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SDCC ’10 | WB developing ‘hardcore violent’ Suicide Squad video game

Suicide Squad #1

Suicide Squad #1

In this afternoon’s “DC Focus: Geoff Johns” panel at Comic-Con International, DC Entertainment’s chief creative officer revealed that work has begun on a Suicide Squad video game.

Johns said the game, which is being developed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, will be “hardcore violent.”

The studio’s video-game publishing unit has undergone dramatic expansion over the past few years, acquiring developers TT Games, Snowblind Studios, Rocksteady Studios and Turbine Inc., and in March announcing plans for a new game-development studio in downtown Montreal.

Following the critical and commercial success of last year’s Batman: Arkham Asylum, which sold a reported 2 million copies in its first three weeks of success, Warner Bros. announced it’s developing a sequel. It’s also working with Double Helix on a Green Lantern game that will be released along with next summer’s film.

DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson told Hero Complex it’s part of a push to put more DC characters in WBIE titles. (The new WB Games Montreal is expected to focus largely on the company’s comics properties.)

Although Nelson says that not all of the games will tie in to movies — for instance, Arkham Asylum had nothing to do with The Dark Knight — it seems likely that Suicide Squad title will be connected to the big-screen adaptation announced in February 2009.



More DCU games? Bring it on!

Yessssss. If it has Count Vertigo i will totally nerdgasm.

I hope this means the John Ostrander series finally gets collected in trades.

Will the fight between Waller and Granny Goodness in issue #34 be recreated in any way?
That’d seriously be epic especially considering it’s Amanda Waller. She’s the boss.

Here’s hoping Waller’s playable.

Ok, not to be that guy, but they didn’t say RockSteady was developing this. Until then, I remain weary. There ratio of bad dc games to good dc games are no where close.

That being said of course, Deadshot best in there.

DC can’t even get the SS Showcase printed, how do they expect a SS video game to be completed?!?!

It seems DC has changed plans: no more B&W Showcases, but color trades instead. It’s on Amazon. But they’d better call Ostrander and Gail Simone for a new SS series.


July 22, 2010 at 8:56 pm

Do NOT “muck” this up!

glad to see the suicide squad getting some love. hope the next step after the video game and talked about movie. is a tv series or a them daring to try a suicide squad animated series. since one would wind up having to be censored due to how violent the team can get. plus more amanda goodness


July 23, 2010 at 3:01 am

I hope the next step is a new ongoing written by Ostrander (with Gail Simone fill-ins).
As for the previously mentioned fights how about Ben Turner vs Stalnoivolk? :D

An interesting idea without the word Bat or Super in the title.

Don’t tease me with this, man. The Squad is the greatest. Like Dini with Batman they better get Ostrander’s input. Too much awesome is running through my head right now.

Squad vs Jihad

Flag vs Rustam

Stealth missions in Russia

Voodoo zombies in the Louisiana bayou


I gotta calm down.

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