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Scott Pilgrim and the Incredible Action


I post this new international poster for Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (via Heidi MacDonald via Empire) mostly to ask our illustrious readers the following question. I understand how SP‘s origin as an independent comic, its use of music by indie/alt-rock icons Beck, Broken Social Scene, and Metric, and the presence of Quirkmeisters General Michael Cera and Jason Schwartzman is the collective lens through which a lot of people are viewing the thing. But am I the only person who’s got it on a “movies to see this summer” list that includes Predators, Neil Marshall’s Centurion, and Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables — seeing it first and foremost as an action movie rather than a whimsical hipster romantic comedy, in other words? I’m always excited for movies that introduce a new way to shoot action and combat to Western audiences, from Saving Private Ryan to The Matrix to 300 to Speed Racer, and I think what Wright (and of course the source, Bryan Lee O’Malley) are up to in Scott Pilgrim might do exactly that. What say you?



As someone who has little to no interest in the comic, or hipsterism or music, yes I saw the trailer as a big action comedy that I am very much looking forward to in the vein of the other films you mentioned. I’m also simply looking forward to it as “hyped for Edgar Wright’s new movie”.

I think that’s a sound reading. The books are basically comedic indie slife with wonderful wierdness. The fights are very much ancillary. Whereas I think the proportions will be totally reversed for the film.

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