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Take a look at color pages from Paul Pope’s Battling Boy

From Paul Pope's "Battling Boy"

From Paul Pope's "Battling Boy"

Artist Paul Pope and colorist Nathan Schreiber have released what I think is our first look at color pages from Battling Boy, Pope’s highly anticipated — and much-delayed — graphic novel from First Second Books.

Announced in 2007, Battling Boy centers on the son of a god (or perhaps superhero) who’s sent down from the top of a mountain by his father to rid the continent-sized city of Monstropolis of the monsters that plague it. This is the fabled comic with “horrible, Grimm’s fairytale, Beowulf-ish monsters” and 50-page fight scenes.

It was suggested back in March that Battling Boy initially could be serialized online, presumably as part of First Second’s TBC/To Be Continued initiative. However, no additional information has been released.



What a fantastic concept! can’t wait

Paul Pope is on a level with Moebius. Can’t wait for this.

Oh my gosh, can’t wait. Although I certainly will. Sigh.

I don’t know why, but I assumed this would be in black and white. The colours look glorious!

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