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A first look at Jock’s cover for Daredevil: Reborn #1

Daredevil: Reborn #1, by Jock

Jock has unveiled his cover for Daredevil: Reborn #1, the four-issue miniseries set to debut in January following the conclusion of the “Shadowland” crossover and the end of the Daredevil monthly title. Announced Saturday at Fan Expo Canada, the miniseries, by writer Andy Diggle and artist Davide Gianfelice, is designed to rebuild Daredevil — who may or may not be Matt Murdock.

See the full cover after the break.

Daredevil: Reborn #1, by Jock



God… you would think Marvel would learn and NOT put Andy Diggle back on the title.

You know, sense a lot of Daredevil’s fans haven’t responded too kindly to how he’s written the character.

And they also took off the one, good thing about Diggle’s run: Roberta de la Torre.

Does Marvel even want this character to do well anymore?

I’m a long, long, longtime DD fan. Diggle’s fine. I’d like to see him unencumbered by crossovers and wrapping up previous writers’ work.

I think this is an obvious editorial direction. I like Diggle, but I don’t think he has the sway to set up a major crossover and all that, AND end the title for a relaunch. He is doing the best he can with Marvel’s directive.

So tired of the tagline REBORN, or rebirth. I mean is there no other way to describe a fresh begnning?

Daredevil: Do-Over; Daredevil: Fresh; Daredevil: Renewal; Daredevil: Whoopsies!

I knew it would end up badly, ever since I heard about DD takeing over the Hand, What rebirth..WTF? ya know I use to buy around 7 or 8 Marvel titles, the past year I’ve only been reading DD, I just decided to take a look at few other titles but I’m not sure I’m on board anymore. give it a year we’ll be on issue 520 or some screwy crap like that. Who’s gonna be the new DD ? Bullseye? Foggy? later!
P.S. Can’t wait to see Karen again!

“Daredevil: Do-Over; Daredevil: Fresh; Daredevil: Renewal; Daredevil: Whoopsies!”

Daredevil: Born Again, Again

Daredevil: Fresh?
Sounds like a deodorant from Axe Body Spray

As Joey Toolasda always points out, Marvel is forever moving forward, like a shark, never looking back, one crossover after another, ’cause it’s like life, you know, never ending, and never repeating the same ideas over and over….wait a minute!

Personally I like Diggle’s writing and will be looking forward to Daredevil Reborn…

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