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Six by 6 | Six announcements we’d love to hear in San Diego this week

flex mentalloWith Comic-Con International looming, you can expect to see all sorts of announcements about future projects from comic companies over the next week. I reached out to the rest of the Robot 6 crew to see what announcements they were hoping to hear at the con; keep in mind this is strictly a “wish list,” based on what we’d love to hear vs. what we expect to hear.

1. Flex Mentallo and Rick Veitch Swamp Thing announcements for “Vertigo Resurrected”: With the announcement that the Warren Ellis/Phil Jimenez Hellblazer story “Shoot” will finally see print under the just announced “Vertigo Resurrected” banner, one can hope that plans are in the works for the DC imprint to finally print Rick Veitch’s aborted Swamp Thing meets Jesus story and collect the Flex Mentallo mini-series into a trade paperback. One can hope. (JK Parkin)

2. Wednesday Comics 2: We’ve already listed what we’d like to see in it a few months back, so it’s about time that DC Comics announced the follow-up to their successful Wednesday Comics series from last summer. With a ‘Mazing Man strip, of course… (suggested by Tom Bondurant)

3. What’s next for Alvin Buenaventura: Alvin’s got a lot of history with San Diego–his publishing imprint basically launched with an art exhibition during SDCC ’03–and even though you don’t get a lot of “announcements” for alternative and arts comics at the show, it’d be great to hear what’s next for what has been a cornerstone of contemporary cutting-edge comics. (Sean T. Collins)

The Thanos Imperative #3

The Thanos Imperative #3

4. Cosmic Avengers: After teasing it in a promo image for the Thanos Imperative, it only make sense that Marvel would continue their ongoing space saga, by architects Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, with an ongoing Cosmic Avengers series. Heck, use the team from the promo, throw in Rocket Raccoon, Moondragon and Mantis, and let them run wild. (JK Parkin)

5. A collection of Dick Giordano’s “Meanwhile” columns: Tom mentioned these some months back; a collection would make a nice remembrance of one of the industry’s greats. (suggested by Tim O’Shea)

6. New Hulk actor announcement: Not only should we find out the contender for the role of Bruce Banner in the Avengers film, but he has to defeat Edward Norton in one-on-one, no disqualification Last Man Standing match. If Norton wins, he gets to play Bruce Banner. Also, I get a pony. (Carla Hoffman)



number 6. 2 and 4 look a big possibilty to be reality. though number five could also happen. as for number one. as much as most hope so with the resurected title. kind of doubt ful. Dc is going to let swamp thing meet Jesus see print even as that way. due to the issue having Jesus about to go through the crusifiction in it. flex Mettallo since grant was mention about the resurected plans.

Mark Kardwell

July 19, 2010 at 1:19 pm

I loved WEDNESDAY COMICS, but if DC was going to go for sa second season of a Mark Chiarello anthology series, I’d rather have a second season of SOLO.


Mark Kardwell
July 19, 2010 at 1:19 pm

I loved WEDNESDAY COMICS, but if DC was going to go for sa second season of a Mark Chiarello anthology series, I’d rather have a second season of SOLO.”

I’m sold on Solo.


July 19, 2010 at 2:25 pm

We don’t need Cosmic Avengers. We (I) just need Guardians of the Galaxy back. Though I do really like how they are doing the cross over event. Stop the regular series (or hiatus) and run the mini-series. It would make things like Second Coming a lot easier to follow if you miss a week.

Cosmic Avengers is like printing money. And it makes WAY more sense than having four earthbound teams (only adjectiveless and Secret need exist, methinks. the other two are redundant).

Would it be too much to hope to hear Geoff Johns, Dan Didio, Jeph Loeb and Brian Bendis all announce their immediate retirement from comics?

Replace Johns name on that list with Morrison’s and we have a deal, as for those 6 announcements no offense but meh comes to mind for all of them except maybe Cosmic Avengers but only if Darkhawk is involved.

EJ, I think I’ve established myself here at Robot 6 as frequently disenchanted with Morrison’s work. But even I bought the original Flex Mentallo miniseries when it came out and lament the fact that it’s never been collected in TPB for more folks to enjoy.

That being said, this is our wish list of six, not yours. Folks should feel free to chime in with their own wish list, keeping in mind ours was compiled “based on what we’d love to hear vs. what we expect to hear”.

While waiting for the “Swamp Thing Meets Jesus” story to be published, I have written annotations for it (and the whole Moore/Veitch run) at

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