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SDCC ’10 | Rob Lowe to voice Captain Marvel on Young Justice cartoon

The Magic of Shazam!

The Magic of Shazam!

Rich Sands from TV Guide Magazine is reporting that actor Rob Lowe will be yelling “Shazam!” on the Cartoon Network’s upcoming animated series Young Justice. The star of such films as St. Elmo’s Fire and, more recently, TV shows The West Wing and Brothers & Sisters, will play the role of Captain Marvel on the new series.

Sands notes that because he’s really a kid, Captain Marvel “will bond more easily with the younger heroes.” Producer Greg Weisman says that Shazam will be an important recurring character in the series, so this could ultimately involve multiple episodes for Lowe.

Sands also reports that the Young Justice cartoon will get a sneak preview during the Batman: The Brave and the Bold tomorrow morning in San Diego. I thought it was kind of odd that there was no Young Justice panel at the show.



This likely explains the cancellation of theJohnny DC Shazam book — he’ll be appearing in the probable Young Justice tie-in book.

Hopefully, we’ll be able ot figure out why the Brave & Bold animated comic was cancelled at the panel this weekend.

I don’t think Rob Lowe will be yelling “Shazam!” that often since he’d transform back to Billy Batson every time.

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