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Shoujo with a side of satire

Everything you need to know about shoujo manga

Everything you need to know about shoujo manga

In his latest House of 1,000 Manga post at Anime News Network, Jason Thompson takes a long, fond look at a classic of days gone by, the 1989 manga Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga! Couched in vicious satire, the book actually has quite a few real insights, and the article will both make you laugh and teach you things. And you will never look at manga quite the same way again.


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This seriously needs to be republished, and finished with the second volume, with (hopefully) the additional updated stuff including *Moe*. In the chapter about Psychics, it originally started out about Ninja Manga, which Takekuma noticed had fallen off in popularity and that they were due for a comeback. Clearly, these guys were ahead of their time.

That’s the thing the so-called “Big Two” of S-hero comics have forgotten – there were other genres that were just as popular that faded out with time. Romance, War, Horror, Humour, Funny Animal comics – all of these have just recently been saved with the resurgance of Manga in one form or another.

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