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SDCC ’10 | All hail Stan Lee, lord of Asgard!

Stan Lee, surveying his domain

Stan Lee, surveying his domain

Of the many wonderful Stan Lee photos that have surfaced over the years — draped in a cape, (unintentionally) flipping us off, lying in bed, laughing with President Bush — this one, from, of the Man himself frowning from Odin’s golden throne is by far my favorite. In case you don’t recognize the setting, it’s the Asgardian throne room from Thor reconstructed for the Marvel booth at Comic-Con International.




July 23, 2010 at 11:12 am

That’s Kirby’s throne. Stan’s is the throne of Lavteria.

DetectiveDupin: My goodness, aren’t you people TIRED of the whole “Stan Lee raped Kirby’s legacy, so let’s trash him at every waking opportunity” thing? Can we never just enjoy Stan Lee’s eccentric, goofy old man ways without some snark comment?

Oh wait…DUH!!! The internet. Without it, you guys wouldn’t have a voice at all…My bad, carry on…

The Ugly American

July 23, 2010 at 11:57 am

Was he really going there with his comment, Leroy? Or was he just making an observation of the two primary thrones we see in early Marvel?

I’m guessing snark.

i’m going snark too…usually that happens when you mention Kirby with Lee now…such a shame. Of all who hates this arguement, it be Lee the most. Not because of the arguement itself, but Kirby was a friend. I bet if he could go back, he would give him a better share for his characters.

But yea the picture…. HAIL LEE!

Stan is thinking “How do I flush this thing?”

Great picture, Stan deserves the credit. Not that Kirby doesn’t. But Stan not only co-created those characters but he also created this character of himself that the fans can enjoy just as much. He’s like that great uncle who’s fun to listen to tell old stories about the good old days. Plus Stan never flipped anyone off, that was photoshoped. You might already know that and were joking, just want to make sure. Stan was shooting web like Peter Parker.

Great photo. Stan toiled for years in obscurity until he started the Marvel Age with Jack and Steve, so it’s great he’s around to see these big budget productions and get some time in the sun. It’s a shame Jack is no longer with us, too. It would have been wonderful to see them both together, sharing the limelight and acclaim.

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