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Tom Brevoort on Marvel’s latest ‘tie-ins for variant’ swap

4708815493_995db167e9It’s a classic case of “sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.” Marvel made waves earlier this year with a swap offer in which they’d send retailers a rare Deadpool variant of Siege #3 for every 50 stripped covers of DC’s “ring books” — Blackest Night tie-ins retailers had to order in bulk to qualify for promotional plastic power rings for the various Lantern corps — they received in return.

Then earlier this month, Marvel flipped the script, offering a rare Deadpool variant of the upcoming Wolverine #1 relaunch in exchange for every 50 covers they receive from Marvel event tie-ins, specifically books from the X-Men: Second Coming and Siege events.

How’s that working out? Let’s find out, courtesy of the Twitter account of Vice President-Executive Editor Tom Brevoort:

An update on our current Marvel book-swap. With one week to go till cut-off, we’ve gotten less than 15% as many books as we did ring-books. In other words, for every 3 Marvel books returned, we’d previously gotten 20 ring-books. Could be that people wanted the SIEGE variant more.

… or, as one could infer, it could be that the Siege and Second Coming tie-ins eligible for this trade genuinely sold through to readers better than the Blackest Night tie-in “ring books” did, so retailers have fewer unwanted leftovers to unload. But far be it for Tom Brevoort to tweak the competition!



It could also be that people ordered fewer Siege and Second Coming issues in the first place.

And I’m a Marvel Junkie who bought both of these series. I’ve just finally had enough with event comics. Siege is my last event comic and Second Coming is my last X-men event book.

Steven R. Stahl

July 29, 2010 at 11:21 am

Another explanation is that shop owners are unwilling to take time to participate in a publicity stunt. Why should playing Brevoort’s games be on anyone’s list of priorities?


Soooo them sending in a bunch of Blackest Night tie-ins in but then not sending in extra Siege and Second Coming tie-ins isn’t “playing Brevoort’s games?” How is that?

Tenzil Kem, Esq.

July 29, 2010 at 3:05 pm

The store where I work didn’t participate in either of these promotions. In regards to the Blackest Night one, we didn’t have 50 unsold copies of the ring issues left, despite massively increasing our orders on them to get at least two bags of rings per issue. Our worst selling books were the Doom Patrol and REBELS tie-ins, and we still sold 4-5 times more of those issues than a normal issue of those books. Even if we had the extra issues, the owner felt he would have a better chance of selling them as back issues than a Deadpool variant at $200 (retail price for the 50 destroyed issues) or even $100 (which would have recouped his costs).

The Second Coming storyline was a big smash at our store, and we had so many customers add the crossover to their pull lists that we consistently ran out, sometimes before finishing distributing them to our pull lists. The only copies left are of the second printings, and they are in very limited supply.

In regards to Siege, most of the Dark Reign stuff did not sell for us (we averaged selling less than half of our initial orders on these, with the sales plummeting to almost nonexistent by the end, so we severely cut back on our order numbers for Siege. Despite this reduction, we never sold out of any Siege issue (main series) that we had. Of course, our store was shorted on the order of Siege #2, receiving only 4 copies of our ordered 25, and we were unable to get our replacement copies of that issue. I know Siege was a top-selling comic according to Diamond, but at our store, Siege was outsold by books much lower on the Diamond list like Brave and the Bold and Booster Gold. The tie-ins did marginally better, as they attracted their regular readers as well as the Siege completists.

I just wish they would accept the Dark Reign stuff, because we might do the swap then.

… Or… It could also be, with no one but Mr. Brevoort seeing the numbers or the books on this, that everything he says about it is 100% meaningless. And you don’t even need to see the numbers on how I came up with that percentage; I guarantee it is completely factual and accurate.


July 30, 2010 at 2:50 am

There was a reason to order more ring books than you had guaranteed sales for, not so much with Siege or Second Coming.
I’d be shocked if the ring books didn’t sell way more.

The idea that he just cold made these numbers up just blows my mind. Like, he took the time to concoct figures and then tweet them in order to deliberately deceive people. Just an amazing idea.

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