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Batman: Brave and the Bold comic gets rebooted this November

All-New Batman: Brave and the Bold #1

All-New Batman: Brave and the Bold #1

Remember when DC co-publisher Dan DiDio said last month that the kid’s line, which appeared to be ending when DC’s October solicitations were announced, weren’t really ending? I guess this is what he was talking about: Batman: Brave and the Bold is dead, long live All-New Batman: Brave and the Bold.

It’s a mouthful, sure, but DC’s comic tie-in to the Batman: Brave and the Bold series on the Cartoon Network isn’t ending, just getting a name change and a new first issue. Writer Sholly Fisch and artist Rick Burchett will chronicle the adventures of Batman and “an A-list cast of co-stars and surprise guests” starting in November, with Superman and Shazam! appearing in the first two issues.

Now when are we getting Billy Batson and the All-New Magic of Shazam! #1?



It’s a real shame the cartoon is ending but I love the comic version. I nearly died of over-geekness when reading the issues where Batman teamed up with Sugar and Spike, and the time he teamed up with Super Hip and Brother Power to fight Mad Mod. Keep up the obscura, and I’ll be back for the comic every month

Apparently this is the last season of Batman : Brave and the Bold, which is a shame.

I’m glad BTB&TB isn’t ending, but I wonder how long it will last without the show tie-in. :(

Speaking of Sugar and Spike, there’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it homage to the comic in the first part of “The Siege of Starro!” Watch the moment where Booster Gold is slammed into a diaper truck. Whose faces are those painted on its side? ;)

@Sijo – I saw that! You have to love those little injokes and references… like seeing Gleek, Brainiac, and Hawkman in the Hunter’s ship

Unfortunately, Superfriends is cancelled.

I did enjoy the latest Shazam, which was previewed in the FCBD issue.

As for Brave and the Bold, I’ve always enjoyed the two-part stories, and HIGHLY recommend #17, the one with the batphones on the cover.

The other Johnny DC October titles no longer show “final issue”.

I wonder if publishing these as 16-page, black and white, “color in your own adventure” comics could’ve saved DC some money, garnered more interested in the books for kids, and saved the line, or at least given it some new life.

The show is ending??? This is news to me… WHY?!?! Why do all superhero cartoons get cancelled so abruptly? JLU, Teen Titans, Wolverine and the X-men… WHY???

I don’t know about the cartoon but ever since DiDio came into power DC has had less and less interest in publishing all-ages material. It keeps getting bloodier and darker and apparently a lot of readers like it. I don’t but that’s just me. I was shocked they even kept the Johnny DC line going as long as they have. I suspect DC eventually will move to do away with all-ages material all together.

Why are they canceling the cartoon? It was awesome! Every comic fan I know loves that show. I cant believe the ratings weren’t good enough to keep it going. The comic is great too, at least we have that.

Where is this info about the show getting canceled coming from? New episodes start next month (they’ve already started overseas).

They announced that the television show was ending after Season 3 (which is only going to be 13 episodes) at SDCC.

I love the show — especially any of the Aquaman episodes — and will hate to see it go.

great series, great job DC

Too bad Dan DiDio (and everyone else running DC) is completely incompetent and therefore doesn’t realize they don’t need any more Batman titles. They need to put READABLE, ALL-AGES MATERIAL in ALL of their comics–instead of NONE of them, as they do now.

“The show is ending??? This is news to me… WHY?!?! Why do all superhero cartoons get cancelled so abruptly? JLU, Teen Titans, Wolverine and the X-men… WHY???”

One reason is licencing, Cartoon Network (or anyone else) has to pay a fee for the rights (even when they’re within the same company like CN and DC or I assume Marvel and Disney Channel) and the network has to pay fees on every licenced item. So comic-based shows are inherently less profitable than original ones.

Since they’re marketing to kids brand recogniation is not as important. Shows like Ben 10 can do as well or better than Batman.

Awwww, man, that cartoon made me BUY all-ages superhero comics. It gives me hope. And laughs. And adventure. It’s totally awesome. What complete and utter dork-wads, for cancelling such an awesome show.

I won’t miss DC Super Friends. Although the toyline looked cool. I don’t like that it cancelled out Justice League Adventures.

I’ll be there for the new B & B!

Well this is one less thing to to hate DC about. Still sucks that the animated ver. is ending, though.

So DC has pulled a Marvel and relaunched a book with ‘New’ in the title. Ugh.

Most cartoons only last on average 2-3 years, so not a complete surprise at the shows cancellation….

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