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SDCC ’10 | John Byrne’s Next Men return at IDW

Next Men

Next Men

IDW Publishing announced yesterday that John Byrne’s Next Men will return with new stories in December.

“When John started working for us three or four years ago, two things happened, and have been happening pretty much every month since then,” said IDW’s CCO/Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall. “I’ve been asking John about doing new Next Men comics, and fans have been e-mailing me demanding that we do new Next Men stories. Happily, after all this time, John is going to quiet us all down and do just that.”

Debuting in 1991, Byrne’s Next Men originally ran for thirty issues and a standalone prequel graphic novel, 2112. Next Men ceased publication in 1995 and left fans with a cliffhanger at the end of issue 30.

IDW has previously collected the existing Next Men material, in two black and white “Compleat” volumes and oversized Premiere Edition hardcovers, the third volume of which will be available in stores in September.



I have been waiting, what, FIFTEEN GOD DAMNED YEARS, and I’m not sure I care anymore.

I’d probably be more interested in a Danger Unlimited revival.

I don’t care how long it’s been, this is good news. And yes, if Byrne had the time and/or inclination, I’d really like to see him bring back Danger Unlimited and, heck, even “Babe” was starting to go somewhere.

More Byrne comics is always a plus, I say.

Having recently read the entire run in the past couple months, I for one am excited by this news.

nice to see next men return and to finaly learn the characters fates after issue 30. plus the legendary Bryne doing comics again is a win.

Aldus Hilltop

July 25, 2010 at 5:11 pm


Great news! I was almost losing hope that I’d ever see those characters again.

It has also been announced that John Byrne will be doing a Jurassic Park project for IDW. Good to see him working at so many different projects lately.

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

His old stuff was better.

i’m looking forward to this (though i would actually like to get a little more danger unlimited probably a little more). i just hope that he’s been phoning it on on some of the stuff he’s been doing recently because on some of those, i felt the art was a bit lacking. not that i would blame him for using up some of his anytime minutes for a paycheck, i just want him to come strong like he did in the first 30 issues.

Having read the entire run about a year ago, I’m not very excited by this news. I really think that Byrne waiting so long squandered a lot of good will and enthusiasm fans had for the series. Still, I’m happy for the fans who are looking forward to this. It’s always nice to get closure. Heck, I may even pick up the eventual trade.

Now if only IDW would reprint those Next Men hardcover in all the same sizes!

Louis Bright-Raven

July 27, 2010 at 8:34 pm

Well, it’s about damned time. Hopefully he’ll still have his heart in it and it’ll do well for him and for the fans who have been waiting for it for the past 15 years. *fingers crossed*

Like previously mentioned some of his for hire work felt” phoned in”. Some of his recent work that stood out was on The Atom for D.C. comics. The inking was fantastic,really made his artwork pop(like the old days). Wish he would work with that inker again,but to keep cost down he will do everything himself.

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