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SDCC ’10 | DC’s Weird Worlds to feature ‘monsters as superheroes’

Garbage Man

Garbage Man

DC Comics is putting the “weird” back into the DCU with the launch of Weird Worlds, a new title that will feature three characters — the first of which will be Aaron Lopresti’s Garbage Man. “Monster books, they’ve become horror books in the last fifteen years, but I want to get back to monsters as superheroes,” Lopresti said of the character. No word yet on when the book will come out or who the other two characters are.



Looks like Swamp Thing.

@DrtBts: Well he was supposedly working on a swamp thing book for Vertigo before it was pulled out from under his feat. Guess making his own Swamp Thing is the next best thing

Definitely a nod to the Swamp Thing movie, yes. But with the barrel in the back ground, this also looks like The Toxic Avenger.

” this also looks like The Toxic Avenger.”

If the Toxic Avenger wasn’t a) half assed like all things Troma, and b) so tongue in cheek it loses all relevance and meaning, and c) done with a bit of intelligence.

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