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SDCC ’10 | There’s got to be a morning after

Absolute All-Star Superman

Absolute All-Star Superman

A quick round-up of Comic-Con updates, additional announcements and interesting links:

• Warner Bros. Animation officially announced a DC Universe Original Movie based on All-Star Superman, the award-winning series by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. The direct-to-DVD animated feature, set for release in spring 2011, is written by Dwayne McDuffie, who calls the series “one of the greatest stories in comic book history.”

• has additional details about one of the more interesting announcements from the convention, Fantagraphics’ partnership with Disney to publish the complete Mickey Mouse comic strips by Floyd Gottfredson. The collections will be released beginning in May at a rate of two volumes a year. They will retail for $29.99.

• Tom Spurgeon rounds up the selections from the Thursday panel “The Best and Worst of Manga 2010.”

• Speaking of Spurgeon, his “Notes from the Convention Floor” posts are, as usual, well worth reading: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4.

• I enjoyed Todd VanDerWerff’s coverage of Comic-Con for The A.V. Club, including his visit to Artists’ Alley, and this broader post in which he questions whether the convention is “worth serious news coverage.”

• In the midst of Comic-Con, the Los Angeles Times rolled out a look at digital comics and their potential impact on the industry. “Comic book stores have a very close relationship with their customers,” says author and critic Douglas Wolk. “But the old-school collectors are aging, and it may be that the print comic goes away eventually. There is an entire generation of readers who is not interested in physical copies.”

• Grant Morrison chats briefly with about his newly announced series Batman Inc.

• Is it just me, or are the round-ups of convention “winners and losers” pretty much meaningless? I’m sure Snakes on a Plane was declared a “winner” of whichever Comic-Con it was promoted — 2006, maybe? — and we all know how that played out.



The idea of All-Star Superman being stuffed into one those 90 minute DVDs isn’t thrilling me.

Maybe if they break it up into a trilogy of something.

Wasn’t Jonah Hex named. “winner” last year, and Avatar a “loser”?

“Batman Inc. is Brave and the Bold meets Just Cause or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare! That’s my pitch! Throw in a dash of Mission Impossible and a pinch of The Magic Christian and it’s nearly there.”

only Grant Morrison could compare something to both Call Of Duty and The Magic Christian in the same sentence and have it all somehow, inexplicably, magically, make perfect sense. Great IGN interview! Really looking forward to this new Bat-book now.

How would one trim down All Star Superman? I had this same debate before the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie, when I realized it was supposed to cover the entire first season. Granted, the Airbender movie is crap.

You’d just do the whole story in the style of the first page:







And so forth.


That Todd VanDerWerff piece on Artists Alley is really, really good.

Yes, but the Last Airbender movie SHOULDN’T have been crap… That’s the thing. The source material is fantastic (one of my favorite shows ever, NOT just “one of my favorite animated shows ever). Besides needing a different director and needing the show’s creators to have scripted the damned thing, not to mention better casting in almost every role, the movie should’ve been a 2 & 1/2 hour epic along the lines of the LOTR and Harry Potter movies. But I digress.

I can’t imagine trimming All Star Supes down to 90 minutes (or likely less) either… Why even bother? Oh, right because most people love the series so DC/WB figures that will sell. A-S SUpes might work as a miniseries for Adult Swim or HBO, but otherwise I can’t imagine this working. Again, great source material (and I’m not a big Morrison fan at all) but it’s likely to lack in execution.

Honestly, these DCAU direct to DVD movies have been mostly a bust. A shame that we didn’t get more of the Justice League TV series instead… I thought that show ended poorly, but for the most part it was great stuff.

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