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Batwoman to debut in November with zero issue

Batwoman #0 variant by Amy Reeder

Batwoman #0 variant by Amy Reeder

DC Comics’ much-anticipated, but somewhat delayed, Batwoman title will be teased in November with a zero issue before kicking off in February as an ongoing series.

According to the DC Universe blog, the Batwoman #0 one-shot is “an artistic collaboration” between J.H. Williams III and Amy Reeder, who will alternate story arcs on the monthly series. It’s co-written by Williams and W. Haden Blackman.

Officially announced in April, but unofficially revealed some four months earlier, Batwoman initially was set to debut last month. The series follows on the heels of the critically acclaimed “Elegy” storyline in Detective Comics by Williams and writer Greg Rucka.

Batwoman #0 has been a great experience in that it’s a real combination of everyone’s efforts due to the nature of the story and how it’s constructed,” Williams tells The Source. “It has been a real pleasure. This special ‘bridge’ issue straddles between what came before and what is to come, but manages to be its own unique thing. Its unusual construction allows two threads of content to run simultaneously, building to a greater whole, hopefully creating an interesting reading experience.”



Wasn’t going to bother with this but if Amy Reeder’s on it…..maybe.

February is a long time to wait, but this is easily the most anticipated book at our house!

I was disappointed when WIlliams wasn’t goign to do all the art… but what a coup when Hadley stepped in!

This will the best looking book on the stands. Hopefully Williams can write as well. :)

The only reason i was going to bother with the is JH Williams art. I have no interest in the character at all. Only reason i’ll pick up the hardcovers(didnt get the issues) is for his art. I will not get the Amy Reeder issues.

Batwoman isn’t in Batman Inc? This is an outrage!!!

This isn’t an automatic for me without Rucka, but I’ll give the first storyline a shot. I love Bat-females, for the most part.

Another “zero” from DC? What else is new?

The Rucka and Williams run of Batwoman in Dectective was a bit of a surprise for me. I wasn’t expecting much when I tried it out, but ending up with a character, or two, that I really enjoyed. I will definitely give this a shot.

Is it blasphemous to suggest that without the Williams III artwork that the Elegy storyline was somewhat mediocre? Not bad by any stretch but not all that amazing, if drawn in the house style.

Not trying to hate, but every time I’ve looked back at this I can remember how blown away I was by the artwork in #854 and picking up the whole story because of that. The Batwoman character has promise, no doubt, but is it as profound if someone else drew it? I don’t even remember what happened in the two story arcs, and yet I have had a Williams III splash page as my computer’s wallpaper ever since I picked up Detective #854.

If Williams III drew Strawberry Shortcake, I’d probably buy it.

Reginald VelJohnson

August 13, 2010 at 4:59 pm

I would drop every title in my pull list before I’d drop this one. YEAH!

Can not wait.

Awesome cover by Reeder right there folks.

The Rucka story was freakin top notch to match the art. If you look real closely,( well its right there really, you don’t have to look under a rock) this was a what- if Batman was created in 2009?. You would get the story Rucka told. The parallels between Batwoman and Batman are what puts the story over the top. Its Bat Mythology.

Madmike I think you have something there.

WOO and HOO. :)

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