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You, too, can be Tyrese Gibson’s Mayhem!

"Tyrese Gibson's Mayhem!" costumes

"Tyrese Gibson's Mayhem!" costumes

Tyrese Gibson, the model/actor/singer who set Twitter afire last summer with … aggressive … marketing for his Image Comics miniseries Mayhem!, is back — this time with Halloween costumes. At least I presume they’re intended for Halloween.

Party-goods retail chain Party City is taking pre-orders (really?) for exclusive Mayhem costumes, which ship next month. What’s more, the first 100 orders receive a free copy of the comic autographed by Gibson.

“Not all super heroes play by the rules!” reads the description for the adult costume. “Blow away thugs as the heroic vigilante ripped from the pages of the Tyrese Gibson comic book! Adult Mayhem costume features a character mask, shirt with screen-print logo, matching pants, foam knee pads, black boot tops, and utility belt with plastic combat knives and pouches. Killer!”

The blurb for the boy’s costume dials back the violence, if only slightly, describing Li’l Mayhem as “mad, bad and dangerous to know!” There’s nothing as adorable as a pint-sized, knife-wielding vigilante — I don’t care what anyone says!




“You, too, can be Tyrese Gibson’s Mayhem!”
I can be a completely uninspired, derivative, vapid, boring, cliche, waste of time, paper, money, and creative energy? Sign me up!

Lisa: I don’t think the real Mayhem wears a plastic smock with a logo of himself on it.

Milhouse: He would on Halloween!

It’s things like this that set us back as a people.

Awwww, who’s the cutest little knife-wielding serial killer?!

That’s right, you are, yes you are you cute little dickens.

“Mad, bad and dangerous to know?”

That’s from Lady Caroline Lamb’s description of Lord Byron, the excessive, dissipated British aristocrat who wrote such immortal poetry as “She walks in beauty like the night” and “To a Lady: On Being Asked My Reason for Quitting England in the Spring.”

It’s the kind of connection you’d expect a Grant Morrison vigilante to have — a salon warrior, a popinjay of pugilism and pulchritude.


I believe the original title of the series was Lady Caroline Lamb Presents Tyrese Gibson’s Mayhem: The Lord Byron of Vigilantism. However, the logo ended up crowding the cover art …

I wonder if Tyrese will pre-order a bunch of these costumes to inflate orders.

Oh come now people. Kids in my day dressed up as Freddy Kreuger, and they loved it! Of course, Freddy Kreuger was actually a thing, and not some cipher made for purely marketing reasons, but still!

Those costumes already look pretty inflated to me!

//enjoy the veal

Hmmmm, I thought we’d no longer be bothered by any mention of Mayhem or Tyrese Gibson anymore after his comic completely sunk and fell off the radar like we all thought it would…

Well, it’s a pretty good way to disguise your identity. Heck, even the identity of your COSTUME will be a mystery to people…

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