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SDCC ’10 | Watch the DC Universe Online ‘cinematic teaser’

Black Adam vs. Green Lantern in DC Universe Online

Black Adam vs. Green Lantern in DC Universe Online

WB Games, DC Entertainment and Sony Entertainment Online have released a five-minute trailer for its hotly anticipated massively multiplayer online role-playing game DC Universe Online. Called “Who Do You Trust?”, the short film — that’s what it is, really — is dark, compelling, action-packed and, frankly, downright amazing. And I say that as someone who doesn’t play video games.

Watch “Who Do You Trust?” after the break. DC Universe Online is set to debut in November.



Amazing! Can’t wait for this.

Looks fantastic… I pray I’m not the only one who thought WW’s shoulder was her boob when superman got to her… oh dear

Ha! I thought the same thing on first viewing.

Snapper52, you are SO NOT ALONE.

Man, I am not going to be playing this because I’d get much too into it.

Amazing. Why can’t they make movies in that way? Is it too expensive to do?

oh my god. Amazing.

Just watched it again. Yeah, that’s pretty awesome the second time around, too.


I need Kevin Conroy’s voice to express the pure epicness of it all.

This Looks AWESOME!
Why is the 1st thing superman said Batman

Wow. Man i cant preorder this game until i move.

That was amazing. I’m definitely interested in playing this but I don’t know if I can swallow $15 a month.

The animation is nothing short if breathtaking–really quite extraordinary

But the characterization seems a bit off:

For instance, I’m not sure what separates the future conflicts from those of our modern DCU–except that Batman is dressing more like his film counterpart, and everyone’s powers are just a bit wonky (why is Flash so SLOOOW, why is Superman so INSANE, and why is GL’s power ring so WEAK that is can be destroyed by Black Adam)

All of the battle is nothing new, it would seem that given the proper circumstances these precise moments might have played out fifteen years ago, or yesterday–I’m not complaining, simply observing a logical inefficacy–because given a character like Black Adam’s general MO, if he could that easily kill a Green Lantern (with a Wally West thrown in for measure) why hasn’t he taken on the Earth-based corpsmen yet, in their sleep, one by one

And how the hell is LEX LUTHOR the ultimate future threat to mankind–I mean, LUTHOR! The guy is just a very smart, shrewd, fairly amoral businessman with the insecurities and proclivities of a fatherless adolescent fixated on aimless revenge–yes Brainiac ‘returns’ at the end of the trailer, but if the heroes (and I use that word lightly, given what Superman does) are so easily dispatched in what seems to be, again, just another slugfest between the Legion and the League (over WHAT we don’t know!!), why didn’t Brainiac show up earlier and lay a very quick smackdown on a collection of depowered, borderline psychotic ‘heroes’ and their counterpart ‘villains’

I guess that’s my question, across the board–WHY

Again, looks awesome and I’m certainly not losing sleep over the plot logic–but these are incongruent elements that, overall, leads to what seems an ineffective premise

Tell me–am I seeing things that aren’t there, am I missing something (like why superman is hovering next to what I presume is earth’s sun for the duration of the trailer, his eyes glowing, his hair and cape all messed–what the heck happened!)


They answered that in the movie, Matt. Braniac had been stealing their powers while they were fighting amongst themselves. And Supes was insane because he was drained from all of the battles…. I’m assuming he had finally had enough.


July 25, 2010 at 1:44 am



You’re acting likt it’s a bad thing that it has yo wondering – that’s exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Well God Damn! That was frikking HAAWWT!

Randolph Hoyte

July 25, 2010 at 2:52 am

WOW. That’s a GAME?? Nothing short of amazing. I don’t have a PS3/XBox etc, but I might get one now!!

Excellent trailer! Now I want a Justice League 3D animated movie!


thats a trailer to a game of which the gameplay looks nothing like it.

In fact, E3 impressions were not great.

Also, Black Adam’s power is magic-based, superman is weak to magic…i’m pretty sure he be able to put a better fight than that.

“I mean, LUTHOR! The guy is just a very smart, shrewd, fairly amoral businessman with the insecurities and proclivities of a fatherless adolescent fixated on aimless revenge”

He’s more than just “very smart”: he’s been frequently cited as one of the most brilliant minds in the DC Universe, especially after Infinite Crisis, when they started focusing more on his mad scientist side again.

As for the trailer… it looks great, but the only voices I really liked where Conroy’s and Hamill’s. The acting for the rest of the characters was kind of wonky to me. Maybe they get better upon rewatching…

Why do we need to cast actors for a live-action Justice League? This trailer here seems cooler to me than anything a Hollywood studio could ever produce.

Everyone should hold their breath. Have you seen the actual gameplay footage? It doesn’t look half as good as this pre-rendered trailer. It’s actually quite unremarkable considering it’s on the PS3.

Looks great

How could actual gameplay for a MMO look as good as pre-rendered footage? That comment doesn’t even make sense. most PS3 games with great graphics are not MMOs.

The trailer was awesome, would love to see some DCU movies rendered the using the same tech.


Where are you getting those impressions? I’ve heard nothing but the opposite.


All MMORPGs look less impressive compared to single player games. Graphics can only be pushed so far since there will be thousands of players on the same servers interacting in very large and detailed areas. Pushing things to far means you are cutting out people as computers wouldn’t be able to play it. The game looks great by MMORPG standards which are different then normal game standards. Also no game ever looks like the CG movie trailers. So this is not a negative toward DCUO.

Fantastic trailer. But why is it that Flash is always depicted as anything but the “fastest man alive.” In fact, he’s shown as running in slow motion just so the Joker could get a bead on him. Even when Adam is crushing Green Lantern’s ring hand, you can see Flash running in slow motion behind them while their moving at normal speed.

Just bothers me that they always do that to the Flash who can pretty much run around the world within a heartbeat.

I guess I have the opposite reaction. Off-character, too dark, and cynically ‘adult’, depicting the utter nadir that is the overall current output of the DCU. Even with those costumes on, I don’t recognize anyone actually being ‘heroic’, and the villains are boring in the ‘extreme’. Just more mindless violence for a game.

its a fantastic

Anyone else notice that GLs arm was being held together by his own power ring?


I was suppose to be in this!!!!! I was suppose to kill superman not lex luther. Bizarro #1

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