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Take a look at the Avengers Assemble painting by Alex Ross

"Avengers Assemble," by Alex ross

"Avengers Assemble," by Alex ross

Geoff Boucher of the Los Angeles Times has the first look at Avengers Assemble, a painting created by Alex Ross for the Marvel Artworks series. Limited-edition signed prints of the piece, which features a late-’60s Avengers lineup — you’ll note Goliath’s goggles in the background and the Wasp flying in front of Iron Man — will be available on canvas and on paper at Comic-Con International.

Prices haven’t been announced, but the size has: The prints are huge — 45 3/4″ wide by 20″ tall. If you can’t make it to San Diego, the prints will be available later through the Marvel Artworks website.



Like always, pretty damn impressive work from Alex Ross.

The only minor thing I can say negative about this is that it almost looks like the veins are about to pop out of Thors arm.

Alex ross is one of my favorite artists, but the one thing I really don’t like that he seems to do a lot lately with Iron Man is give him this highly-reflective mirror coating on his armor. It just makes my eyes hurt. I prefer Adi Granov’s flat metal look for the character.

I’m definitely feeling this. It’s epic.

It must be epic because nobody is smiling.

Steven R. Stahl

July 4, 2010 at 9:46 am

The painting is nice, but the group isn’t specific to a set of issues. Wanda, for example, was absent between AVENGERS #49 (1968) and AVENGERS #75 (1970), and when she came back in #75, Barton was in the role of Goliath, not Hawkeye. The painting is worth buying, anyway.


Am I the only person that mistook part of the “highly-reflective mirror coating on his armor” (nice way to describe it, Darkstream) as making Iron Man look like he had an offkilter white mustache.

Not to mention, because of the dark tones of the overall painting, Black Panther almost is imperceptible.

Last but not least, what is up with the facial expression on Scarlet Witch? Is she about to doze off?

Just another reason why I’m glad Ross has mostly kept his idiotic fetishes to DC, and not Marvel. I work in a shop, and we get free posters occasionally. If I was offered this, FOR FREE, I still wouldn’t go near it with a ten foot pole.

Maybe if he did the current Avengers, in their current costumes, I’d say maybe, but I don’t recognise that group.

Easily the worst Thor I’ve seen in a while too. And I saw preview art for Tan Eng Huat’s miniseries.

Steven R. Stahl

July 4, 2010 at 3:33 pm

I’d guess that the reason for the character selection and poses is that Ross didn’t want it to be just another pin-up, with or without his artwork. Hawkeye’s smirk, Thor’s “superior” expression, and Wanda’s bored/superior expression are expressions that heroes required to pose for a picture might actually have. Including the Big Three in a classic Avengers lineup might give the pic more appeal than a current AVENGERS poster would have.


Don’t care for the white glowing veins on Thor at all.

Earth’s Most Constipated Heroes!

Alex Ross is a talented fella but this looks like a bunch of models posed at different times and their relationships don’t gel; Iron Man looks especially odd compared to the rest, as if he’s nodding forward at us.

Thor’s veins are clever, though – like forked lightning.

Joe S. Walker

July 4, 2010 at 10:00 pm

Alex Ross: never has so much technique been used to such dumb effect.

Why is Black Panther standing in the background, with only half his face visible?

Actually, I think if a group of superheroes had to pose for a portrait, there would likely be more lighting. This looks like they’re attending a funeral.
Or it’s the type of ominous portrait that Mr. Burns would have hanging over his fireplace.

Oh, comment section, you never fail to disappoint.

Hey That Guy…you said it brother!! What’s with all the haters in this string. This piece is amazing. Remember this is supposed to be a group of superhero’s out of the 60’s. Times were different and so were attitudes. This group is very similar of the Watchmen clan. They had the same attitudes. As for the work itself the painting and details are tops. I seriously dout any of you could ever come close to doing anything like this. I personally think Alex gets better and better. I for one will prob buy this piece because I’m sure that in person it’s way better. Don’t judge this off of a .jpg.

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