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SDCC ’10 | Chloe Sullivan to appear in Jimmy Olsen’s Action Comics co-feature

Back in 2007, there was talk of Smallville‘s Chloe Sullivan making the jump from the long-running TV show to the comics world. It ended up not happening at the time, but if you’re a fan of the character played for so long by Allison Mack, you’re in luck — Chloe will appear in the Jimmy Olsen co-feature that’s debuting in Action Comics #893 and being written by Nick Spencer.

Here’s a teaser image, featuring both Jimmy and Chloe, courtesy of DC’s the Source:

Jimmy Olsen and Chloe Sullivan

Jimmy Olsen and Chloe Sullivan



Neat! I can’t wait for this.

Her hair needs to be much more flippy!


I love this news. I loved the pairing of Jimmy & Chloe. I know a lot of Chlarkers will be pissed but I LOVE IT!

Jimmy & Chloe were fabulous when Chloe wasn’t being an ass on the show.

What, again? Haven’t they announced that she’d be used in the comics about five times now?

The Jimmy stuff was the weakest part of Chloe’s story, though. I mean, she starts off as an ersatz-Lois and is currently (series 9, UK) an ersatz-Oracle, which is bad enough, but Jimmy? He was a booby prize (if you’ll pardon the unfortunate allusion to their original off-screen summer fling). She’s Clark’s best friend. She’s Clark’s conscience, at least to begin with, and all those roles are already taken, in the comics.

She’s not like Harley Quinn, who was (as far as I can see) a completely original creation. It really just sounds like they’re creating a brand-new character with no…real…connection…huh.

Okay. Got it. This is DC Comics: she’s the Modern-Age Chloe Sullivan.

Wonder if they’ll ever show the Wacky Silver-Age Muu-Muu version? Groovy headtrips and all?

Hands up for a “Chloe versus The Prez” mini-series!


How can Chloe be introduced to the comics through Jimmy Olsen when Smallville knocked off HENRY James Olsen and had her pass off her ex’s camera to his little brother? Is that her role, the lady who gave him his first camera? The sketches do make her look older than Jimmy. Love the real Chloe Sullivan but I doubt this intorduction will be very satisfying.

The cartoon version of Chloe Sulllivan looks more like a younger version of one of Smallville’s producers, Kelly Souders. Ha ha ha!

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