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Quote of the day | Warren Ellis, on the resurrected ‘Shoot’

Hellblazer: Shoot

Hellblazer: Shoot

“I remember that, at the time, someone telling me that the stance was that Paul Levitz would not release the book so long as he was running DC. It never occurred to me that a new regime would feel differently.”

– writer Warren Ellis, responding to news that his 1999 Hellblazer story “Shoot,” which was never published as a result of the Columbine shootings, will finally be released under the new “Vertigo Resurrected” banner



So the unpublished HellBlazer comic will finally be released? Makes one wonder if they’d choose the previous colourist for the job, back when Ellis was still writing the series.

Karl A Russell

July 16, 2010 at 12:49 pm

Do we know how far they got in the production back then? If it was already coloured then I suppose Vertigo would just go with that, but if not then they could go with anyone, or even run it in black and white. Most people with an interest in the book will have already seen the black and white scans online – Ellis even linked to them himself a while back – so they could even leave it that way.

“Vertigo Resurrected” … I wonder if we’ll see any of Rick Veitch’s unpublished Swamp Thing comic under that banner.

I can hope, but I ain’t holding my breath.

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