Sorry, I don’t mean to sound mean here but I hope this is the last work he does for Marvel, because IMO his writing was never that good and he nearly destroyed two of Marvel’s franchises in the 80s/90s. His runs on Thor and Fantastic Four were easily the worst on either and turned a lot of people off of those characters. There’s a reason why FF had to be “reborn”, and that was that interminable run by DeFalco and Ryan. I’d be polite and call it mediocre, but that’s too easy on it, it was horrible.

And the only reason he was able to stay on the books as long as he did was because he was the EiC and no one could tell him he was ruining the books.

His Spider-Girl stuff was never much better, from it’s ham handed narration (“You are May Parker, yadda yadda.”) to it’s cardboard characterization.

I know he has fans, but their numbers grow smaller and smaller as time goes on, and it’s obvious that part of it is nostalgia for a period of Marvel that IMO was one of it’s worst.


July 21, 2010 at 2:31 pm

Please. DeFalco was never as good as Bendis at his peak. Ultimate Spider-man was and is leagues better than Spider-girl will ever be, and he’s never written anything remotely as good as Daredevil or Alias.

People really don’t understand the difference between “Good,” “Better,” and “Different”.
If you don’t like it, it doesn’t mean it’s not good, it might just be different–or maybe better.
It could be worse, but perhaps not.

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