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SDCC ’10 | Red Hulk joins the Avengers in November

Avengers #7 variant

Avengers #7 variant

Marvel announced yesterday at the “Marvel: The Heroic Age: Avengers” panel that a Hulk is returning to the Avengers — the Red Hulk, that is. According to the panel report by CBR’s Kiel Phegley, the Red Hulk will join the Avengers team November’s issue #7 at the start of the second arc.

The variant cover for the issue by Ed McGuinness is up top, and you can see the cover by John Romita Jr. on



This is good news. Bendis will write him tons better than Jeph Loeb ever did

Damn you Jeph Loeb for completely destroying the Hulk with such crap storylines and not focusing on Bruce Banner

Why? Why put a character that was a bad idea to begin with on a good team?

Best to let him fade away into obscurity and be done with the whole idea.

“Why? Why put a character that was a bad idea to begin with on a good team?”

Because just because the internet hates something doesn’t mean it’s bad. In fact, sales speak louder than bitchy little internet nerds.

Red Hulk sells. And there’s a reason: Red Hulk is fun. Just like the Gray Hulk was. He’s ruthless but at his core not evil. He does things that are entertaining and it makes sense of the character, who has always been obsessive and slightly off his rocker, to now give that angry obsessive character Hulk powers IS a good idea. Especially when, in the end despite his tactics aside from his obsessive hatred of Hulk he is not evil. If he can set aside his obsessive mad on for the Hulk, Red Hulk can be a hero, a potentially troublesome and slightly amoral hero, but the man’s a lifelong soldier, he was knows that often the only way to stop an enemy is to kill them so dead they can’t get back up.

I know most internet loudmouths hate Rulk, but they are not the voice of the majority of readers, and they are not relevant, really, if the story will sell (and Rulk sells), and the creators are interested in it, why shouldn’t Marvel do it?

Just because you got hangups, doesn’t mean the rest of us should not enjoy something.

And people who biatch about Jeph Loeb’s Hulk run are…kinda missing the point, it was about taking a title that had for years been anything but fun and making it fun again. Planet Hulk/World War Hulk cleared the decks and said “These characters are still interesting.” then Loeb came in and said “These characters can still be FUN.”

Abusive. screw-loose fathers always make the best Avengers.

Yeah, I dig this. Rulk is a refreshingly fun character, even if he’s technically an old character. Literally old, actually.

…Loeb is g’damn yo-yo when it comes to…quality.


here here dude well said.

My favorite Alan Moore in the past decade and a half was Tom Strong, not Promethea, not LOEG, but pure, heroic Tom Strong.

Similarly, I enjoy Bendis’s Avengers work in the past year or so because it’s taken a turn towards the hopeful and bright, Immonen is a real good choice for New Avengers v2 because it’s….Avengers 2.0 characters who shouldn’t have been shunted away in the 80s and early 90s but brought into the Avengers fold, instead of handing all the Avengers vests (Damn you Bob Harras), these are the characters who should’ve been brought in instead of buried. It’s why I think Bendis and Quesada are smarter than the net fans let on, they know that the late 80s and most of the 90s were a horrible time for Marvel comics, they can’t admit it openly, but many of these fans only know that period of Marvel from their hazy rose tinted memories of how awesome the Crossing and Clone Saga were. And they frustrate the hell out of me because those stories were anything but awesome.

That these people, who often pine for Ben Reilly, hate Rulk is a symbol of how much Rulk works.

There’s something to say for pissing off the right type of people.


July 24, 2010 at 11:41 am

I don’t have anything negative to say, I’ll just see how this works.

And after #24 Loeb is off Hulk anyway, with Jeff Parker writing a ‘redemptive’ arc for Red Hulk. So all the biatching could be moot, one good story can change perceptions of any character.

And I tend to think the perception is off kilter because of the net’s mad on for Loeb.

In this, the internet is quite like Rulk, as it’s irrational hatred of Loeb is nearly as silly as Rulk’s irrational hatred of Hulk/Banner.

Hopefully Parker can put a cap on that and we can see Rulk as a counterpoint to Hulk, a permanent Mr. Fixit type, strategic and ruthless, but out for the greater good.

Well, good thing I was planning to drop this title anyway.

I disagree with most I love the red hulk and thought the book was very entertaining I also thoght loeb did an awesome job with the storyline and very disappointed to find out he won’t be working on the title anymore, they were meant to be fun and entertaining maybe a hit simplistic but in a good way and very fun. Adding him to the avengers is an awesome idea and will help to add another heavy hitter to the team other then just Thor, it has started to become a little old that every time a really strong or powerful villain shows up its always on thors shoulders to handle it now maybe he can get a little break. Let’s not forget that Rulk actually defeated Thor which not many can say they have that notch on their belt. I think its a great idea and should help make avengers just that much better and interesting, the only downside is that loeb will be missed on hulk and I for one think that him millar and bendis are some of if not the best writers on the marvel staff all of their work stands out in my mind and pretty much everyone else is just second tier compared to those three.

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